Spocom Anaheim 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Spocom is a show I look forward to every year. It always seems to be a very consistent show with a good amount of models and high-quality automotive builds. There doesn’t seem to be much change from year to year but it really doesn’t need it. The turn-out is always really good because it is held in the right time of year, and more importantly, it’s held indoors. These days, there are so many events to go to out here in Socal during the summer time that you appreciate shows like Spocom because it is held inside away from the heat. The series has always been held to a very high-standard and I think people associate it with quality. That’s why you always see the biggest car crews come out for the show and as a result, you get to see some really good cars…

Originally, we had planned to bring more cars out ourselves to display at Spocom but there is just so much going on lately that we just slept on registering for spots. A couple spots opened-up later through our friends but it was already a little too late so we didn’t have time to prep our cars. Still, Mikey and a couple of the others were able to display with vendors so we decided to spend the entire day at the show just to hang out. Shows like these can run sort of long some times but I always have a good time there because I get to catch-up with a lot of friends who I don’t get to see too often these days. Jobs and hectic schedules tend to dictate when we have free time to chill now so car shows give us a few hours to reconnect…

Being that this was an indoor show, I did most of my coverage early before the gates opened to the public. It helps to take photos early because I like to do long-exposure stuff on a tripod to make sure everything comes out clear. With people walking around, they tend to get into the shots and just ruin the photos altogether. The show didn’t start until 4 pm so I had ample time to get what I needed. We even went out and grabbed lunch before I started shooting around 3 pm. As with most Socal car shows, you’ve seen many of these cars multiple times already in the last couple of months so I just captured the cars that really caught my eye. There seemed to be a much better turnout car-wise but there wasn’t enough time for me to take pictures of everything. Not that I would anyway, otherwise, there would be like 10 parts because of the sheer volume inside the Anaheim Convention Center. It isn’t too big of a venue but they really try to squeeze as many cars as they can in there, which is completely fine by me. I got a total of two parts to this series and then I gotta head out to Norcal this weekend for the annual Blox event. I’m looking forward to seeing some Norcal builds on the eve of the Wekfest Norcal event, which is regarded as THE biggest show of the year. Things are certainly picking-up so I gotta find the time to go through it all…

Enjoy the Spocom Anaheim 2014 photos by your’s truly….



Always wanted to get better shots of SquadOne Roy’s beautifully-done Hakosuka Skyline. Seems like every time I see this car there is a huge crowd around it so I made sure to make this car my first stop when I started doing coverage…

Love the beefy Toyo R888 rubber and deep-dish RS Watanabe wheels…


Not too far away from Roy’s Skyline was an R34 Skyline GT-R so I thought it was fitting to squeeze them both into the frame…


Funny how when I posted a photo of this BNR34 on Instagram, people started arguing with me about it trying to tell me that it was an R32 Skyline GT-R with an R34 front end conversion, knowing obviously that I was standing right in front of the fucking car itself. Not only is it an R34 GT-R, it’s also an incredibly rare BNR34 Skyline N1 model, which was a limited race model without A/C, radio, etc. This particular one at the show even had air jacks on it. Crazy….


James from Floss Designs’ Porsche 997 GT3. Love the new wheel set-up with the Toyo tires….


Phaze2 Mizzark’s BMW M5 on Airrex suspension, 19-inch Leon Hardiritt Ordens, and Enlaes Gruppe front lip….


Michael Mao’s NSX which you’ve seen countless amount of times here on The Chronicles. Not a whole lot left to say about this NSX that hasn’t been said already…


Full Junction Produce JZS147 Lexus GS from Endless Projects….



Finally was able to get some better shots of my friend John Liwanag’s freshly redone Junction Produce Lexus GS400 equipped with a Vortech supercharger…


Autofashion Elroy’s 147 GS is a rare sight, but he decided to bring it out for display at Spocom Anaheim…



Jessica Pabros’ Black Pearl Complete Lexus GS350 from Endless Projects. Love the airbrush treatment on the engine covers under the hood….


Silas Lee’s JZA80 Toyota Supra on Work Meister S1R….


Ojay Bayang’s grape Avanzare Toyota Previa VIP build…


Really liked this Mercedes CLS with gold-plated HRE wheels and Lamborghini brakes. The interior was insane on this car. Obviously I should have captured it but I think someone was talking to me at the time and got me distracted…


9th gen. Accord coupe on Airrunner suspension and AG wheels…


Lexus 2GS wearing a new Aimgain Generation VIP Style Anniversary aero kit. The Generation kit is similiar to their Cygnus kit but is slightly more aggressive. Wheels are Fabulous Profound…


Kevin Falk’s Y34 M45 representing Liberty VIP car club…


SquadOne’s multiple award-winning Lexus LS430 re-emerged recently with a brand new blue vinyl wrapped body….


One of my favorites from the Spocom event was this 2GS from SquadOne. This build overall is pretty amazing, from the custom interior with the re-wrapped Recaro seats, custom trunk, and refinished Leon Hardiritt Biels. Most remarkable about it is that the glossy red paint was done all inside a garage….You wouldn’t know by looking at it in person because the quality of it is so good…


Fabulous Profound wheels look great with a 3-piece lip. They should have released the wheels originally like this in the first place….


Audi A4 1.8BT on 24K gold-plated VIP Modular VXS-110 wheels….



Chris Ortez’s Infiniti G35 sedan that I must have shot from every single angle by now. Love this car and really like that it continues to evolve…


Only G35 that I know of with complete Roberuta air suspension….



Fabrizzio Vliches’ Vortech-supercharged G coupe…


Vertex-kitted Zenki S14 on Work Emotion CR-Kiwami…


Tommy Ha’s full ASM-themed AP2 S2000 from Go-Tuning Unlimited…


Awesome 1st gen. Toyota Celica coupe with over fenders and Riverside Riverge wheels…


Traditional exterior oil cooler set-up on this Toyota Corona coupe…


Bagged widebody Mitsubishi EVO from Royal Flush…



Nice duo of BMW 2002s….


S2000 running an ASM front bumper, Spoon Sports front fenders, and rear over fenders….



Angel Torres’ Jackson supercharged K-swapped Civic hatchback with First Molding Flugel Plate and 15×8 Volk TE37SL…


EVO with full Voltex aero kit, Endless BBK, and Volk Racing CE28RT…


Mugen EP3 Civic hatchback on brightly polished (Maybe fully-chromed?) Mugen MF10…

Gonna jump into some model coverage now since they are always a big part of the Spocom series. I’ll try my best to remember all their names but I’ll probably forget some, sorry. Photos are courtesy of Tony Lee from It’s JDM Yo!!. He scouts models like I scout cars so I trust his picks…


Gina Darling, who you probably know from the “Roll Models” YouTube series….



Constance Nunes, the new spokesmodel for It’s JDM YO!!!…


Janey B for Toyo Tires….


Chaba doing her signature pose….


Sally Miakior…


Gina Darling changed later…


I believe this is Jenni Tran….


Janis True…



Jenn Q….



…and closing it out with a bang with a couple of the amazing Ana Cheri….

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for looking!…

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  1. Dallus Tung from TWC actually has a the Roberuta/Top Secret Suspension system also.

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