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I’ve been making steady improvements to my private office and shop lately. For those that don’t know, my homie Mikeyyyy and I decided to get our own spot a couple months ago so that I could have an office separate from my home and so Mikey can operate his side business. Not only was this spot a good idea because we both needed office space, it also allowed us to store our cars under one roof as well. Mikey has a bunch of cars and I got tired of leaving my Q45 outside all the time so it was just best to keep everything in one place. We didn’t go into it with any expectations but things have really fallen into place and the spot actually came out really cool. We are still in the process of moving things around to get it to where we ultimately want it but so far, I’m really happy with it. I just like being able to have a space where I can pretty much do whatever I want, whether it be with work, The Chronicles, or messing with cars. A lot of the really close friends come by from time to time to watch TV or just hang out so this office space has turned into a cool social spot. Once everything is in place, I’ll take some better photos of it to show you guys since we honestly do have some pretty unique stuff in here. It’s not open to the public so I think the photos are the best way to describe the place to you all in detail. For now, I gotta finish up packing a bunch of orders to send out so I gotta get back to work. In the mean time, thanks for the support and updates with new content are forthcoming….

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    I can not wait till I have a space like this for my projects. The owner of one of my favorite car blogs has a new space for his projects, and its looks like a very nice start to a project area. I am anxious to see how my shoulder is when it heals proper, if this arthritis still affects it I better start looking for jobs I don’t have to do to much heavy lifting, or hurry and go back to school for something that will pay me enough to make autos a hobby and not a career. Though maybe I should learn how to design cars… Anyway, can’t get nice work spaces with out nice jobs xD!

  2. Love your work man I admire what you do and congrats on everything lol

  3. Anymore pics of that E30? That thing looks amazing.

  4. Man i think having a storage unit is dope… this, is legiiiiitttt

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