Oh Damn….

Sorry for the lack of updates everybody….the internet service that I paid good money for here in the hotel apparently isn’t good enough to upload even a single photo. The SEMA show this year has been off the hook though. It just seems busier this year with more companies making a presence at the show. Overall attendance seems to be better this year too. I’ve been taking a shit ton of photos so when I finally get a chance to go through them, you guys will have more than enough coverage. We have just been eating like crazy and going ape shits at the industry parties. We even went to a small VIP meet out here where I got a chance to meet the guys from Tactical Art Japan. They didn’t speak English but luckily they brought a translator with them so we could communicate. They gave me a giant stack of Tactical Art stickers too which was really cool of them. Overall its been a great experience out here in Vegas.

Alright, I’m off to go clean the throw up off the side of my hotel room toilet now…

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  1. Take a few pictures of that black Insight on red TE-37’s, please. I love that thing but haven’t seen any quality pics of it.

  2. Can’t wait for pics

    Id love a sticker with my order 🙂

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