A lot of you may be unfamiliar with the hashtag-system used on Twitter and Instagram, many of you don’t care, but today, for those of you attending, I would please ask that you document your experience at Year.IV through the social media outlets described and use the hashtag “#yeariv” for all your photos. I know I am usually the one responsible for providing you guys in-depth coverage, but I and the rest of our friends would love to see what you guys come up with at the event today. Please use that hashtag via Instagram preferably so that I can look back at your photos after the event…

It’s a big day! We are celebrating the 4-year anniversary of The Chronicles and I say we close-out 2012 with a bang. There are gonna be some very nice rides out and about and vendors will be providing goods for all of you guys to take home. I appreciate your company so please come out and hang out for a little bit, even if you don’t have a VIP spot. It’s honestly not that big of a deal anyway, it’s just a moment in time where we get to make some memories hanging out with our fellow enthusiast…

I should remind you that it may be a bit hot in Corona, CA today, so please be prepared for some sunlight. I know it has been cooling down lately but still, let’s just be safe and wear the proper attire for a summer-like event. I wouldn’t want you guys being uncomfortable and having to leave as a result of that…

For those of you with VIP spots, please show up on time. I can’t save spaces for people because we are expected a big crowd and for the parking up front to be at capacity…

For those of you WITHOUT VIP spots, PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY!!! There will be plenty of parking inside the venue for you guys so there will be no need to clog the streets and draw unnecessary attention to the event by bringing Corona PD with you. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, park on the street or come early just to hang out and block the streets. This creates a mess for all of us and makes things inconvenient for everyone. There will be plenty of parking AROUND the building INSIDE the venue for you to park your car. Don’t worry about parking the cars outside and thieves and what not. Just keep the cars INSIDE…

One final note for the day, PLEASE come out and show your support for May and her baking venture, GOT CAKES?. She worked her butt off on these cupcakes and cake pops for you guys so please show her some love and purchase a couple of these to snack on. She took time out of her busy work schedule to put these together for everyone and I just want to see her succeed. She’s always been my support system throughout these four years running The Chronicles and it’s only right that we give back to her by showing her some support. We’re all trying to make our mark in this crazy world, she just happens to be doing it for a good cause as well. A big chunk of her proceeds will go to a charitable cause so not only would you be eating delicious treats, you’d also be helping someone in the process…


THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND SEE YOU ALL TODAY! #YEARIV It’s a celebration mothafuckas!!!


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