BLOX Evolution 2014 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

Happy Monday all. Today, I got some more BLOX Evolution coverage for you to stare at while you’re not doing anything at work. There aren’t a ton of photos left, but the builds you’ll see in this post are some more of better Honda builds that were parked in the outside section of the show. There were a lot of good cars that day and I’m pretty happy that I decided to make the one-day trip up to check it out. I’m not gonna lie, I woke up that morning and there was maybe a couple seconds in-between my fumbling around to turn my alarm off and opening my eyes where I kinda wanted to just stay in bed, haha. Good thing my boy Keith decided to go with me, otherwise I think I might have just laid there and slept a couple more hours…

I met up with him that morning all confident that he had gotten more sleep than I did and I thought I could trick him into driving the entire time, haha, but he actually got about as much sleep as I did and neither of us were in any condition to make the drive to San Francisco….The solution? We ate Breakfast McMuffins from McDonald’s so that the urge to want to poop from eating greasy sausage would keep us awake for the drive. It was pretty fucking brutal…. Actually, the drive up to Norcal seemed like a breeze compared to the drive home. I thought the morning drive would be tough but, damn, the drive home was terrible. We were both so beat up and tired from being at the show all day, as well as making the drive earlier that morning, that we both were fighting auto-pilot in the car on the way back. I think we stopped like 4-5 times just to switch back and forth so we could each muster at least some sort of energy to keep us awake. I don’t recommend the drive from Socal to Norcal, back to Socal, all in one day. It’s rough man, especially on less than three hours sleep. Just imagine the drive one-way is already six hours, and then you spend six hours at the show, and another six driving back. Fuck, now that I’m typing it all out it seems WAY worse. I can’t believe I made the trip before by myself and even shot a car after the BLOX meet in 2012. What the fuck was I thinking. Next year I will probably end up doing the same thing. Maybe I’ll try to sleep the night before though and not eat McDonald’s for breakfast. Well, maybe McDonald’s. McMuffins are the only thing that keeps me going back to McDonald’s. Everything else scares me there….

But I digress….

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Below is the conclusion of the Blox Evolution 2014 coverage. Enjoy…



Jorge Sandoval’s K-swapped Civic that was featured in Import Tuner magazine a couple years ago. He actually tracked his car this year and also managed to destroy his kevlar First Molding lip. Looks like he went and got himself another one already and you’d never suspect anything happened to the car…



Ivan Rodriguez’s EJ1 Civic coupe with J’s Racing front lip, front fenders, Top One rear spoiler, and carbon front splitter….



Dustin McQueary’s Honda Tuning magazine-featured DA Integra on Work CR-01 wheels is probably one of the best, well-rounded DA builds out in 2014. The build itself is very “current” but you can also tell that Dustin has drawn a lot of inspiration from the better West Coast Honda builds of yesteryear….



Nicely done right-hand drive Civic coupe from CITYSTARS of Central Cali…..



This red hatchback, also from CITYSTARS, had a really nicely-executed engine bay with a single cam motor attached. Love the custom brake line work and the modified shock towers. Also a nice touch with the tucked radiator. You don’t even really notice it until you really look for the radiator. Overall, nice work, but I do have to admit that removing the air intake and just rocking a raw throttle body is sort of “cheating” when you want to show off a clean bay….


This DA Integra looked like it was straight out of the mid-90s with the old school Gales wheels and front OEM bra….


Clean white EK on Rays Gram Lights wheels. Thanks for the support and rocking Stickydiljoe on your windshield….



Awesome to see a Civic rocking a set of rarely-seen 16-inch Advan Kreuzer Series XII-i wheels. These were made specifically in 4×100 bolt pattern for the compact car market and just never really caught steam here in the U.S….



Pretty crazy to see some of my old CB Accord parts still floating around after all these years. I sold the car back in 2007 and even at shows today I still see my old parts from my car. The owner of this CB actually approached me at the BLOX event just to show me what he had done to my old Autopower roll bar which is now in his car. He had the whole thing re-coated in a Cusco blue tone along with the valve cover to match the Cusco strut bar, which is also off my old CB. I recognized it right away because 1. There aren’t too many CB guys who are willing to go and order a Cusco strut bar, so they still remain pretty rare, and 2. One of the mounting brackets is shaved down slightly because I had to clear my ABS unit back in the day and it wouldn’t fit otherwise. I wonder if those Samco Sport hoses are mine too, hmm… Haha, in any case, this Accord is pretty rad. Even has an RL big brake kit which is something we never really considered doing back then. It also has an ARC Induction Box which I had always wanted in the past, but couldn’t find the right one to fit my car since I wanted the top of the filter to be exposed like on the B-series ARC boxes….



CD Accord coupe that you’ve seen a couple times before with a J32 V6 engine swap and 17-inch Dunlop Formula Hart wheels…


Civic hatchback with a Chargespeed (or Chargespeed-style) front lip and VIP Modular wheels. Not sure how the whole car was painted but they managed to ignore the tab under the front fender where the mudflap attaches. Seems like something really simple that shouldn’t be overlooked. Otherwise it’s a good look…



Jackson Racing supercharged Civic on 949Racing 6UL wheels and rocking a color-matched BackYard Special front lip…



Flared Subaru WRX STI on Work Meister S1. Looks like the car has been repainted in the popular Laguna Seca Blue tone….


Airrex bagged R35 GTR on display…


JDM EF9 Civic SiR on SSR EX-C Mesh wheels. Always loved the red pinstriping on these EFs….


Integra Type R with JDM ITR front end, Mugen front bumper, and a set of Mugen wheels that you don’t see very often; MF10 Mirror Faces….


Civic sitting pretty aggressively on custom-built Sprint Hart CP-R wheels from MemoryFab….


The bright sun brought out all the metal flake in this Integra’s paint. Really cool paint job, not sure why the hood is purple though….


Another rare sighting at the BLOX event was this JDM Honda Civic Shuttle Beagle 4WD…


Sitting on period-correct Volk Racing Artisan Fins with the original aero discs and all….



Towards the end of the day, I had already stopped shooting and had put my camera away. I was just walking around seeing what else the show had that I might have missed and I suddenly stumbled upon the Beagle above and this really cool turbocharged Civic Shuttle. You rarely see these things put together this well and boosted. The engine bay was pretty well-executed and the original Shuttle front end was swapped over for a JDM EF9 SiR front end. Pretty awesome. I should also mention that it was on 16-inch Regamaster EVOs and Yokohama Advan A048, which are not cheap tires by any measure…



Next to the Shuttles was this FC3S RX-7, in all its period-correct glory, seated on black Advan Racing Sienna SR-01 wheels….


Sitting on top of the RX-7’s speaker box was this awesome clock which is an actual section of a Rotary engine….



Lightspeed Racing’s Civic drag car with a turbine so massive that the front core support had to be cut for clearance…



Wrapping things up with a shot of the Darkside Racing (DSR) GM LSx-swapped, turbocharged, Ford Mustang. You didn’t hear it from me, but I think if you google “DSR Mustang” on YouTube, you can see some videos of it doing some “spirited driving” on the street…haha…

Anyways, thanks for looking everyone. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. I look forward to next year’s BLOX Evolution event….

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