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Fuck, I swear, you can’t have anything nice anymore these days. Apparently you can’t even fucking park at The Bellagio in Las Vegas either without getting your shit jacked. Someone had to have seen what was going on here. Vegas is awake 24/7 and I willing to put money on the fact that numerous people saw this going on but didn’t bother to do or say one fucking thing because they would rather not get involved. Knowing how people are, they probably looked the other way and would rather go inside and gamble or drink their lives away. In any case, this is a whole entirely fucked up situation so if you could please help out a fellow car enthusiast, and overall nice guy, please spread the word and share this. We all know that there are cameras inside the hotel parking structure where this occurred. But honestly, unless they care to do anything about it, they probably won’t be much help other than possibly identifying the suspects. Who knows where the parts and shit are gonna end up in that time. Pretty desperate if you ask me, to be down to just gank someone’s shit in an openly public place where there are always people around. Anyways, please help out and get the word out there. I hate when shit like this happens….


Contact the parties via Instagram or email/contact me with any leads or information. Thanks everyone.

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  1. Crazy.. I just saw posts of this car at a get together like two days ago via instagram. Two of my buddies had their cars stolen in he last 3 weeks here in Cali. Shits getting hot! #fuck thieves!

  2. i see those wheels in craiglist today

  3. DAM sucks, my brothers s2000 seats were stolen from the Caesars a few months back, you would think the casinos would have a secure parking garage

  4. The car & part theft ring in Vegas is TERRIBLE right now!! Everyone be careful! Saw this car two days before theft! Looked beautiful! I am hating this city more and more! Buddy’s 240 got stolen two weeks before this! VIPER needs to crackdown on this theft ring….Before I do!!!

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