THE ARCHIVES: Jason Deang’s Honda Civic from HCI Magazine Feb. 2007….

Today on this Monday edition of THE ARCHIVES, we’re going to take a quick leap back into time to take a look back at Jason Deang’s Honda Civic build. This car was originally shot by Gene Tjin in late 2006 and didn’t run until February of 2007. PlusONE was a very popular car crew during that period and one of the more recognizable cars from that time was Deang’s Civic. The color and the blue on the Mugen NR10s that he had really made the car pop but from what I remember, I always recognized Jason’s car at shows because he was one of the few guys going with a J’s Racing theme at that time. J’s is really popular now because they’ve really made an effort to push their product in the U.S. in the last couple of years but back then, it wasn’t exactly common to see J’s Racing stuff floating around. You’d see it on some S2000 builds but even then, many weren’t familiar enough with it to even realize what it was. 2007 doesn’t even sound like that long ago but shit, if you think about it, we’re going on 7 years now since that time. I never knew Jason personally but it’s cool to be able to go back and look at some really clean builds. The car wasn’t anything crazy, it was just a nice build during much simpler times in our community. There was no K-swap or anything under the hood of this Civic. Just a turbocharged LS with a nicely cleaned up engine bay. The interior was like the outside, very minimalistic, with just seats and some interior add-ons. There’s a roll bar in there but there’s no crazy custom fabrication. Overall, it was just a cool car. It had a nice paint job so it popped and it ended up looking really good in HCI Magazine. Even if I didn’t get a hold of these original photos from Gene, I think this would still be one of the features that I remember because I think this was some of Gene’s better work. That and it was shot at a pretty familiar location in Northern California. Numerous cars have been shot there in the past and even I’ve been to some photoshoots that took place there…

Once again, thanks to Gene Tjin for making this possible. This dude had a ton of shit that he just mailed to me recently and I’m trying to find the time to go through all of it. It’s safe to say that THE ARCHIVES Series isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Hope you guys enjoy it because there’s plenty more to come. As usual, click on the photos if you want to check out higher-resolution versions. Please don’t alter them in any way or reuse them for personal gain. These photos are pretty dated and exclusive only to The Chronicles via the expressed permission of Gene Tjin…















Thanks for looking!…

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  1. Happy to see more photos of this build. I remember seeing one photo of it a long time ago, loved everything about it! Loving The Archives!

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