HKS Premium Day & Custom Car Carnival 2014 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

Welcome back to Part 2 of 2 of the HKS Premium Day 2013 Coverage. Hope you guys enjoy Part 1 and all the variety that it offered. The HKS Premium Day event in year’s past was dedicated more to high-powered EVOs, STIs, and Skylines but the addition of the Custom Car Carnival in ’14 has introduced this event to an entirely new audience. I think this is a step in the right direction and will help to bring in a much broader range of enthusiasts in the future. There was already a ton of great stuff to look at in the past but the introduction of a car show/meet helps to give enthusiasts that feeling that they are really a part of the event and not just there as spectators. This is one of the most respected and successful aftermarket tuning companies in the history of the worldwide tuning community and I wish them continued success. Maybe next year I’ll be able to get out there to participate in the event but I’m happy to have great people represent me over there in my absence and we will continue today with the second half of the coverage provided to you by our friends from Tactical Art…

If you missed yesterday post that documents Part 1 of our HKS Premium Day Coverage, click the link below to check it out. Yasutaka really outdid himself this time and provided some great photos…

HKS Premium Day & Custom Car Carnival 2014 Coverage…Part 1 of 2…

Moving right along…


Top Secret R35 GTR lurking in the paddock…


Outside was the Top Secret Toyota 86 with Rocket Bunny aero kit wearing traditional Top Secret Gold….


Garage Mak Z33 Fairlady running a HKS GTS8550 Supercharger and Enkei RS05RR wheels….


JUN Auto’s Subaru BRZ with INGS+1 aero…


Nobuteru Taniguchi’s old HKS IS340-Z Max drift car that has since been retired and was on display with a gallery of other HKS builds from past and present…


Varis EVO X parked and waiting for its next session on the legendary Fuji Speedway…


Keisuke Morita’s Scion FR-S representing The Chronicles….


Atsuki from Tactical Art is a man of few words so it was interesting to see this shot of him on the microphone in front of a crowd…..


Garage Mak Z on the track…


HKS Varis Kamikaze GTR….


Not everyone was able to leave the HKS Premium Day in one-piece but thankfully no one was hurt….


Mike Garrett from Speedhunters and Bank Aie-ki from Streetmetal got together for a quick photo…


Interesting L.E.D. taillight treatment on this FD3S on Advan Racing wheels…


Arvou’s S2000 democar that you guys saw not too long ago here on The Chronicles during my visit to their shop…


HKS GT Supercharger kit on the Arvou S2K…


Wearing Powerhouse Amuse Legalo Face aero and new Advan Racing GT wheels….



Another boosted S2000, this one with a J’s Racing front bumper…


One more of N.O.B.’s HKS IS340Z….


Powerhouse Amuse R35 GTR rocking the brand new Volk Racing TE37 Ultras. Love the fact that you can get the traditional concave face of a TE on the 19 and 20-inch TEs now….


Epic shot of the Esprit NSX on jacks in the paddock of Fuji Speedway….


Garage Mak widebody S15 Silvia….


FD3S RX-7 from ProShop Fukuoh…


Top Fuel S2000RR circuit attack vehicle….


Yashio Factory’s Nissan 180SX with complete “Yashio Look” widebody aero kit….


Skyline tuning heaven at HKS Premium Day 2014…



Toshihiko Nishizaka’s turbocharged EK Civic running massive front fender flares that house aggressive Kosei K1 wheels up front. In the rear are 16×8 factory R32 Skyline wheels, which are a popular choice of wheel to run for many 5-lug Honda track guys in Japan. Sorry, I wish I knew more about this car as I too would love to know more. For now these are the only shots I have and Sean from Narita Dog Fight actually has quite a few more. CLICK HERE to check it out…



Racing Presley Honda Integra Type R with rarely seen Crowhouse (NOT White Crow) front bumper, front fenders, and C-West GT wing…


V36 Nissan Skyline converted to resemble a USDM Infiniti G37 coupe seated on aggressive Work Emotion CR-Ultimates…


Junya Nakata’s ER34 Skyline repainted in Millenium Jade, which is a rare color that originally was only available on the Skyline V-Spec II NUR model…


Keisuke Morita announcing the award winners from the HKS Custom Car Carnival car show competition…


A group photo of the winners which included both Nakata as well as the owner of the V36 Skyline/G37….



Closing it out with a couple more shots of Nakata’s ER34 Skyline. This Skyline actually looks very simple but there is much more going on than meets the eye. Not only has it been repainted, but it also has a BNR34 GT-R V-Spec coupe front end conversion. The rear looks wider than your average ER34 because Junya has also grafted in the widened rear quarters from a BNR34 coupe onto his sedan. The overall product is a much wider, much more aggressive Skyline sedan that is essentially his interpretation of a 4-door Skyline V-Spec II NUR. The wheels, if you were wondering, are Advan GT wheels…

Well, that concludes the coverage of HKS Premium Day 2014. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to Yasutaka Shimomukai for the photos as always and thanks to all of you for taking the time to look through this!…

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  1. Poor FRS looks like it had a hardship. NSX looks monsterous along with the charged s2k. Crazy to see so much advan rubber everywhere. Good shit joey!

  2. always saw nakata out at daikoku and tatsumi. never got tired of seeing his car

  3. Those are some sweet cars, especially the Nissan GT-R. Go to and leave a question on my Hot Wheels forum!!

  4. That crowhouse bumper on the DC2.. soooo good!

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