Style Over Comfort 1-Year Anniversary Event…

Now that we are in the midst of December, there aren’t a whole lot of automotive events going on, even out here on the West Coast. The show season has all but ended and everybody is prepping for 2013. I’ll be honest, things have been pretty boring here as of late, in terms of car stuff anyway, and I’m actually looking forward to getting out to an event to hang out with some friends. This weekend, Style Over Comfort celebrates their 1-year anniversary at the VIP Modular facility for an event that they have dubbed “The Mother Fucken OC Car Mixer”. The guys over at SOC have been a huge help to me this year in 2012 and I’m happy to see their continued success going into 2013. These days, it’s very hard to have a website and/or blog that stands out because there is just an overabundance of them. SOC came into the community with a unique look and really captured the attention of enthusiasts. They have a talented staff running the site and it is good to see that they’ve decided to deliver quality product over all the other mundane content you’re likely to see on other sites…

This weekend is the perfect time for an event because it’s right before the Christmass holidays when everyone is busy doing stuff with their families. For many of us, it’ll be the last time we get to see some of our friends until the new year. Having it this weekend provides us the opportunity to close out the year with other enthusiasts. They’re gonna have vendors on hand, two very popular food trucks to provide food for the event, and it’s gonna be a good time. I’m actually gonna be bringing my car out as well along with DPK and the rest of the Phaze2 guys so come out if you wanna see what we’ve been up to lately. The weather has been pretty perfect lately and not too hot so there won’t be any issues of having to be stuck out in the blazing heat like we’ve done all year…

In any case, here’s the flier with information on the event below. If you support SOC, then I’m sure you guys will already make the effort to come out but if you’ve never heard of Style Over Comfort before, fuck it, why not come hang out? You got nothing to lose and you might even have a good time, right? Everything you need to know is below and if you still want more information, I’ve provided a link to their Facebook event page as well. The event is free as it is a meet if there is any confusion. It’s not a car show or anything, just a gathering of car people to celebrate an anniversary. See you there…

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

VIP Modular Wheels
13331 Garden Grove Blvd, Suite O
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Autofashion, 5&A Dime, , Irons Brand, Canibeat, Motormavens, Vipstylecars, DTA/Rogue Status, Targa Trophy, Function & Form, The Chronicles, Hammed Society, Rywire, Buddah Concept Designs, Oniwagens, We Are Venom, Royal Origin, Team Praxis, BP VIP, It’s JDM Yo!, Phaze2, Outsiders BMX, NOS Energy Drinks & The Condolence Company

Food Trucks:
Dogzilla & Dos Chinos

Here’s a link to their Facebook event page with the latest information…

The Mother Fucken OC Car Mixer: Style Over Comfort 1-Year Anniversart Facebook Event Page…


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