Osaka Auto Messe 2012 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

There are just a small batch of photos left from the Osaka Auto Messe 2012 event. I know it’s been kind of random around here lately with the mix of updates, but I’ve got other stuff going on in regular everyday life that hasn’t left me with a whole lot of time to mess with the site. Plus, I have a bunch of orders I still need to complete and get out to everyone. Today we are going to finish off this second half of coverage and move onto something else. The cars at this event weren’t really catered to your average Honda crowd so don’t be expecting a whole lot of photos of Hondas. Osaka Auto Messe has a variety of cars, but they appeal more to the VIP/luxury car crowd as well as the small Kei car enthusiasts. Even if you aren’t into these style of vehicles, it’s always good to see what is out there in the world so sit back and get ready to expand your horizons….


I think as a whole, enthusiasts from all over the world are genuinely excited about the forthcoming Toyota 86. Tuning companies are starting to come out with a variety of products for them and I’m interested in seeing how these things look when they reach their maximum potential. I actually randomly saw one the other day up in the 818 area on the way to hang out with May. I didn’t even know these things were available yet but I spotted a white one down the street from her place. Maybe it was being used as a test car or something, who knows. The one above would be the TRD version of the Toyota 86….


Osaka Auto Messe hosted a large section of their show devoted to the new 86 chassis…


Toyota Racing Development Japan (TRD) displayed their suspension and brake products for the 86 while Modellista, Toyota’s in-house exterior design division, displayed their 86 aero lip kit….


It’s a little hard to tell what the lip kit looks like on the 86 with it just hanging on the wall so click here to see a photo of the kit straight from the Modellista catalog….


A TRD racing seat meant for the new 86…


Tuned Subaru Legacy by Tommy Kaira Japan…


Prodrive wheels with Tommy Kaira brakes…


Tommy Kaira carbon fiber grille…


Random shot because I don’t have the rest of the photos of the van but this interior was interesting….


Not entirely sure what this is…possibly a Daihatsu of some sort, but Garage Noopy did a nice job of making me not want to own one…


Really wild Subaru WRX STI from Garage Hiro… I posted a photo of this car in my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage as well and I still believe that this used to be their chopped-top blue STI from a while back…



I’m sure there is a perfectly cool story about this odd looking car…I just wish I knew what it was… Just from looking at photos alone, I believe this might be a project from Japan Motorsports College. It’s an automotive college over in Japan that teaches a variety of different courses in all-things motorsports related. While this car looks incredibly odd, it’s probably a school project by a couple of aspiring student tuners… I may be completely incorrect, but for the sake of believing anything I say, let’s just go with it…


Giant wheel spacers and tiny brakes makes me think that this thing isn’t driven very much in any motorsports-related events…


Speaking of odd, here’s a Showa-styled first generation Z10 Toyota Soarer…the colors were really off in these photos so I just cut them out so that you can get a better grasp of the car itself…


Work CR01s are nice but the fender flare with the original fender exposed beneath it is not a good look at all…


Recaro seats with “Vivid Luster” stitched into them… “Vivid Luster” is the name of the shop that built this Soarer; Car Shop Vivid Luster….



Completely re-wrapped interior in white vinyl along with an old Nardi steering wheel with cruise control….


The thing with these types of builds is that they aren’t meant to be clean or “subtle” by any means. They are meant to be really out there and wild in styling, featuring a lot of older styling elements that represent the era in which these types of cars existed….Check out the stereo system with the speaker meant to represent the rising sun and then the surrounding mes around it…Ghetto? Probably…Cool… Eh, it’s left up to the eye of the beholder. I can appreciate it for what it is. Would I ever do something like this? Fuuuuck no…haha….



If the interior wasn’t odd enough, check out this wild exhaust set-up… I’d be interested to hear how this thing sounds at wide open throttle, haha….


Again, it’s really not for everyone but it’s not meant to be… There’s just something totally cool about these types of builds…


Hammered Honda Odyssey also from Car Shop Vivid Luster…


Work Meister S1…


Bitter Chocolate Nissan Cube from Aero Over….


Newly released SSR MS3R wheels…


Toyota Prius V from Crave/El Dorado…These Prius Vs are starting to grow on me because the original Prius looked like it didn’t know if it wanted to look like a van or a car…now they have this one and I am satisfied. Does anyone care? Faaack no…haha…


Lexus LS from Garson D.A.D…Wheels bling so hard the white guy in the background with Ugg boots on is dancing like a ballerina…


Toyota Crown Athlete from TRUE….


Magenta Toyota Previa from CK Company….


F50 Nissan Cima also from CK Company…Personally, I’m getting a little tired of all this matte finish stuff but it looks pretty good on this Cima…


Lexus LS on K-Break wheels representing IDEAL…

Oh, uhh, I guess that’s it….I’m out of photos… Thanks for looking guys. Back with some other stuff tomorrow…

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  1. lol @ giant wheel spacers and small brakes!

  2. i thoink the titanium monster used to be a golf mk3 at some point.

    also the vivid luster was featured a few days on speedhunters. in color 😉

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