M&L Party in Japan Coverage…

Just a batch of 30 or so photos for you guys today. These come courtesy once again from the guys over at Tactical Art and consist of photographs from a recent meet they threw in Osaka, Japan. This is probably about a month old but since you’re unlikely to see coverage of this anywhere else (Besides Speedhunters.com), there really isn’t a time frame where I had to get these up. As you know, I recently posted up the Osaka Auto Messe coverage that was also shot by Shimomukai-san of Tactical Art, and this meet happened during that same weekend. They wanted to throw a meet around that same time since everyone was already out and about at the Osaka Auto Messe event. The show consisted of a vast variety of different vehicles and styles which you will also see represented at the M&L Party. The meet was open to all makes and models so the turn-out was pretty big. From what I was told, there were over 300 cars at this meet. I don’t have nearly that many photos of course, as I’ve only selected the photos that were the best of the bunch. Shimomukai-san is not a pro photographer by any stretch of the imagination so I’m sure he had difficulties taking photos of these cars in the dark of the evening. I’m happy that he got what he could under those conditions and now we get to enjoy a little bit of the true Osaka automotive tuning culture…. As I’ve stated before, it’s always good to expand your automotive horizons. Even if you don’t see a particular style that you like, fuck it, take it as a learning experience and try to understand the effort that was put into these builds. No matter the style of tuning, we are all enthusiasts with the same love for cars. Variety is the spice of life after all….Enjoy…


If you’re wondering why there is a white person in this photo, you’re not the only one. This is actually Mike Garrett from Speedhunters.com. He tagged along with Shimomukai-san and the rest of his buddies to check out the M&L Party and to take in the Osaka tuning lifestyle… I don’t know this guy personally but I’ve been following his stuff for years now. I remember I used look through his Flickr page for hours because he was at so many different Japanese automotive events and always had some great photos…


Beeyan Hamada, the owner of the Team Madame Toyota Wish van, grabbing some grub with Mike Garrett… Random side note, but I think it’s cool that you can hang your jacket like that inside of a food establishment in Japan. If you were to do something like that here in the USA, your shit would probably get stolen in a heartbeat, just sayin’…


Not really sure what is going on in here. We can pretend that they are either ordering food or going through the rules before walking into a bath house…


Cars of all makes pulling into the M&L Party…


Shimomukai just recently put on his brand new 15-inch Rotiform ROCs but a month ago, he was still rolling on another set of XXRs…here is his EG6 with Kameoka’s Toyota Mark X…


Lighting inside the wheel wells always makes for an interesting look…Not sure what this particular style is called but it looks like something you would see cruising down South Beach or something…


It’s always cool to see American domestic vehicles in Japan. Their fascination with having American things is much like our fascination with all things Japanese (except for the octopus monster porn)….


Classic Osaka-Kanjo styled EA-T Civic…


You can thank Americans for making this style popular…


I guess if you have money to own a Lamborghini, you might as well make sure everyone knows it…


Work Meister S1s are cool…the lambo doors on this BMW Z….ehh, not sure much. I’ve never understood the fascination with lambo-style doors, but I am just outright confused why people make their doors do this on convertibles…seems really counter productive, haha…There was another photo of this with the doors down and it doesn’t look too bad, but Meisters look good on any car….


A trio of EA-T Civics from Osaka…


M&L Party seemed to play host to a lot of VIP-themed builds…I believe this is a Toyota Crown Athlete on 2-piece Work S1s….


Toyota Celsior airred-out and laying on the floor…



Showa-styled 80’s Toyota or Nissan…I can’t tell because there is just all kinds of stuff everywhere….Love the SSR MK3s though…


Crazy audio set-up in this van…



Nissan 180SX Type-X on Work Equips…



Really liked this widebody 180SX….


Kind of an odd location to put an exhaust…


Classic white-on-white R34 Skyline GT-R on Volk Te37….


Daihatsu Mira representing ESB-Style… if you go to their website, it’s a lot like a night club. It’s really loud and you just kinda want to leave right away…haha…


R35 GTR with a Wald Black Bison aero kit on Volk G2…


Parked next to it was a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera….


Matte black BMW E46 repping the U.S. Air Force on BBS LM-R….


Rauh-Welt Afromania made an appearance…


Pancaked Toyota mini-truck….


A pair of Civics getting positioned for a photo-op…These are USDM-themed and following the hellaflush/stance look with XXR wheels…


Closing it out with a shot of Hamada’s Toyota Wish and a DC5 Integra that is a regular over at Tactical Art….

That’s a wrap, thanks for looking… Oh, and have a great weekend…

7 thoughts

    • Where did you see that I ever said it was cool? Haha…You might want to re-read what you’re looking at. Just because they have the wheels it in no way means that I ever said that shit was cool.

  1. Yes, you never said it was cool. I’m just saying if the civic on xxr’s in the photo above happened to be from the U.S. you would usually comment on how lame the car was for rockin a set of fake wheels and photoshop a random picture of Batman or something.which is actually pretty funny! Im also not a fan of the wheel and hate when people put Volk,Mugen stickers on their rotas.I’m not hating on you or the chronicles, I’ve followed this site for over a year now. I look forward to read the future articles on what goes on in the Honda community.

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