Motion Auto Show 2012 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

Rolling right along now with part 2 of the Motion Auto Show 2012 Coverage… I mentioned yesterday that it seemed as if the show was slower than last year with foot traffic seemingly down but the Motion Auto Show staff released the official numbers today for the event…

This just in: The final counts have been tallied!

Car Show Competitors…….300————360
Media Registrations………..160————200

I guess I was wrong in my assessment, haha… I think maybe it just seemed that way because I wasn’t at the show as long and by the time I had got there, it was already halfway over with. Last year I was there all morning and saw the flood of people come in while this year, I just walked into it later in the day. Congrats to the Motion Auto staff though for putting on a great event and getting the numbers that they did. I got a bunch of stuff to knock out today for the site as well as for work so let’s just head right back into the rest of the photos. I didn’t take nearly as many photos this year so this second portion of the coverage is the final half. If I happened to have missed your car at the event, I either didn’t see it or just didn’t have time to get over to your section. Please don’t ask me if I have any photos of your car. What you see here is all that I got…thanks guys… enjoy…


Cyrus Raagas’ turbocharged S2000 with J’s Racing aero and ASM carbon doors… I was trying to get this thing shot so I could squeeze it into the upcoming Super Street Honda Issue but it was stuck in the bodyshop during that time and we just couldn’t knock it out. Very nice build though and a consistent winner at shows. Usually in the Honda category it comes down to either Big Mike or Cyrus and both are deserving…


Water-cooled turbo set-up… Not sure what types of numbers this produces but it is definitely an eye catcher. If there is one thing left that this S2000 needs it’s a nice tuck job. Rywire can probably do wonders with this thing and the bay will look even better….


Work Meister M1R wheels in a bronze finish…I did a shitty job of capturing it but Cyrus’ S2000 also has J’s Racing brakes…


Not really sure what the significance of South Park and Monster Energy have together or why it is a central theme on this Integra but it just looks like an assault on the brain with total randomness…Owner even sprinkled green glitter flakes around the car…Wouldn’t be a bad car without all the random shit around it but again, I think the theme here is “confusion”…


Y34 Infiniti M45 with what I believe to be an Autech aero kit. I remember I really wanted one of these a couple years ago before I bought my Y33 Q and to this day I still thinking about owning one. If I did it would probably end up sitting there for months on end like the one I have now, haha… This one is really well done though considering how limited parts are here in the U.S….


APR widebody G35 on carbon-faced HRE wheels…


Super aggressive widebody BMW M coupe from Renner Motorsport posted up in the Nitto Tires booth…


If high ranking members of the Illuminati were into cars, they would probably drive this custom Mercedes “SL666″…haha… fucking sick though. Only thing is I wonder how cool you look trying to climb out of the car with those long ass doors in the way…


Clean white Infiniti G37 on gunmetal Work VS-XX wheels…


Always been a fan of the livery on this Kouki S14 240SX on Work Varianza T1S wheels… Got a little bit of that Rosetta Stone and Pepto Bismo splatter feel to it, haha…no for real though, it’s a good looking car…


Milt Salamanca’s 350Z with custom re-barreled Work Rezax wheels… the rears are like 19×17 or some shit, haha…Shit is so deep my camera couldn’t even focus on the rears… The guy in the background is either sayin “Daaaaaamn” or playing the harmonica…


Lexus Sc400 from the Low ‘N Slow crew sitting on some WEDS Kranze Bazreias…


Another Z33, this one on extremely aggressive SSR Professor SP3 wheels… Half the rear wheel isn’t even touching the ground…


Some breezy apparently did some “modeling” on this Z and left her impression on the car with an oil ass print on the rear quarters…


Rywire Ryan jumped in there to do a little sniff test to see if it was fresh… he said it smelled like fresh clams from the Pacific with a hint of strawberry and avocado…


Bright metallic green Subaru WRX wagon from Team Hybrid… Rear flare is pretty aggressive and looks to make the rear door completely unusable… Two-toned bay as well… I try to stay away from taking photos of Subaru bays because the engine layout usually leaves for some pretty cluttered engine bays. There are a few very well executed, tucked bay, but this one isn’t one of them…


Joe Bacigalupi’s Voltex-equipped Subaru WRX wagon that I wrote a story on for Super Street over a year ago. Back then it was silver/grey still but has since been repainted to what you see currently…


S2000 wearing the new Voltex street aero kit… Love the lines of this kit as well as the Volk Racing RE30CS wheels…


BMW wagon representing B&G Suspensions on Work Rezax II wheels…


I didn’t get a whole lot of model coverage at the show but here is a shot of Melissa Riso modeling for Team Hybrid…


SL65 AMG Black Series from SPDV6…


Custom widebody Mitsubishi Evo X from High End/Auto Concept Elite…


The engine bay of the above Evo X…


Import Fashion was the spot if you were looking for models that you’ve never heard of… Nice photoshoot style set-up for the girls and for perverts with cameras…


Big Steve’s Unicorn LS400….


Black 2GS that Autofashion has dubbed “Chicken Little”…I have no idea why… Love WEDS Kranze Bazreias though…


Oscar aka Pancakes’ Y33 Q45 with his new Leon Hardiritt Bugel wheel set-up…


I stopped by to talk basketball for a bit with Neil Tjin from Tjin Edition-fame and his baby boy Colin…


Hakosuka Skyline lurking underneath the Autofashion tent…


Another shot of the Datsun Bluebird coupe from part 1…


Ela Pasion knocking out like 64 poses for every photographer that was in front of her in a matter of 20 seconds. All I got was the rear end shot…


Speaking of red rear-ends, here’s some more of Michael Mao’s NSX on custom gold Mugen MF10s….


Hate it or love it…


EP3 Civic with Mugen front end and Dunlop Formula Hart wheels…


Another EP3, this one with Enkei RPF1 and the dreaded Honda center caps…


EF hatchback with JDM SiR front end conversion and Enkei RPF1…


Amuse-style widebody S2000 on carbon hard top…



Black Integra rocking a “Mugen” stripe and Mugen MF8s…JDM front end conversion as well…


Evo IX with some Voltex gear and bronze Volk RE30s…


Impressive Wrap matte white wrapped widebody Evo looking good on Volk TE37SLs in red…


White VW MK6 GTI on air…


Always enjoy seeing this MK2 Golf at events…he is a consistent winner at shows as well and as I was snapping this photo I saw him walking back to the car with a trophy…


Really liked this Evolution IX with a complete Voltex aero kit and blue concave TE37s…Great looking car…


Tony Lee from It’s JDM Yo!! showing off the fap material that he collected throughout the day at the Motion Auto Show…

At this point, I was called on stage for their announcement for the Motion Auto “Motion Media Award”. As I said in part 1, I didn’t win but it was cool to be nominated and to be on stage for a little bit…


Got the chance to snap this photo on stage behind the trophies… Natalia Marie, Julie Mai, and the other NOS Energy Girls were on hand to give out the trophies to car show competitors…


Freddie from Autofashion was on stage to present the Ruckus Awards and Big Mike was called up to represent The Chronicles so I snapped this crappy photo of them while we waited…

I took a bunch of photos of the Ruckus’ in attendance at the show but I have the terrible shakes and they all came out blurry so I apologize for the lack of Ruckus photos…

After they announced the Motion Media Award, I did the walk of shame off the stage and went back to taking photos of whatever was left that I missed prior…


Stopped by the AEM booth to say what’s up to my buddy Holly Lee…


..and then I walked over to check out this Datsun 510 sedan from Team Hybrid… Love the orange tone on the bronze Volk TE37Vs…


Interior was mint…notice the Katana sword handle shift knob…


KA24DE swap and a tidy battleship grey engine bay…


Another angle so you guys can see the plumbing for the fuel lines and oil filter relocation… That ARC intake originally meant for a non-turbo SR20DE motor has to be one of the oddest intakes I’ve ever encountered…


Ken Suen’s FA5 Civic Si with JDM Mugen RR conversion… Love the offsetting Volk RE30s and CE28s front and back… You’ll be seeing this car soon as it is (in my opinion) one of the heavy favorites to win the upcoming Super Street FF Battle 4 competition…


Jackson Wong’s matte grey-wrapped Amuse-style S2000 on Enkei PF01 wheels…


I couldn’t end my day without stopping by the Falken booth to snap a photo of the Falken Tire S15 Silvia… I love S15s and I think they are one of the best looking cars that Nissan ever produced…


As I was snapping a photo of the S15 Silvia, Big Mike walked by with his Best Honda award so I stopped him to get a photo op with Brad Lim from Falken as well as Falken model Randyl Dawn… Congrats to Big Mike on the award. He placed second last year as the Best Honda award went to Cyrus with the S2000 but this year, he took top honors…

That pretty much wraps up the coverage of the event. I chatted with some other people for a minute before May and I took off to go have dinner with Rywire Ryan. Below is a list of the winners in each class. Congrats to them all for their hard work and dedication. Michael Mao with the NSX ended up taking second place Acura if you guys were wondering…Anyways, here’s the list…

3rd: Eric lam – RSX
2nd: Michael Mao – NSX (Red NSX on gold Mugen MF10)
1st: Brian Yoshino – TSX (Blue widebody TSX from Part 1)

3rd: Sunny Suravarapu – Accord
2nd: Cyrus Raagas – S2000 (Purple J’s Racing S2000)
1st: Big Mike – Prelude (You already know who this is)

3rd: Ka Wong – Corolla (Orange AE86 with F20C swap from Part 1)
2nd: Kai Tsukihama – Supra
1st: Richard Carino – Supra

3rd: Manny – TC
2nd: Jeff Maldonado – TC
1st: Geisha Events – TC

3rd: Ellisome Punzalan – XB
2nd: Robert Green – XB
1st: Geneva Pruitt – XB

3rd: Lohit Pattanaik – 370Z
2nd: Forrest Wang – 240sx (Green S13.4 from Part 1 with the 2JZ swap)
1st: Jesse Sabater – GTR

3rd: Alfred Serrato – G35
2nd: Dallas Tung – G35
1st: Randy Riggs – G35

3rd: JB – Evo
2nd: Kelvin Hsui – Evo
1st: Jovi La Victoria – Evo

3rd: Greg Villanueva- WRX (I believe this is the green one above)
2nd: Jeff Bacigalupi – WRX (WRX wagon on TE37SL pictured in the above photos)
1st: Thomas Milroy Jr.

3rd: Impressive Wraps- RX7
2nd: Ulysses Aguayo – RX7
1st: Ryan de Guzman – RX7 (Yellow FD3S that I somehow missed out on photographing but you’ve seen it plenty of times here on this site)

Alan: Hewitt – ISF
Carl: Zamulo – IS
Matt: Tom – CT250

3rd: Miguel Aguirre
2nd: Jonathon Carino – LS
1st: OJ Bayang – LS

Japanese Old School
3rd: Peter Vong – Celica (Green 1st gen. Celica from Part 1 with the F20C swap)
2nd: Mallen Fajardo – 510
1st: Michael Castillo – Skyline

3rd: Eric Lam – RSX
2nd: Jovi la Victoria – Evo
1st: Richard Carino – Supra

3rd: James Lin – 330i
2nd: Gavin Goei – M3
1st: Mert Contapay – M5

3rd: John Rhee – S Class
2nd: Sammy Stoicescu – SL
1st: John Rhee – CLS

3rd: Bernie Chacon – Golf
2nd: Michael Tao – Golf
1st: Mike Concepcion – GTI

Euro Other
3rd: Joseph Liu – Smart Car
2nd: Jose Romo – A3
1st: Francis Fabiculanan – 911

3rd: Mike Betts – SS
2nd: Gary Shellum – Camaro
1st: Marco Ramirez – SS

3rd: Eric Degratte – Magnum
2nd: Ken Tickner – Charger
1st: Lance Doss – Charger

3rd: Milton Salamanca – 350Z (White Z33 on Work Rezax above)
2nd: HenryMartinez – 350Z (Black Z33 with the ass print on it)
1st: Christopher Daniels – GS (Lexus 1GS with the unpainted front bumper)

Best Display:
Team Hybrid

Best Team
3rd: Hybrid
2nd: R-Rydes
1st: TWC

Best Engineering:
Ka Wong – Corolla (AE86 with F20C swap)

Best in Show:
Viet Nguyen – Infinity FX (The blue FX from Part 1. This was already a foregone conclusion because nobody can touch that car)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I can’t believe you capture show hoe stains haha.

  2. Is that 510 rockin’ a carbon fiber intake manifold cover meant for a Honda Fit? Rad.

  3. awesome coverage sir! congrats to all who placed.

  4. Big Mike is not so big any more….Good for you Big Mike.

  5. Great coverage. Its nice that you posted the results. Something the promoter should do, I think. They should also post photos with the names of the winners like you did. They should show those images at the awards ceremony too so everyone knows which cars /people won. Being from Vegas I dont get to know everyone in the car scene out here in so cal. It also gives an idea for those who didn’t place to see where they need to be. Of course judging is objective so people will always have hurt feelings for losing or what not. Anyway keep up the good work and congrats for being nominated for the media award. also, thanks for the showing my s14 above

  6. I enjoyed the coverage until the image of the boob shots that guy had on his phone. I find as a female enthusiast that there tends to be a lack of respect for the models in the industry (and women in general), that’s a prime example. I think you should’ve left that out for the sake of professionalism and to ensure you can appeal to all audiences, including girls who like to read car blogs…

    • For the sake of conversation… Let me start off by saying that I agree wholeheartedly that there tends to be a lack of respect for models in the industry (as well as women in general), there’s no getting around that. But that picture of various models chests isn’t a good example for a few different reasons (IMO). For one, they knew he was taking a photo of their chests and let him take those pictures. If he had crept and took the photos without them knowing that would be a different story, but that’s not what happened. Two, that guy has a blog that tends to focus more on the models in the industry and all of the various things that go along with that, so he personally knows those girls and they know that if he was taking a picture of them (or a part of them) that it was going to be put online for the world to see, and they are clearly ok with that. My point is, what you are saying is the truth and I agree with you but it would seem to be more logical to be upset at the females for allowing/wanting that type of attention rather than the men who give it to them.

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