The Chronicles Ver. 4 BLACK t-shirts now back in stock!!..

With all that’s been going on lately, I almost completely forgot to pick up my second batch of black t-shirts. If you guys read-up on the Wekfest 2012 coverage, then you know that I sold out a majority of the black shirts at Wekfest before the gates of the show even opened-up. I was pretty surprised by how quickly they went so when I came back home to Socal, I immediately ordered more since I know many of you were waiting to pick one up. I got a text during dinner time today notifying me that they were ready to be picked up so I shot over there and grabbed them before they closed. I’ve updated the inventory on all the shirts so they are now 100% accurate. I had a bunch of white tees up on the store the week after Wekfest IV and even those flew out of the store quickly. I’ve also restocked some of the more popular sizes in white too so you guys have the option of black, white, or even both now. Thank you guys for your continued support. Grab these while they are hot because they may sell as quickly as they did during the show. I made a little more of the most popular sizes in black but there’s just no telling how long they will be up in the store before they are sold-out…Oh I don’t have any shirts in SMALL right now because I didn’t make that many and they usually don’t sell. If you want one, please let me know because I’m going to be ordering a couple for the Tactical Art guys in Japan…

I got a couple other new items coming this week too. I’ll update accordingly when they become available to me…

Anyways, CLICK HERE to take you directly to the storefront page for shirts…






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