Floor Plan For Year.IV….


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Here’s the finalized floor plan layout for Year.IV. It’s pretty self-explanatory. The gold area is where the reserved parking will be for those of you who purchased a VIP spot online, and the rest of the building, minus the red areas (vendors), will be available for you to park for free. So even if you didn’t get a VIP spot in time, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on this event. I appreciate all the support and how everyone has taken the time to read the FAQ above. Nobody has emailed me with stupid ass questions which is always a plus. I’ve had a couple of emails but they were legitimate questions so they were answered accordingly. Some guy was asking about the address of where this is taking place since apparently this was the first time he’s ever heard of the Eibach facility and the address is on the floor plan as well as on the flyer and also on the FAQ…

Please remember to try to keep the place clean. In the past it hasn’t been too bad but last year we had to spend a bit of time picking up trash, particularly in the back and sides of the building. Just because you didn’t reserve a spot up front, it doesn’t mean that you can just dump your trash and your fast food in the bushes. Guys like us who have taken the time to put this event together and make it a great experience for all of you prefer not having to dig into the bushes to pull your trash out. It’s just common courtesy and common sense people. I don’t go to your place dumping shit everywhere so I would expect you to not do the same. All the trash has been what has kept me from wanting to bring food and food trucks to the event. If we could all agree to just look out for one another and keep a hold on the trash, maybe I might even have some food vendors out there for you guys. I’d also like to present NOS Energy Drinks for you guys because we can get a hold of the product through NOS but it’s one of those things where people just fucking drink half of it and leave that shit on the ground or pour it everywhere and the floor gets messed up. This is a working business environment so again, just be reasonable and not do anything lame. No speeding around in the parking lot area either, that’s just stupid…

Oh, and I know some of you guys like to “stunt” and like, cruise through the front area with your cars or whatever the fuck with your homies and try to look cool but jesus, I put cones in place so people can’t drive through there and disrupt the event. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past too but guess what? I grew up. Haha, don’t do that please because you will be ridiculed and humiliated in front of your peers. That and your audio system isn’t as loud as you think anyways so it’s not really that cool. The VIP area is blocked off because I don’t want randoms driving through there. I usually have people keeping an eye on it but if you are in the VIP area and you see fools trying to drive through or move the cones, please tell them not to and go around. I mean, there’s always one or two assholes every year that ends up doing some fucking dumb shit. How about you don’t be that asshole this year okay? Thanks guys.

I love you all but please act like a civilized adult that has done this before. High school is over so there’s no need to peacock and act like a tool. Thanks for the support!! I’ve also added the floor plan to the FAQ above just in case. We are just about a month away from Year.IV and I promise it will be a chill time. Spots are still sold out so please don’t ask me. We are literally at maximum capacity up front. Don’t park on the street and do fucking burnouts and shit. The fuck is wrong with you? Park inside!!

Oh, and if you for whatever reason choose to park outside or somehow get your shit stolen or whatever, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!! I told your ass to park inside already!

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