Exclusive Content….A first look, and an introduction to the Rywire ITR build…

Damn, I love unveiling new shit…One of the great things about having a great network of guys who work within the industry allows me access to a lot of never-before-seen cars/builds. Last year I was the first to unveil the Bisimoto Engineering Honda CR-Z to the world, and a couple years back, I was able to bring you guys Big Mike’s Prelude rebuild. These two cars went on to reach quite a bit of success and being a part of the whole process is something that I will always remember. I’m always on the look-out for new builds and you guys who follow this site closely get to enjoy the perks of being able to see all this top secret stuff. Just a couple weeks ago I brought you a crazy (unfinished) S2000 and while I would like to see that build through to it’s completion, I highly doubt that I will have the opportunity to…

Today though, is a great day…As you all know, Ryan from Rywire is a good buddy of mine and he’s had this secret project in the works now for quite a bit of time. You may have seen some snippets of it here and there but no one really has anything solid on what he’s up to. Ryan and I talked probably around the beginning of this year when we discussed whether or not we should cover his entire build on The Chronicles. Knowing what that guy was capable of, I was all for it. The only problem was that he was still living in San Jose at the time and the car, motor, etc. was all there with him. It wasn’t until he decided to move his business down to Socal did it finally become a possibility for us to cover the creation of his latest project. There are so, so many details involved in this build; from the custom exterior to the intricacies of his electronics set-up. As we proceed with the build, I think you guys will really be in for a treat because you get to see the car from it’s raw state until the moment he fires the car up. As the title states, Ryan is building a legit Honda Integra Type R. It came into his hands as a right-hand drive ITR shell, with no motor and not much else besides the complete interior. What you guys won’t see, is the removal process of his interior and the fabrication of his roll cage. That happened when the car was in Norcal and long before we thought to cover the build. I’m sure Ryan took photos of the process though so if he can dig up those photos, then I will post those up for you guys. Currently, the shell is still in Northern California at Franklin Auto Body. The Porsche GT3 orange paint has just been applied and the photos that I will be showing you guys today are of the shell itself right after paint. It hasn’t been color-sanded yet and there is still a bit of work to do before Ryan can begin to transport the car back to Socal where we will begin work on reassembly. The photos are merely to show you guys the color, as well as the custom sheet-metal front fenders, fabricated entirely by Sunny from Franklin Auto Body. Please don’t ask me where to get these fenders from, because you won’t find them anywhere else. With that said, here is the official debut and the first batch of photographs of the Rywire Integra Type R build….Stay tuned for the rest. I promise it’ll be a good one…


Here’s a shot of the custom front fenders. It resembles the style of a Mitsu Evo 8/9 or Subaru STi fender. When Ryan first mentioned that he was going with a widened front end, I don’t think anyone expected it to come out looking this good…There’s a lot of room now for a much more aggressive wheel without having hacked-up, jagged fenders or extreme camber adjustment…

A shot of the engine bay where a turbo K-series set-up will go…

The cockpit where you can get a first glimpse of the cage….

Ryan originally went with a tealish BMW tone but with so many Hondas these days rocking a similar color, he decided to go a completely different direction and chose the bright orange from a Porsche GT3 RS…

We’re all pretty excited to see the chassis when it finally makes it’s way down to Socal. It’s just a crazy build altogether. Ryan showed me some of the electronics he plans to run in this ITR and the stuff he’s created is just bananas. In the shot above you can see Sunny from Franklin walking into the shot. He’s the man that’s responsible for the body and paint on this car as well as many other great Norcal Honda builds today…

Hope you guys enjoyed this first look at Ryan’s ITR. There’s a lot more to come in the future. The coverage of the build will be very thorough, similar to Big Mike’s. Unlike his though, I will actually be there in person for a big portion of it so I will be documenting everything and doing the photos myself. Stay tuned…


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  1. This will be the build of 2011….can’t even imagine wich crazy wiring will be fabbed, or wich sick wheels are going under those sick ass fenders.
    Oh and it’s K- turbo build!

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