Enter The Devil Wing…

The whole idea of Kei Miura from T.R.A Kyoto/6666 Customs making parts for Hondas isn’t anything new… He’s made some stuff for the EF chassis before as well as the 1st gen. Honda Odyssey, but what is worth mentioning is that’s he’s recently started designing a new wing for the EG Civic hatchback. Kazuhiro Furakawa from OsakaJDM is probably the man to thank for this as he has recently partnered up with Miura-san to create what he has dubbed the OsakaJDM “Devil Wing”. Miura has been coming up with some really cool stuff lately, especially with the new Toyota 86/Scion FR-S Rocket Bunny kit, so the fact that he’s helping to create new aero components for the old 92-95 Civic is really interesting. He’s also the man responsible for all the Supermade aero for Nissans so the man definitely has an eye for unique design cues. Kazuhiro from OsakaJDM is a diehard Honda guy who also has a very unique take on styling for Hondas so the pairing makes sense. Though it may just be a wing in many enthusiasts’ eyes, it’s a step in the right direction. It is because of shops like OsakaJDM that there are new products for older Honda chassis’ still coming from Japan. Sure it’s just a very simple rear spoiler for a Civic but who knows, maybe if it catches on, it’ll motivate Furakawa and Miura to continue to come up with new products for Hondas…


Miura-san scanning the rear hatch/spoiler area of an EG for measurements and general shaping…

Kazuhiro captured these screenshots below and posted them up on his personal FB page to show us what he and Miura have come up with for the conceptual version of the “Devil Wing”….



I like the overall design of the Devil Wing so far. It’s cool because it also still resembles the base of the OsakaJDM EF rear hatch wing…The length of it and how it comes out to met the bottom section of the rear glass is a nice touch as well…


Here’s one more shot of it. I posted up these same photos on The Chronicles Facebook page yesterday to gauge the interest of the general crowd and it seems like people really dig it. It could be the hype behind Kei Miura right now or people may just be excited that there is something new on the market but the response has been great. I don’t really have details on a release date or pricing or any of the sort but from what I’ve seen from Kazuhiro, this wing will indeed be produced and will be available to the public soon. When I get more photos or see a sample of the final product, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.

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  1. I am absolutely digging this design. It conjures some of the C-West design and the J’s design. The BYS is unique, but this is a smart and sexy design. Let those gent’s know there is serious interest Stateside!

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