Wekfest LA 2012 Coverage…Part 5: More From The Late Afternoon…

Happy Friday everyone…Guess what we’re looking at today? More Wekfest LA 2012 Coverage… Today we are going to see the rest of the cars from the Socal Wekfest event. No matter how hard I try to capture every possible car that catches my eye at events, I always manage to miss some good ones. I’m human after all and while I am at events, I am often stopped by people to chat or I am running around trying to get something done. If I missed your car, chances are very high that I just didn’t get a chance to see it or your car didn’t really catch my eye. In a perfect world, I would be able to get every car at a show but it’s just not realistic. I mean, I wasn’t able to capture every car and we are already at 6 parts of coverage of over 400 photos. If I went out and just snapped a pic of every car, we would be here for two weeks doing coverage of one single show, haha. In any case, I mean no disrespect if you don’t see your car here on The Chronicles. I can’t please everyone and it really isn’t that serious. If I didn’t get a chance to see your car this time around, there will always be another event…

As with yesterday’s set of photos, these were all shot on ATS Anh’s Nikon D800. I was very happy with how the photos came out and have attached larger versions of certain photos that I really enjoyed. By this point in the show, I want to say that it was around 4-5pm. The sun was starting to go down a bit which produced some pretty good lighting for photos. People were getting ready for the awards ceremony as well so it wasn’t nearly as crowded as it was during the early part of the day. This presented me with the opportunity to really get a closer look at some cars and you’ll notice because there are more interior shots. There were some really great builds at this event and I was very happy with the overall quality of cars at this year’s Socal Wekfest…

There wasn’t anything that I set out to look for by this hour. I just wanted to walk the show by myself and see as much as I could before the day concluded. Today’s photo set contains mostly car stuff with some random tidbits included, just like every event I cover. Tomorrow or Sunday will conclude the Wekfest LA coverage with the six and final part. That will cover the closing of the show, the awards ceremony, and everything else that happened at the end. If you missed any of the previous four parts, I have attached links below… Thanks for looking guys, and have a great weekend.

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Check back for Part 6 this weekend…


Chivas Sotelo’s Honda Tuning magazine-featured EM1 coupe on CP-Rs… Larger Version (1400×933)


Chivas’ iridescent purple bay… Larger Version (1400×933)


RSX with some GTR-faced Regamaster Evos…always liked this look on the RSX… Larger Version (1400×933)


Lee’s turbocharged S2000… Larger Version (1400×933)


Benz from Royal Flush crew on brushed silver Brabus monoblock wheels…


Subaru WRX STi with custom step-lipped, gunmetal Work Equips… Larger Version (1400×933)


Always been a huge fan of this rag-top Mazda MX-5 Miata on SSR MK2… Larger Version (1400×933)


This MX-5 from Project G on SSR EX-C Fins has always been nice too… Larger Version (1400×933)


Tony aka Blitz’s Y33 Q45 is currently one of my favorite U.S. VIP builds… Love the refinished, step-lip Work Rezax wheels and I kinda wish I had done them first, haha…Everything about this build is money though. Can’t say enough good things about this Y33… Larger Version (1400×933)


A closer look at some wheels I regret not building…haha… I didn’t think a mesh wheel like a Rezax II would look good on this chassis. I was terribly incorrect…


F50 Q on really aggressive WED’s Kranze LX-Z…


Two-tone Junction Produce-equipped Toyota Previa…


LS430 from BP VIP on WED’s Kranze Borphes…. can’t say I was ever a fan of this wheel…Cool to see someone actually rock them though…


Cyrus’ turbo S2000 with J’s Racing aero, ASM doors, and Work Meister M1Rs… Larger Version (1400×933)


Michael Johnson’s VIP-style 2nd generation Acura TL on VIP Modular wheels… Larger Version (1400×933)


Flared rear quarters on Johnson’s TL…


David Nguyen’s Corolla wagon with JDM front end and Precedeo Demon Camber wheels…


Jay Mayuga’s Acura TSX with newly-mounted Mugen CL7/9 rear wing and SSR Type-Fs…


Preston Olson’s Z33 350Z seated on VIP Modular wheels…


Linda’s TRD Supercharged, custom VIP-style, slammed and bagged Toyota Matrix from Team Praxis… Larger Version (1400×933)


Linda’s tucked engine bay with Rywire custom mil-spec engine harness  and TRD S/C…


Really liked this 2GS on WED’s Maverick 210S from Kyoei USA in Arizona… Larger Version (1400×933)


One of the most impressive things about this 2GS was the turbocharged 2JZ-GE VVTi… I love VIP builds that can also pop hoods…


There were a couple well-executed Infiniti G35s on hand…This coupe on Work VS-XX wheels was clean…


…and I liked all the polished work under the hood…


My favorite G35 of Wekfest LA had to be this sedan from R-Rydes…. I liked it because it was a well-rounded build with all aspects covered, which is rare for this chassis. Most of the time you see guys lower them on wheels and a lip kit and call it a day. It’s refreshing to see one this thoroughly built… Larger Version (1400×933)


Love Bride-themed interiors… Larger Version (1400×933)


Even the baby seat in this G35 sedan has been re-upholstered… Only other thing that would make it perfect was if it had an all black interior… Larger Version (1400×933)


Nice job under the hood too….This G had to be one of the best cars at Wekfest LA and hopefully he was awarded for his efforts…. Larger Version (1400×933)


Another beautifully-done G35 sedan. This one is on SSR Professor SP1s… Larger Version (1400×933)


Also with a really clean bay… If I’m correct, I believe the same guy did all three bays on each other G35s you just saw… Larger Version (1400×933)


Armand’s TRD widebody MR-2 paired with a couple other SW30s… It doesn’t matter if it’s Wekfest SF, LA, or any other part of the world, Armand still won’t have his rear wing…


Brandon Burke’s RB25-swapped S13 coupe on Professors… Larger Version (1400×933)



Peter Vong’s F20C-swapped 1st generation Toyota Celica from 1-Up crew….


…and the legit Japanese right-hand drive Datsun Bluebird that often accompanies Peter and Theresa to events….


There’s a whole lot of wheel and tire on this Mark II JZA70 Supra…


2GS that I recently spotted not too long ago at the Motion Auto Show… Note the custom rear quarters and modified front fenders…


I always stop to take a photo of this Bimmer because I like the owner’s parts selection and the color-scheme he chose…


What’s not to like about a Porsche 997 on Work Meister S1s… Larger Version (1400×933)


Bagged Lexus LS460 at the Wek’Sos booth…


Tjin Edition Vortech supercharged Camaro… Larger Version (1400×933)


Loreto Garcia didn’t have his EK at Wekfest LA but he did come down to visit… Here he is pictured with Ferd from ATS Garage…


With so much going on these days, it’s hard to get everyone together to hang out… It’s events like Wekfest that provide a place for old friends to reunite. Here’s a group shot with (L-R) Ejay Adriano, J.P. from DPK, J Nepo, and Parnell from Kosoku…


Another shot of Nick Caster’s Civic coupe with First Molding goatee… Larger Version (1400×933)


Here’s a closer look at DAve’s immaculate DA Integra on SSR EX-C Neos… Larger Version (1400×933)


Love DAve’s usage of yellow/tan accents on his Recaros to match his pristine original tan interior… Larger Version (1400×933)


Timeless, classic DA builds just don’t get any better than this folks… Larger Version (1400×933)


One more shot of Downstar Frank’s cream engine bay on his new DC2 Integra project… Larger Version (1400×933)


Clean Ruckus with custom Recaro seat… PG+K Jay all smiles in the background…


Jay’s Ruckus that he’s been working on since his S2000 has been down…


Downstar Frank playing a tune that no one enjoyed…


Since the awards ceremony was coming up…Anh assembled his 6 man team to reinstall his J’s Racing hood. You need 3 guys to install the hood, 2 guys to eye it to make sure it was lined-up, and one other guy to make references to how many people it takes to put Anh’s hood on…


One more shot of Anh’s bay before the hood closed… Larger Version (1400×933)


..and one more shot of Anh’s ITR since he said I didn’t take any photos of his car while I was using his camera… Larger Version (1400×933)

Oh before you go, here’s a video of Wekfest created by none other than Rodrez from Honda Tuning magazine.. check it out…

That pretty much wraps it up for Part 5… Just one more post this weekend and it will be the conclusion of The Chronicles’ Wekfest LA 2012 Coverage… Stay tuned…

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  1. If that MR2 ever gets its wing put on, no one will recognize it. It’s immediately recognizable without it.

  2. I see myself walking like sasquatch in the background of one of those pics. Great coverage as usual. I always look forward to your event coverage. Your captions are the best.

  3. Does anyone know where the owners of car’s with the Bride and Recaro themed interiors are getting their upholstery done? I have a race bucket with worn/damaged fabric. I’d like to see if it can be re-done before I decide to buy another.

    Thanx for any help.

  4. Great coverage. Thank you for the recogniton as well, im the owner of the white G35 sedan.

  5. top notch work, pleasant as always. daps to that dude rodrez for the video, those declaime and dibia$e tracks are too dope

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