The GENERATIONS 2012 Nisei Showoff Line-Up Revealed…


As promised here is the second update of the day, even though it’s pretty late in the evening now. That’s what happens when you have a grouping of 75 Hondas in one line-up at an event. For you guys that have no idea what “GENERATIONS” is or the significance behind it this year at the prestigious Nisei Showoff event, please CLICK HERE to read all about it. I was very happy with the line-up at last year’s Showoff event but this year’s…well…is something totally unprecedented. That’s why you see me plugging it everywhere and telling you guys that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of grouping…because it is. You will never see a collection of Honda builds like this together ever again and there are so many different people and personalities in this group that I doubt I will ever even attempt to get a group of this magnitude together again. I am still in shock that I was able to pull it off for this year’s Showoff…

I am not here to tell you which show to go to. Yes, the Infamous show happens that same day but you already know where I stand. And if you’re a true Honda head, or just a car head in general that has been around to see the import scene grow over the years, then you already know which show you need to be at. This is a group that I have assembled to pay homage to the great builds of the past as well as to give proper credit to some of the best Honda builds today. I’ve also gathered a group of Hondas that I feel will shape the future of our community in the years to come. Below are just under 75 Hondas, all from the past decade or more. Even if you were to spend 5 minutes devoted to each Honda in this line-up, it would take you like 6 hours to get through it, haha. It is truly special and I am honored to be able to present GENERATIONS to you guys. If you were at Nisei last year and was happy to see some of your favorites Hondas from year’s past, just think of the 2012 version of GENERATIONS. The “Present” group actually contains more than enough Hondas that have been around for more than 4-5 years. Some I would even consider putting into the “Past” group, but many of them are still very active so I would consider them to still be a part of the present crop of Honda enthusiasts. Some of these Hondas took quite some maneuvering just to get them out in public again, and some are old builds that have recently been redone. You will even find some Hondas in this line-up that are debuting for the very first time…

I’m not one to bullshit with you guys about something this important. I promise you, this is something you don’t want to miss…

Below is the official confirmed list of enthusiasts who have been hand-picked to be a part of the 2012 GENERATIONS group. I have taken the liberty of not disclosing certain names or vehicles to keep things interesting. This way there is still an element of surprise involved and it will give you guys more incentive to come, not that you really need anymore of that… A week leading up to the event, I may considering unveiling some more of the names but I think it is cool that there are some that you won’t know until the day of when you arrive at the show. I know if I were on the outside looking in, I’d be very interested to see who some of these mystery men are…

The list is divided like this… Owner/Club Affliation/Vehicle. “???” denotes that I have hidden this information from you. “-” indicates that these people are not affiliated with a car crew. Some of you who have been around for a long time probably know who some of these guys are. I will leave it up to you to guess and if you want to make a guess, you can leave a comment….

If you don’t know the names of the people on this list and are just going to the show to check out the line-up, just look for the giant group of Hondas with this decal on their windows…


I had this made specifically for the event and you can even purchase one the day of the show to commemorate the event…

With that said, I sincerely hope that you guys come to Nisei Showoff to check this out. When was the last time you came to a car show and got to see something like this?… August, 11th, 2012 in Downtown L.A. Be there or miss out on history being made…

Past Group

  • ??? /Kyosho Racing / ????
  • ???/ ???? / EG Civic
  • Parnell Navarro/ Kosoku / DA Integra
  • Kane Chan/ Street Image Performance / EJ1 Honda Civic
  • ??? / Macross7 / EF Honda Civic
  • ??? / FFSquad / ????
  • Arn Reyes / Abunai Racing / DC2 Acura Integra
  • ??? / Metrospeed / ????
  • Jason Haradon/ – / DA Integra
  • Jorge Hernandez / ICB Motorsports / EG Civic
  • ??? / Freshdrive / ????
  • ??? / – / Acura Legend
  • Elton Lo / Raceline USA / ????
  • Mike G / Devine Wind / EG Civic
  • Leon Casino / IV Ace / CR-X
  • ??? / – / ????
  • ??? / – / ????
  • ??? / – / ????
  • ??? / – / EF Civic

Present Group

  • Ryan Der / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Anh Truong / ATS Garage / DC2 ITR
  • Chris Sakai / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Jay Powers / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Lisa Powers / ATS Garage / DC2 Integra
  • John Nguyen / ATS Garage / E-AT Civic
  • ??? / ATS Garage / ????
  • David Andrade / DPK / EJ1 Civic
  • Jared Aguila / DPK / S2000
  • J.P. Cao / DPK / EG Civic
  • ??? / DPK / ????
  • ??? / DPK / EM1 Civic
  • Jeremy Duarte / Bandits / DB8 ITR
  • ??? / Bandits / ????
  • Nisa Duarte / Bandits / EK9 Civic N1
  • Jimmy Neitte / Bandits / EG Civic
  • Mike Trevino / Bandits / EG Civic
  • ??? / Bandits / ????
  • ??? / Bandits / del Sol
  • Mark Sutakajana  / FX Auto Design / DB Integra
  • Teddy Timoteo / FX Auto Design / EK Civic
  • Big Mike / Vanguard Collective / BB4 Prelude
  • Michael Mao / Vanguard Collective / NSX
  • ??? / Vanguard Collective / ????
  • Jay Mayuga / – / CL7 TSX
  • Sam Ip Nguyen / Harlots / FA5 Civic
  • Chivas Sotelo / Royal Origin / EM1 Civic
  • Gerald Reyes / Royal Origin / DC2 Integra
  • RC Chacon / RCG / EG Civic
  • Mike Schietroma / ICB Motorsports / EM1 Civic
  • Tom Liang / Tom-Attack / EF Civic
  • Alex Soto / Sheepey Built / DC2 Integra
  • Bisi Ezerioha / Bisimoto Engineering / ????
  • Harvey Flores / Tronics / DB Integra
  • ??? / Tronics / ????
  • Enrique Rosario / – / EG Civic
  • Alex Colon / – / EG Civic
  • Dave Martin / – / DC Integra
  • Frank Garcia / Downstar Inc. / DC Integra
  • ??? / Sportcar Motion / ????
  • Ejay Adriano / Kosoku / DA Integra
  • ??? / Phaze2 / ????
  • ??? / Phaze2 / ????
  • Xuan Py / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR
  • Joseph Bundalian / Raceline USA /DC2 ITR
  • Jay Gerolaga / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR
  • Larry Luster / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR

Future Group

  • Loi Song / Sportcar Motion / ????
  • ??? / Sportcar Motion / CR-Z
  • ??? / – / CR-Z
  • ??? / ???? / ????
  • ??? / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR
  • ??? / Loi-Spec Garage / DB Integra
  • ??? / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR
  • Jayden Lam / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. Did I mention that this is just one portion of what Nisei Showoff has to offer this year? This group is good enough for its own show and there is still much more going on at Nisei. Ken’s been working diligently to make sure that this is one of the best and most memorable Showoff events of all time….. Think about it like this, you can look at stanced-out cars any time at any number of events going on this year and in the future. Something like the GENERATIONS line-up will never happen again. Thanks for looking and see you at Nisei Showoff. Quality and tradition lives.

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