Offset Kings Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

Ready for more wild builds from Japan? Here we go. Like Parts 1 and 2, this post is filled with a ton of variety and a little bit of something for everyone to appreciate. Thanks to Koji Karimata for getting such great photos. Not too much to say today so I’ll let the photos and captions tell the story for you….

OFFSET KINGS JAPAN from Fuji Speedway

PHOTOS by Koji Karimata aka “KaRy”


Missed the previous two parts of this coverage? Never fear, the links are below so you can view them….

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…and below is the third and final installment of this three-part series…



Bagged Civic Shuttle from SOUTHSIIIIDE Auto Customs. This build carries a very “Hawaiian-inspired” appearance and I really dig the bronze/gold finish on the Work Equip 03….


Toyota Mark X on Work Meister S1 3-piece, looking a lot like my buddy Masashi Kameoka’s previous Mark X…


“Low Fellow” BMW E46 sedan on SSR Professor SP3…



People all over the world are fascinated with all things low, as evidenced by this slammed R32 Skyline that is sure to create some debate…


Rare to see really well-done Z32 builds here in the states but they are still pretty popular in Japan. They were available much longer overseas so they are much more abundant there and you’ll often see these on the Tokyo Wangan. The one you see above is a fine example of how to really execute a Z32 tastefully. I believe the aero kit is from MISSION….


Brand new SSR Professor SP4 wheels looking great on this Subaru wearing a Varis aero kit…


Flat-black widebody Subaru WRX STI….


GF8 Subaru wagon on rarely seen Bridgestone B.I.M Zeit wheels…


This Accord sedan on Vossen wheels is something that you’d likely see not only in Japan, but also in the U.S. as well…



Of all the Rocket Bunny aero kits out for various makes and models, by far, my favorite is this newly-released widebody kit for the FD3S RX-7. I think the kit just flows really well with the FD because of how round the body is from the factory. Everything just seems more streamlined compared to some of the other RB kits for cars that are a little more squarish and boxy. Sometimes the flares are just too round for some cars. (See E36 RB/Sarto Racing kit)…..


NA1 NSX with NA2 front bumper that you’ve seen various times on this site previously. This NSX is also static like this and is not on bags….


Simple S13 Silvia coupe on SSR Longchamp XR4. Rear quarters look to have molded blister fenders….


RPS13 180SX Type-X on Volk Racing TE37SL. Absolutely love the Type-X aero and if I were to ever build an S13 hatchback, I’d probably elect to just have the JDM OEM Type-X kit with flares…


Zenki S14 Silvia rocking a set of magnesium RS Watanabe wheels…


S15 Silvia dubbed “Red Queen” with full GP Sports kit and polished Work Emotion XT7….


It’s always awesome to see my site represented on cars that I am not familiar with or rarely see. This Honda Elysion looks great on Work Gnosis wheels and is representing both and Rywire proudly on the front windshield…


Another Honda Elysion MPV, this one appears to be boosted, which would be pretty cool to see since these come with both the K24 engine or the V6 J-series motor….


I guess you could say this V35 Skyline GT coupe was “USDM-styled” with its Infiniti front grille and Work Gnosis CV202 wheels…


At first glance, you’d probably think “oh cool, Spoon decided to bring their EK out for the show”…but…


…upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly realize that this is a Spoon replica EK Civic. A really good replica at that. The graphical livery looks spot-on other than the addition of some other non-Spoon related aftermarket decals along the side. The dead giveway is the XXR wheels and overall ride height. Would look amazing without the XXRs but eh, it’s not my car….


N-Style Custom Toyota Soarer which you previously saw on Volk TE37SL. Current wheels look to be refinished SSR Agle Strusse….


Takumi Simano’s Toyota Mark II with N-Style flares over widened front fenders to house Volk TE37V. Not sure what aero it has. They make so many different kits for this chassis and they all look very similar….


N-Style Custom JZX100 Chaser also running their signature flares like that on the Mark II above….


I always really liked the JZX100 Chaser, Mark II, and Cresta chassis. They’re incredibly popular in Japan, particularly in the drifting community because they come with the same 2JZ-GTE motor that comes in the Supra and offer a ton of aftermarket parts for it. Sedans in general are far more popular in Japan than here in the States so it makes perfect sense to build a 4-door Supra….



N-Style Custom GRS180 Toyota Crown boasting a 2JZ-GTE swap, GT3040 turbine, and wild three-tone paint….



N-Style Custom also brought out this Nissan Y32 Cima with a fully-built, stroked 2.7L, RB26DETT engine swap. Transmission is a 5-speed manual swap from an RB25 and powered via HKS F-Con V-Pro. Outside, it features a full Sessions kit and white SSR Professor SP1…


JZS177 Toyota Crown from N-Style Custom. Judging by the Y32 Cima next to it, this thing probably has a crazy fully-built motor swap as well…


N-Style Custom JZA80 Toyota Supra with built 2JZ motor and T88-34D turbo…


JZA70 Supra carrying styling reminiscent of the late 80s when this car reigned supreme….


SXE10 Altezza with complete T&E Vertex kit and white Work Emotion CR-Kai wheels…


FD RX-7 Spirit-R. At this angle I can’t really tell what rear flare it is an what type of front fenders it has….


Aggressively “fitted” Z33 Fairladys are popular all over the world….



Mitsumori’s “Baby Face” AE70 Corolla Sprinter SE coupe with 4A-GE swap and individual throttle bodies. Interesting touch adding the green vinyl strips to the SSR Longchamp XR4s…



AE86 Levin with a newer 20-valve 4A-GE swap and individual throttle bodies….


R34 Skyline GTS-T running a URAS front lip attached to a modified OEM front bumper….


NB Eunos Roadster on Work Equip 03….



Flared NA Eunos Roadster on wide RS Watanabe wheels. Love the dark green on the orange and the carbon front lip matched with the rear diffuser….



Never get tired of seeing classic Mazda Savanna GT coupes, especially when they are mint like this one with classic SSR MKII wheels….


Opposite of the classic Mazda Savanna is a current day Mazda Atenza wagon on Airrex suspension….



Closing this series out with a couple shots of Oka’s FC3S Savanna on Rotiform wheels. Big fan of this simple build….

That’s a wrap on Offset Kings Japan. Thanks for looking!!!

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  1. Some of the cars are too damn clean. By the way. 1jzvvti yo!

  2. both of those corollas had 20v 4age. and if you go by looking at the cam covers, that ae86 Levin had the older “silvertop” and the ae70 has the newer “blacktop” 4age.

  3. I’ve managed to somehow come back to the article again. Always love your articles.

    I’m sure it’s a misprint, but JZX100, or any JZX for that matter don’t come with 2JZ-GTEs. So they aren’t 4-door supra’s. They never have come with a turbo 2J. They did come with a 2J-GE at some point. But they have been awesome since the JZX80 because they came with the 1JZ-GTE then eventually the 1JZ-GTE VVTi motor which would be in these JZX100s. Much better than the 2J in my opinion. 😛 At least in sound. HAHA.

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