Bonus Coverage… Autocon 2012, The Alternate Edits…

It’s one of those rare days where you guys are going to see a double update. Fridays tend to be slower than any other week day so these two updates will probably be seen throughout the weekend. I just wanted to take the time to squeeze out some content before things get hectic in the next couple of weeks with events. I’m compiling the final list of participants in my GENERATIONS line-up for Nisei Showoff 2012 so you guys will get a chance to see some of the cars that are involved in this epic showcase. While I am busy working on that, check out some of these photos I got for you below…

I’ve been experimenting with post processing lately and have just been trying to try out some different styles of editing. I for one am not a huge fan of the really dramatic editing styles but it’s fun to occasionally try it out. I doubt I’ll over do anything that crazy with my event coverage photos because it would just take too long to do and my coverage would never make it out in a reasonable time. I often just like to make minor adjustments and clean the photos up a bit. While I like that composite photos and really dramatic photos, I just don’t think it’s a style that suites me. I think that over editing often takes away from the subject matter itself and instead of the viewer studying the car, they are just looking at a photo that’s been heavily edited. That and I don’t really know what I am doing anyway so I’d rather not sit here and try to talk like I know what I’m doing, haha…

Below are just some photos I did for fun while I was working on Autocon coverage. I didn’t even plan on posting them but some of them came out pretty interesting so I thought I’d show you guys. If you don’t like them, just move along and pretend like you never saw them. For those that do end up liking them, thanks for looking and appreciating my work… Oh, there isn’t any consistency in any of the photos because I was messing around with different tones and settings throughout the week and never intended for them to look uniform…

Check back in a bit for the preview of the Nisei Showoff line-up, these photos should eat up some of your wait time while I’m busy trying to figure the list out… Thanks guys.. Click the links below each photo to see a larger version…


Marcus Cooke’s G35 sedan… Larger Version (1400×933)


Daniel Leung’s Subaru STi… Larger Version (1400×933)


Dannie Riel… Larger Version (1400×933)


Ryan and Shaunde Romaine’s Datsun Bluebird… Larger Version (1400×933)


Brian from Mackin Industries’ Evo X… Larger Version (1400×933)


Holly Lee reppin’ Love is Sweet Desserts… Larger Version (1400×933)


More Holly Lee… Larger Version (1400×933)


24K Altstadt I wheels by Wheelflip… Larger Version (1400×933)


Lexus LS460 on VIP Modular wheels… Larger Version (1400×933)


Marissa Hiroko… Larger Version (1400×933)


Ryan Deguzman’s FD3S… Larger Version (1400×933)


SSR/Tanabe USA… Larger Version (1400×933)


Mike, Ryan, and Big Mike… Larger Version (1400×933)


Alexia Cortez… Larger Version (1400×933)


Outlander on TE37s… Larger Version (1400×933)


Boosted Ruckus… Larger Version (1400×933)


Eulises Torres’ S2000… Larger Version (1400×933)


Chris Ortez’s G35 sedan… Larger Version (1400×933)


Tjin Edition Camaro… Larger Version (1400×933)


Holly Lee X Love is Sweet Desserts… Larger Version (1400×933)


Ulysses Aguayo’s RX-7… Larger Version (1400×933)


Teddy Timoteo’s Civic… Larger Version (1400×933)


Black-top 4A-GE w/ITB… Larger Version (1400×933)


Infiniti G35 on WED’s Kranze LXZ… Larger Version (1400×933)


Lexus GS400 from Royal Flush… Larger Version (1400×933)


BMW M5 on Rennen Forged R10… Larger Version (1400×933)


Mike Mao Acura NSX… Larger Version (1400×933)


The winner’s circle… Larger Version (1400×933)

Thanks for looking…

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