Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Coverage…Part 3…

Hopefully you guys enjoyed Part 2 of our coverage yesterday. There were quite a few great builds at Eibach and many of the Honda builds are cars I hadn’t even had a chance to see for myself before that day. It’s cool that the Eibach Meet can bring such a diverse crowd of Honda enthusiasts together. Though some have cars that aren’t necessarily favorable to the eyes or nearly as popular as some of the ones you see often at events, it’s good that we can get everyone together to share some ideas and showcase some great work. Today will be much of the same. I didn’t get a chance to capture a whole lot of human interaction or behind the scenes mischief because the early morning was just so busy. My hope is that you guys enjoy the photos and the cars that were captured because I was surprised myself by what I could get in such a short amount of time. Not only did I put up my booth at Eibach late, I also didn’t get a chance to walk around and take pictures until everything was dialed in. On top of that, it was also very hot and sunny that day. I had already been sunburned the week before from Wekfest LA so I really tried to avoid getting burnt this time around at Eibach. In the short time that I walked around, the sun was really wearing on me and at times I just found myself going back to the booth for some shade and some refreshments. There aren’t really any trees or anything around Irwindale to provide and relief from the sun. We weren’t even near the coast that day like we were at Wekfest so it was tough to really stay out long. In any case though, I think I got some good stuff and we are going to get right back into the coverage now…

Not sure if you guys know this but I am actually in Maui, Hawaii right now for DPK David’s wedding… These sections of coverage were actually written a couple days before because I wanted to make sure that you guys had something to look at even while I was gone. I’m probably sitting in paradise right now while you read this so enjoy… You can catch my in Hawaii drinking Mai Tais and staring at old bitches, haha… I’m out, enjoy the pics below!…

If you happen to have missed any of the previous posts on Eibach 2012, click the links below before jumping ahead…

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I think we all had a moment when we saw this pop-up on the Irwindale Speedway sign early in the afternoon. We had all worked our asses off to try to get everyone into the event and Eibach 2012 was deemed a sold-out event. Irwindale Police then proceeded to prevent any more cars or enthusiasts from coming into the venue, which was a shame, but done to prevent further congestion on public roads as well as the highway next to Irwindale Speedway….


Loving the Sportcar Motion-built K-swapped CR-Z with the new J’s Racing lip on it… The lip changes the whole look of the car and gives the front end of the CR-Z a much more streamlined feel… Larger Version (1400×933)


A look at the K20Z1-swap in the CR-Z’s engine bay… You can see this thing in about a week competing in Super Street magazine’s FF Battle 4 event where it looks to be one of the front-runners to win it all. Without the original hybrid motor and IMA system, the chassis itself is pretty light and in combination with a K20-swap, this car has the potential to be pretty quick… Larger Version (1400×933)


Jose Guzman aka JDM Matter’s RSX has recently gone through a bit of a transformation. It’s still the same blue it has always been but he’s added J’s Racing fenders to the front and got a more aggressive set of SSR Type-Cs…The whole car is coming together nicely and even though the parts on it are from various companies, they do a good job of flowing together pretty well… Larger Version (1400×933)


Sam Ip’s FA5 to FD2 converted Civic Si looking good fresh off a win the week before at Wekfest LA… Larger Version (1400×933)


Always been a fan of this slammed hatchback with EK4 SiR bumpers and white Regamasters…


This 4-Door posted up next to the Civic above was also pretty clean. Not much to it really, just lowered on Regas but still a good look for the streets…


I can’t even recall the last time I had the opportunity of running into a set of Work Nezart wheels… It had to have been around 2006 or so. Not a bad look on this CR-X with EF8 SiR front end…


Unlike the Nezarts, I run into Rotas with Mugen decals on them all too often… *tsk* *tsk*… Good looking car too…


Abe Cruz’s EK9 conversion…


Abe’s engine bay looking as clean as it ever has… Larger Version (1400×933)


I see that the J’s Racing lip is starting to become very popular among the 8th gen. Civic crowd who have done FD2 conversions…This silver FA5 is money on Volk TE37SL… Larger Version (1400×933)


Cool Type R baby seat inside the FA5…


Silver EK with a mild tuck on Sprint Hart CP-R…


As you can see, with all the people coming in and out of the Eibach Meet, the trash was definitely a problem…


EK9 CTR on Spoon SW388s…


It was great to see Paul from Amseven’s Civic again…It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it and apparently Noah from Amseven bought it. He purchased the car from a friend who had bought it off of Paul and then proceeded to put back a lot of the parts on the car that Paul used to have. Cool stuff….


Alex Peng’s time attack S2000…


Lee’s turbo S2000 on white Volk RE30s… Reppin’ IEphotorentals.com on his windshield. I’ve rented from them before as well and they are great guys down there…


Drag CR-X passing by and getting pulled by a large pick-up truck…


Nisa Duarte’s EK9 Civic Type R N1 on Volk CE28s… Larger Version (1400×933)


Jeremy Duarte’s turbo RHD DB8 Type R… Larger Version (1400×933)


These guys from Bandits are just down to drive anywhere. They made the trip down to Socal for Wekfest the week before, went home, and then drove all the way back down again from Norcal for Eibach… Larger Version (1400×933)


Mike Trevino’s K-swapped EG9… Larger Version (1400×933)


Paint is so bright that it’s probably burning your retinas… Larger Version (1400×933)


Shout-out to the guy on the left for walking in front of my photo…


Guy wouldn’t move because he couldn’t figure out how to use his iPhone camera so I had to get a shot of the bay from this angle…


Fa5 on front staggered Volk TE37s…


S2000 on CCW Classics…


Tuan from FAST Autoworks’ coupe…. Larger Version (1400×933)


Purple bay with a built B-series motor making around 300whp… Larger Version (1400×933)


I believe this is “Sintype’s” Civic coupe… I don’t know if I forgot to notice or if it was a new addition but I never knew this thing was boosted…


Surprised to see that he’s still rocking one of the older Chronicles decals and it hasn’t gotten all crusty yet…Anyways, nice Spoon-themed turbo engine bay… Larger Version (1400×933)


Always been a fan of this Championship White 4-door on 949Racing wheels….


White EGs with carbon fiber lips, hatch wing, and Spoon or “Spoon-style” wheels were a very common look at Eibach 2012…


FA5 Civic with a paint that may or may not be an Audi Nimbus Grey…


Really liked this black ITR on Volk Racing TE37 Time Attack wheels… Larger Version (1400×933)


Spoon Sports-themed EK9 heading out of Irwindale Speedway…


Loved this TSX on bronze Volk CEs and Spoon Sports S-Tai front bumper… This is actually kind of a cool shot because you can also see the sign in the background that showed that the Eibach event was sold out… Larger Version (1400×933)


Bright candy green EJ1 on Enkei RPF1s and is also K-swapped…


Nice job on the engine bay… also shaved and smooth out too…


Oh, this CR-X had to be one of my favorites at Eibach this year… It caught my eye the moment it pulled into the Speedway… I didn’t know it had a K20 in it until I snapped this photo but it was awesome because it still had the original Japanese CR-X leather interior in it… Larger Version (1400×933)


Pretty cool considering how I don’t think I’ve ever seen a leather interior in a CR-X before…everything was pretty mint as well, even the floormats… The shifter looks like it could have came from the factory, along with the wood Mugen steering wheel…This thing was sick!… Man, I am such a huge nerd when it comes to this stuff… Larger Version (1400×933)


Look at the seats, pretty mint considering the age of the car… Even has “CR-X EXCLUSIVE” stitched into the leather… Larger Version (1400×933)


I love the overall theme of the car and how he kept it all original except for under the hood where the bay has been shaved. The owner has done their best to keep even the K as OEM as possible with exception to the gold plating. It still retains the OEM i-VTEC cover and stock air box…. Just an awesome build… Larger Version (1400×933)


Random right hand drive EP3 that was also really mint…


Another clean right hand drive EF, this one on what I think are Hiro Racing wheels…


Engine bay is super clean except for the AEM intake that looks like somebody broke their arm…


A member of the car crew “Low Life Crooks” telling everyone what they think of their crew name…


Civic on BBS RS wheels…


EF hatchback lowered on some old school SSR EX-C Fins…


DA from Cali Love on old school Work Ewing wheels…


UKDM front bumper on this DC2 from Cali Love…


Nice DA Integra with some white Mugen RnR wheels…


Nothing crazy under the hood. Some clean-up here and there but a clean bay nonetheless…


Civic sedan with a UKDM front bumper, Mugen-style carbon fiber front lip and Mugen NR10s… Larger Version (1400×933)


Really love this red on red Civic hatch with a K-motor and mint Mugen NR10Rs… Larger Version (1400×933)


Mauricio’s mint EG that was at Wekfest LA the week before on brand new Mugen NR10Rs. For Eibach, he decided to go with another look and put on his Mugen RnRs…Must be nice…


Speaking of “must be nice”, this EF9 is also Mauricio’s. We now coined the term “Moreass Problems” because his only dilemma leading up to Eibach was how he was going to get both cars to Eibach…


Salem’s J’s Racing TSX really needs no introduction… Larger Version (1400×933)


EF Civic wagon on replica Hayashi Street wheels…


EJ1 Civic coupe on recentl re-released Enkei J-Speeds…


Been a fan of this daily-driven BB6 Prelude on CEs for awhile now… Owner is super nice too…


Gonna end it here for now with a shot of Arnel’s 4-door Civic on bags and custom BBS RS wheels… Love the way this thing looks… He told me early in the morning that he had to leave early but I was lucky enough to snap this before he left… Larger Version (1400×933)

That’s all for now folks, back with more tomorrow…

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  4. Super late to the party on this one but I was just browsing through your old Eibach pics and noticed Pizz’s (Pauls) old hatch and was like, whoa!! I often wondered what had become of his hatch so it was nice to hear that back story to it. The car literally looks as it did almost a decade ago, sweet!!

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