IA Summer 2012…An Early Intermission…

Having some technical difficulties today with Flickr and uploading the new photos…Being that I’m out of time for the day, I’m gonna go ahead and upload the next portion of the IA Summer Meet Coverage late tonight when I get home so you guys get a chance to check out the photos early in the morning. I apologize but I got other stuff I need to take care of and after going over these photos for what seems like the last 8 hours, I need to get out and breathe in some fresh air because my eyes feel like they are going to explode, haha. For now, enjoy a couple of samples of Eric Badis’ IA coverage. Badis has been a boss as far as covering the event and has provided me with some great stuff. Tune in first thing tomorrow to see it. For now, take a look at these and click on the links below for larger ones. If you guys follow The Chronicles on Facebook then you have probably already seen these… Either way, enjoy or enjoy again…


Loved this rear shot… Click here for Larger Version (1400×933)


VH45DE swapped S13 coupe…this thing is pretty bad ass. Too bad I don’t have any other photos of it so far… Click here for Larger Version (1400×933)


Joy Abdalla’s Subaru STi looking amazing as usual… Click here for Larger Version (1400×933)

Back tomorrow with much more… my apologies to everyone…

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