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***EDIT*** I’ve also attached a video of Ken Suen’s Civic in action at the bottom of the page…Make sure to check it out!

What’s up everyone. Today we’re gonna take a gander at some photos from Modified Magazine’s most recent “Street Car Shootout” event. I don’t I believe I’ve posted coverage of these events in the past but I decided to do so this time around because Loi from Sportcar Motion was nice enough to pass along these photos to me. He goes every year and participates in the festivities and he got a ton of coverage in the process. He sent me about 490 photos or so but I’ve gone through and picked out some of my favorite shots. I don’t really know any of the competitors other than Ken Suen and his red Mugen RR-converted Civic Si, so if you don’t see your car in here, it isn’t anything against you. I just went by which photos were the clearest out of what was given to me…

Below is the official press release for the event by Peter Tarach and Modified Magazine. I can’t reveal the results of this event because they saved everything for print when it comes out at a later date, but I honestly don’t know the results either way because I wasn’t actually there. In any case, check out the rules to get the basic premise of what the event was about and then enjoy the photos below. I’ve taken the liberty of “dressing them up” a little bit and making them more dramatic. Otherwise the shots would seem sort of repetitive….

The Modified Magazine Street Car Shootout is back for another year and being held in the Phoenix, AZ area, with UMS Tuning hosting the dyno competition (March 15th, 2013) and NASA AZ hosting all the on-track action at Firebird International Raceway (March 16th, 2013).

There will be four events that will judge the performance of your car: Dyno + emissions + dB (35 points), Drag (75 points), Autocross (100 points) and Time Attack (100 points). The car with the highest overall score from these four events will win the overall championship. Trophies will also be awarded to the highest scoring FWD, RWD, and AWD cars.

Once again Continental Tire is the title sponsor. Teams will therefore be requiring to compete on Continental Extreme Contact DW summer tires, which come in a wide range of sizes.

The Rules:

    • Your car must be equipped with:
      • OEM windscreen and windows (Lexan or other lightweight glass replacements not permitted).
      • OEM fuel tank (fuel cells not permitted) and unleaded or e85 fuel.
      • OEM lighting (headlights, turn signals, and taillights must all be functional, as is required on a street legal vehicle)
      • A full interior from the front seats forward (aftermarket seats and harnesses permitted. Roll bars and roll cages may be added, but interior trim can only be modified to the extent required to fit these safety items). HVAC and stereo/nav system removal permitted.
      • A full exhaust system (no cut-outs or bypasses permitted), including a functional catalytic converter) and muffler.
    • You may put any driver you want in your car and there is no requirement for the same driver to pilot the vehicle during the 3 timed events. You can, therefore, opt to have a drag racer do the 1/4-mile runs and then swap in a Time Attack driver for that portion of the event. You may also choose to have different drivers pilot your car during the same event (ie. you can have more than one driver make a pass during the drag runs, but your team will still be limited to 3 passes total).
    • You may change the aero, suspension, brake and ECU settings of your vehicle between events in any manner you wish. You can, for example, choose to remove the rear wing for the 1/4-mile runs and put it back on for the Time Attack. Similarly, you can run a high boost map on the dyno and then run a lower boost map for the autocross or time attack events.
    • You are permitted to repair your vehicle between events, but you cannot change major mechanical parts between events unless it’s a necessary repair to complete the competition (you can fix stuff that breaks, but we don’t want teams switching turbos, rear ends, or other major mechanical components between events because we feel that places too much stress on the teams).
  • Continental will be providing the street tires for this event and you will be provided with one set for the entire event.

Got it? Okay. Here come the photos…


Hasport J32 CR-X getting set for the dyno portion of the event…


Their were other events going on the same day which presented a variety of different vehicles, including this EVO…




Ken’s Civic produced some ear-shattering numbers…


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always been a fan of the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest. Everything about them really screams the ’80’s. An old buddy of mine had one that was red as well and we used to go cruising in it all the time. He had a T4 turbo upgrade and everything and we thought that shit was fast as hell….


This particular Starquest featured a GM LSx engine swap….


Strawberry-face S13 coupe from Mak Auto Service…


The field of competitors…


Ken Suen’s RR-converted Civic Si…


Crawford Performance Turbo Subaru BRZ…


Nissan 240SX from Full Race…


20B FD3S RX-7…


BMW E36 M coupe…


Suen in action…


GM LSx Starquest on the move… Love this shot so much I’ve attached a LARGER VERSION (1400px)



Hasport’s V6 CR-X…


Turbo BRZ from Crawford Performance…


Really enjoyed this shot as well… Larger Version (1400px)




Voltex-equipped EVO with AMS 2.3L stroker and 850R turbo kit…


Full Race S14…


20B FD looking perfect in silver…



I guess it can be debated whether or not this car is a true “street car” or not but Ken used to drive this thing to work everyday just like this before picking up a daily. If anything, it’s as much of a street car as any of the other cars in the field… LARGER VERSION HERE (1400px)


Innovative Motorsports Scion FR-S…


Another EVO participant, this one with no aftermarket aero…


One of my favorite shots from this event… LARGER VERSION (1400px)


This one as well… LARGER VERSION (1400px)


Front diffuser meets the floor…


AMS-powered EVO…Loving the classic black on Volk bronze look…


Another of the Innovative Motorsports FR-S…


Functional fitment under the beefy wheel wells of the Starquest… LARGER VERSION (1400px)





Cool shot of the FR-S… LARGER VERSION (1400px)


Ken’s Civic has seen a lot more aero modifications since I shot it for Honda Tuning a year or so back… LARGER VERSION (1400px)


This STi wasn’t a competitor but was on the track for another event…


The EVO from earlier in action with the wild front end aero…


Science of Speed S2000 featuring the J’s Racing GT Widebody kit…


A Corvette also came out to play…



Widebody NA1 NSX with CCW Classic wheels…


HUGE rear wing on this S2000…


One more of the NSX…


E36 with the Hasport CR-X in the distance…


Can’t get enough of this thing…



BRZ and FR-S… I personally prefer the Subaru front end and headlights way more. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen as much of it as the FR-S but if I had to choose, I’d say BRZ…


The three Hondas that participated in the Modified Shootout…





Thanks to this awkward looking guy for the photos….

Here’s some onboard video of Ken Suen and his Mugen RR-converted Civic in action…

And thanks to all of you for looking… Have a good one…

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