On set…

Sorry guys, not much of a heavy update for you all since I spent most of my morning up in the Lancaster, CA area shooting a car for Super Street magazine. I got a bunch of stuff going on that needs to be completed before the holiday break so that it can make it into the issue so I didn’t have time today to put together a solid update. After I got home, I worked on the photos and then knocked out for a couple hours. Now I’m back on the road again to get to a Christmas party with some friends. Here are a couple behind the scenes shots from today’s shoot for Super Street. This car is becoming quite popular since it debuted at Hot Import Nights and I’m proud to say that I was one of the first people to spot it as it was rolling in that Friday night. Since then, Brandon Burke’s S13 has popped up all over the web but he saved the best for last and now he’ll soon grace the pages of one of the best import automotive publications around…Thanks for looking and have a happy holidays everyone…

I absolutely loved how grimy and messy his garage was and considering the fact that he built this entire car inside the garage, I had to get a shot of the car inside. How clean and subtle the car turned out is in stark contrast to the environment that it was built in….Man, I fucking love it… Here’s an outtake from that series of photos…

Just a man alone with his thoughts…



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  1. What great selection of parts on that S13 and that’s an awesome location for a shoot. I love how stark everything is. I’ll probably be picking up this issue for the feature.

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