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Since things have been going at a snail’s pace in present time, I figured today would be as good a time as any to take a look back at some of the great builds of our past. A lot of these guys have moved on to do bigger and better things while some have just left the Honda community altogether. While I would love to give you guys a life update as to what each person is doing nowadays, I don’t really know that many of them personally so I wouldn’t want to act like I knew anything about them. We are just going to take a quick glimpse into the past at some of the great Hondas that helped paved the way into what we see today. Back then, there was no Hellaflush/stanced-out cars, people didn’t want to put unused bike racks on their cars, and sticker-bombing was relegated to only doing an angled roll call on one side of your windshield. Things have certainly changed since those days but that’s just how it is…it’s the natural progression of things and though many fads exist that we may not be particularly fond of, you always have the past to look back to for inspiration…I don’t have a huge collection of photos, just shots I have found over time. DPK David has thousands upon thousands of photos he’s collected throughout the years and if time ever permits, I will raid his hard drive to dig up more photos for you guys. For now, enjoy these blasts from the past….. #throwbackthursday…. Enjoy…


Eddie Hahm’s EG was definitely one of the builds that almost everyone looked up to back in the day. This car went on to see many more different upgrades but this was what almost everyone wanted back when Mike Shin shot this for the famed site back in early 2000….


Donut’s Civic was one of the more recent hits in the past couple years…His build was utterly timeless and built with both style and function in mind, as he regularly took this car out on the track and beat the living hell out of it. He’s since sold the car and is now messing around with a DC2 Integra….


You can’t take a look back at the great builds of the past without mentioning Rodrez’s Civic… He, as you all should know, is the head editor now over at Honda Tuning magazine. This photo was taken back in 2005 during a Nisei Showoff car show….


Top Fuel liveries were all the rage back in early 2000 and they were often one of the most replicated looks for Integras….here is one decked out looking almost spot on with a Japanese Top Fuel Type R with Top Fuel lip and all, sporting some Advan RGs…


Kevin Mayuga’s EK was and is still one of my favorite Civic builds of all-time. His Civic is the reason why I love seeing Chargespeed front lips on EKs and also why I later bought a set of Advan RGs for myself….This photo represents one of its later incarnations after it was K-swapped. Unfortunately, it was stolen a couple years ago and stripped….


If you attended or saw photos from last year’s Nisei Showoff event, then you’ll probably recognize this DA Integra. Parnell Navarro built this car almost a decade ago and it still looks identical to what you see in this photograph from 2005-06. It was a little lower back in the day but he was more down to drive the car like that then and now it just sits in his garage….In terms of Integra builds, this one is one of the best of all-time, just because of how it transcends time and fads….


Roy Barba’s EK is another Civic that caught my eye back when Chinatown Showoff events were huge…It’s another car that would still be very relevant if it were around today and his Joustmeister wheels were rare even for that time…I can’t even recall seeing a set of these in the last couple years….


There’s just no way you can take a look back at great builds of yesteryear without mentioning Lee Randle and “Spanky” from 2000. He was  years (8-10) ahead of his time and this Civic was cool before people started overusing the word “JDM”… Lee has an Integra now and attends track events regularly….Jonathan Wong, the head editor of Super Street magazine now, was probably like 23-24 at the time this photo was taken in May 2000. He still wears those pants everyday…


Another EG that you have to mention from back then was Randy’s from PlusOne….though he wasn’t the first guy to rock a White Crow front bumper, his car was the most widely recognized in the early days of Honda forums with people following up every photo of his car with a “what front bumper is that?”… That title was later given to Yee Vang and his J*Blood front bumper….Today, people are asking “What the hell is a Yee Vang?”…


Speaking of notable front bumpers, the Honda community was in awe when Leonard Yee aka Lenthrax debuted his K-swapped EK with ITBs back in 2006. The Rando aero was and still isn’t very common but back then, the combination of the kit and the bright magenta paint was a killer….


Here’s a shot from a feature back in 2008 when it appeared in Auto Salon magazine….


Can’t mention “throwback Hondas” without mentioning Jay Smith and his Laguna Seca Blue RHD Integra…


…and you also can’t forget about Charles Trieu and his EF hatchback… This guy is spending his days partying and running Import Tuner magazine these days…


Another great build from PlusOne that appeared in HCI magazine back when that book was still around. You’ll recognize this location as it is still being used often whenever a car is shot in San Francisco today….




This EG in my opinion, and probably many others, is perhaps one of the greatest Civic builds of ALL-TIME.  Everything about it was just perfect and years ahead of it’s time. I wish I had more photos of it to really explain to you guys what this build was all about. I think maybe SuperTwinz John or someone might have more photos. I just gotta dig them up from him… I hear this Civic is still around these days as well but hidden in a garage…..


Closing out Throwback Thursday with a couple shots of Hugh’s EK from the early half of 2000. This car rocked the Top Fuel look so well that many people often confused photos of it later with the actual Top Fuel turbo EK9….


He later re-did the car though and eventually sold it for around 20grand or something… This car had everything, looks, great parts, and it was functional as well. The motor made over 600hp and was a consistent low-10 second Honda on the dragstrip….


A shot of the engine bay…


In action….

I even managed to find a video of it from about 4 years ago when it made 675hp on the dyno….

That’s all for tody…hope you enjoyed the flashbacks….

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  2. So many great hondas – I remember all these from h-t back in the day. I would also include Kid1320 spooned SI and teamrice’s gold c-west turbo ek.

  3. Throwback Love!

  4. Awesome throwback….Makes me realize I’m old because I remember reading about these builds when they were new….

  5. Ah, the good ol’ days. All great cars that I was/am a fan of.

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