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Oh okay, just another quick update for you guys. I’m still here in Las Vegas despite the SEMA 2011 show officially coming to a close today. I honestly didn’t even make an attempt to go on the last day because i did so much walking the previous days and I think I have close to 800 or so photos to go through. Plus with all the wild nights at the industry parties, I am just burnt the fuck out from everything. I took the majority of the day just relaxing and had lunch with DPK David and Jared before they headed back to California. The coverage will be good for sure. I tried to get as much as I could of stuff that sparked my interest. Like last year, the coverage will also include some bonus coverage of stuff we did outside of the SEMA show like the industry parties and what not. May had her Canon s95 the whole time so she was snapping away in-between drinks…

That’s not where it ends either. I will be heading back to California tomorrow but the very next day, we will be taking a trip down to San Diego to attend Autofashion USA’s annual VIP Festival. I had really hoped that my wheels would be ready in time for me to bring my Q45 out there but things just didn’t fall in place so that’s just not gonna happen. Oh well, either way it’ll be an exciting event and I am looking forward to being there to see all these great VIP-theme builds.

Anyways, its time to go grab some dinner with the guys that are still around. Thanks for being patient and sorry for not being able to get the photos up right away…..

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  1. it’s cool, no doubt your coverage will be worth the wait.

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