Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Tomorrow!…


I probably should have done a better job of promoting this event early on but The Eibach Honda Meet has gotten so popular now that I am sure all of you are well aware that tomorrow is the big day. This year’s event will be the first of its kind as this marks the first time that the Eibach Meet has stepped outside of the Eibach Springs facility in Corona, CA. Because of the massive growth of the event over the years, it was time to hold it in a larger venue to accommodate all Honda enthusiasts. Registration is now closed and everybody who has purchased a spot is locked in. If you plan to spectate, please come out and join your fellow enthusiasts at the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, CA.

Raffle tickets:

As always, we are having a raffle with a ton of great prizes. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the NWP Booth.

5 tickets for $10
10 tickets for $20
20 tickets for $30
50 tickets for $60
100 tickets for $100

Additional information:

– No alcohol
– No dogs or animals of any variety
– No bikes, skateboards or motorized vehicles
– Please bring cash. There are no ATM’s at the facility.
– Encourage any of your friends that are spectators at the show to arrive at 11am. There is no reason for them to arrive early.
– No ins and outs. Once you park your car, it’s there to stay.


Irwindale Speedway
500 Speedway Dr,
Irwindale, CA 91706

Entry fee: $5 per person (children under 5 are free)
Parking: $10 per vehicle – outside of the event

The Chronicles will be there once again and I will have plenty of merchandise for you guys. I am doing a limited edition Chronicles decal like I do for every major event and you should come by the booth and pick them up before they are sold out. I will also have shirts for you guys but in limited quantities per size since they’ve been selling like crazy lately on the site. I had to get another batch of shirts made so I should have your size available if you come in the morning/early afternoon….


Here is the limited edition Eibach 2012 Chronicles decal with a neochrome/oil slick base. In plain site or in low light, the chrome layer just looks like regular chrome but when light hits it at different angles, the colors become very vibrant. I’ve included a smaller photo in the one above to show how the color shifts. Many of you are familiar with this material so it really needs no explanation. I really like how these came out and it has received some really good feedback online… I thought about cutting the original basic chrome on black too but this is essentially the same thing, just better looking, so you might as well just buy one of these if you had plans to rock The Chronicles decal on your car…. These will be $5 at Eibach…


Shirts will also be available at The Chronicles booth. This is by far the most popular shirt I’ve ever produced so pick one up as soon as you can. For the Wekfest SF event, I sold out of most of my sizes before the gates even opened to the public. I don’t think it’ll be that crazy at Eibach but you never know!…. $25 with sizes ranging from small to XXXL…


For those of you guys who are into regular fitment, I got you covered, haha… These will also be available at the booth on Sunday for $5 each….


Also got these printed Stickydiljoe.com Robocop/Unicorn decals available for $3 each or $5 for a pair. You can put these motherfuckers anywhere!…


Oh and a special treat for you guys… Next to The Chronicles booth will be the first public appearance of May’s new dessert venture. She will have cupcakes on sale for you guys so please stop by and eat some. I know you guys will be hungry and in need of sugar so why not eat some high quality cupcakes and cookies!..

Also, Rywire will be at the booth as well selling their newly unveiled Rywire: Motorsports Electronics t-shirts! See you tomorrow, don’t drive like a fucking asshole!..

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  1. Is the spectator parking gonna b cool I got some friends that don’t wanna go cuz they think cars are gonna be stolen

    • No one working the event is really responsible for what goes on outside in the regular parking lot. If they want to go they need to go at their own discretion and protect your shit like you would if you were going anywhere else.

  2. Mannn 2 hours waiting to drive in then its closed that was a bust

  3. yup, same here. waited in that line to get in just to be turned away =\

  4. Don’t show up late then^^^

  5. Actually I showed up on time and maybe you should reference to the new blog post in regards to all the ass hats that showed up hours ahead of time and congested the streets. I followed the rules…I remember specifically exiting Arrow hwy off the 605fwy and saying to my friend “perfect timing 10:50am…” once we got down the street there was a massive line with people randomly standing at the sidewalk taking pictures of cars just sitting there waiting to get in.

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