Eibach Meet 2011 Edition Chronicles Stickers and Store Updates…

As you all know by now, every time a major Socal/Norcal event takes place, I usually do a limited run of stickers devoted to that event. I’ve done it ever since the first Wekfest event and since then, there’s been a Nisei version, Eibach 2010 version, etc. I’ve been pretty busy lately prepping for the event and working but I finally got a chance to sit down and knock out the 2011 Eibach Edition sticker. The year before we had the red chrome colorway of the decal but this year, I wanted to go a completely different route. I’ve always been a fan of the holographic chrome vinyl and finally got a chance to do a Chronicles sticker in the holographic glitter chrome material. It’s really hard to capture how these stickers look in person because the colors change at every angle but I really like the way they came out. It’s got a bit of an illusion to it and depending on whether you see it under natural light or artificial, the look of the sticker completely changes….

Here is how the finished version looks under artificial lighting. The stickers will come in this font type as well as The Chronicles IV versions. It comes in a simple gloss black backing so that the holographic chrome stands out…

You can see all the different shades of colors that shift at every angle…

…And here is a close-up of it in natural light. This is much more subtle and what the sticker will look like during the daytime…

Another one in natural light. Much more subtle than it is under artificial lighting conditions. The Eibach 2011 Edition Chronicles stickers will be available at this weekend’s Eibach event and then will be made available online after. Make sure to stop by The Chronicles booth this weekend to pick up some stickers or even just to say what’s up. I’ll have shirts available as well for people that want shirts. Supplies are limited so make sure to come by early and get what you want. I haven’t really had much time to put merchandise together lately so product will be even more limited than it usually is…

And since so many people have been hitting me up about this sticker, I guess I’ll make them available to everyone. I originally cut just one single sticker as a joke and for shits and giggles but so many people want them that I’m willing to make a very small limited batch of these stickers. One of the reasons why I don’t really want to make that many is because they are a pain in the ass to weed out and put together. The Chronicles stickers are usually pretty straight forward but with this broads face and all the letters, it takes quite a bit of time to put them together. Like the Eibach Edition stickers, they will be available first at the Eibach event this weekend but I have put these up for “Pre-Sale” over at the storefront so I can gauge how many people want one. I don’t want to just cut a bunch and have them laying around forever so they will be made based on a made-to-order type of deal…


Support the Chronicles over at THE OFFICIAL CHRONICLES STOREFRONT. I’ve even changed the layout and such to match the rest of the site…thanks for looking!


3 thoughts

  1. that sticker will make waves just as much as the video did! btw, i just went through all the old entries i missed. boy am i glad that you are here to keep all of us in tune with what’s going on. hope you see you this sunday broslice!

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