BLOX Evolution 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

What’s up everyone. I actually got some stuff to take care of before the weekend, including packing and shipping a bunch of merchandise orders, so I’m gonna go ahead and unload Part 2 for you guys to check out. Today, we’re going to pick up right where Part 1 left off inside the building of the BLOX Evolution event. The venue definitely made for some great, dramatic, photos. I spent some more time inside and captured whatever caught my eye before I eventually made my way outside to check out the rest of the show. One of the great things about going to downtown San Francisco is that it stays pretty consistently cool out there. Socal is hot as fucking balls right now so I was happy to get away and be able to enjoy a nice breeze. It was still sunny but it wasn’t unbearable like it has been lately down here. There wasn’t a need for me to retreat to the shade so I spent a huge portion of my time at the show outside. I was told that the inside of the building provided the best quality of builds but I gotta say, the outside had some really cool stuff as well. Overall, BLOX delivered some great cars and it was refreshing to see some builds that I hadn’t seen before…

If you missed Part 1, simply continue scrolling down to find the previous post or click the link below to be taken directly to it…

BLOX Evolution 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Here’s the second portion of coverage, enjoy….


Speed Element’s Rocket Bunny Version 1 Scion FR-S bagged on Airrex suspension. Love that they went with the duckbill spoiler instead of the more aggressive RB rear wing…



Powerhouse Amuse GT widebody AP2 S2000 with bronze Volk Racing CE28N….


Lexon-equipped Lexus IS on MTechnica Directional wheels….


Always really liked the green/gold color combo on this widebody Evolution….


Rarely seen R33 Skyline GT-R on WED’s Sport wheels….


Subaru WRX STI with Japanese Mature aero and new Rays Gram Lights wheels in their matte blue finish…


Also on a new set of Rays wheels, these being the new Volk Racing G25 wheel, was this BMW F30 sedan….


R35 GTR on Advan Racing GT wheels….


It’s always good to see BNR32 Skylines. This stock-bodied R32 was on Magnesium Blue TE37SL….


Varis widebody Subaru WRX STI from Speed Element….


Voltex-kitted pig nose Subaru WRX flared with red MTechnica mesh wheels….


Awesome to see the growing popularity with the Japanese Ridox aero kit (produced by Varis) lately for the JZA80 Supra. One of the best-looking kits available for this chassis…



Angel’s K-supercharged EG has been out and about everywhere this year. Great to see that he’s allotted his build the maximum amount of exposure it deserves….

After exploring the inside of the building, I made my way outside to see what the outer area of the show had to offer….


Integra on Spoon SW388 wheels and APR rear wing along with an APR carbon front splitter….


JDM ITR front-end converted Integra on Volk CE28….



One of my favorite Norcal Integra builds is this F20B-swapped DC with an incredibly well-done engine bay and CCW D11L wheels….


Aggressive front aero on this Subaru WRX STI rocking fender flares and deep-lipped Work Meister S1 wheels with a teal face….


The Higgins-Buitl EF Civic is also one of the better Honda builds that exists in the Northern region of California. Simply love this thing and how subtle it is….



The engine bay is incredibly well-done. Note the individual throttle bodies and the 1320 Performance exhaust manifold…


Civic coupe sitting on aggressive rear-staggered 2-piece Work Meister S1 wheels…



Ferio-inspired Civic sedan build with Mugen Ferio front lip and rare Rays Garcia Tune Speed Choppy wheels…


AP2 with ASM (ASM-style?) front bumper and BBS LM….


What was a bit puzzling about this RX-8 build to me was why it was running Nissan Z32 brakes up front and why this driver’s side is flipped backwards. Almost as if the owner was running the same caliper on both sides. Odd, is this some sort of common brake swap for RX-8 owners?….


FA5 Civic with JDM FD1 Civic front end conversion….


Rootbeer-toned ZF1 CR-Z on air suspension and Neochrome-coated Gram Lights wheels on one side and Neochrome TE37s on the driver’s side…


I gotta say, I’m pretty happy that these Enkei RS05RR wheels are starting to pop-up here in the states….


Subaru WRX hatchback bagged on 3-piece Work Meister wheels. Very similar wheel set-up to Vinh from Royal Origin’s Subaru….


This Subaru sedan right next to it was also bagged on Meisters, but these are the newer S1R wheels…



I believe this Subaru WRX STI won “Best Subaru” at the BLOX Evolution event….


Volk Racing ZE40s are definitely the new big wheel to be introduced in 2014. I fucking love these things. These will probably end up being the new TE37 once Rays starts making them in smaller sizes….


Another shot of the Higgins-Built EF with EF9 SIR front end and 15-inch Regamaster EVO….



Awesome engine bay work on this Zenki S14. The wheel tubs look great and the bay looks just about perfect. All it needs is some custom brake lines and it’ll really finish off this great bay….


Z34 370Z running a carbon Varis front lip and gloss black/satin black Work Meister S1 wheels with gold hardware….


This Subaru WRX wagon was pretty badass. I don’t really like the whole idea of bagging a STI or EVO but the WRX Wagons I don’t mind so much. They look great, especially with custom flares like like and BBS RS wheels mounted to a fat lip….


BB6 Prelude with GReddy front lip and white Work Emotion wheels. I saw this car after I left the BLOX event later and I believe this is own by a woman…


I’m starting to really like the 9th gen Civics. I still don’t think they can be built in the same fashion as some of the older 90s Hondas but you can still make them look really good by putting a nice set of wheels on them. This Civic sedan was on SSR Professor SP1…



Closing-out for the day with this CT Engineering supercharged FA5 Civic with full Mugen RR-style conversion and gold CCW D11 wheels….

That’s all for today. Thanks for looking an make sure to come back for Part 3 of 3….

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