Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve actually been busy moving out of my apartment into a new place and that has occupied a majority of my time. All this moving has me going back and forth from place to place that I haven’t even had the time to come by the office to get any work done. Things in general have been a bit slow lately regardless while everyone is gearing up for the show season to begin. Even in Japan things seem to be slow. A majority of the car guys overseas that we typically keep up with are all gearing up for the first ever Wekfest Japan event. They seem pretty excited about it and from some build photos I’ve seen, these guys are taking this show seriously and really want to make a good showing. I look forward to the event and back at home, I’m looking forward to seeing what Autocon L.A. and Wekfest L.A. have to offer. The annual Eibach Honda event is coming up in a couple months too but that is always good so I can’t wait for that…

Other than moving, I’m waiting on the shipping tubes to come in for the first ever Series 1 prints before I send them out. I really don’t want them to get damaged so I made sure to get some really sturdy shipping supplies to make sure that they get to their new owners safely. The next couple weeks will be pretty busy too since I have to start devoting a majority of my time into working on the annual Super Street “Honda Issue” as well as completing work for Honda Tuning. My private office can always use some new stuff and re-organizing as well so my time is going to be occupied pretty much. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this slow week. I’ll get some more content going very soon, I just need to find some time to knock it out. Thanks everyone.

If you don’t know, there are some new decals available on The Chronicles Official Storefront. Check it out now HERE and grab some gear. Thanks again!!…

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  1. With regards to how much awesome reading you’ve put out in the past i dont see any problem with a bit of a pause. Makes me get out and fix my car more :p Trying to get a place to live myself and i can understand how much time and effort that takes. Greetings from Norway

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