Exclusive Content: Unpublished photos from Mark Sutakajana’s Honda Tuning feature…

Now that the Race Issue of Honda Tuning magazine is officially on newstands, I can toss up these shots from Mark Sutakajana’s HT feature from the previous month. Some of the shots were previously unused and the ones that were I’ve gone ahead and retouched. Think of this I guess as more of an “alternate edit” of the photoset for Honda Tuning. Mark’s Integra is one of my favorites because I’ve always been a huge fan of Integra sedans and also because his is one of the rare fully-functional ones in the country. It is very simple in nature and you wouldn’t assume much of it if you just saw it at a meet, but the motor is actually built and makes very good power for a B20 VTEC set-up. The power is put to use as well as Mark has actually tracked his Integra before. It looks very different now because he’s added a lot of new stuff but when I shot the car for HT, we never expected him to do anything else to the car since it had stayed that way for the last few years. It’s a really nice build overall that has elements of both form and function. Mark isn’t much of a personality online and usually stays to himself but it was cool to finally give him some exposure. He’s always been a supporter of the site too and I often saw him wherever I went and knew all about this car and what it was capable of. Enjoy the photos below and I’ve attached a link to the digital version of his Honda Tuning feature. The photos are really small on the HT site so you’re honestly better off looking at the photos I’ve provided here. Mark has a cool back story on how he came to acquire the car so try to read the feature if you didn’t pick up that particular issue of HT….

Digital Version of Mark’s Feature Here…

As with all my posts of this nature, I’ve attached links to the larger versions of each photo if you guys want to save them or whatever. If you’re going to re-use them, please don’t be a piece of shit and remove my watermark, thanks…Oh, also attached a widescreen desktop image as a bonus at the end…


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)



Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Larger Version (1600×1067)


Behind-the-scenes shot of Mark and his Integra while I was setting up…

Bonus Desktop-sized widescreen image for you guys (1080P)….


Desktop Version (1920×1080)

Thanks for looking guys…

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