Wekfest San Jose 2014 Coverage…Part 3…

I’m actually on a flight out to New Jersey right now for Wekfest East. Hope to see you guys out there if you plan to attend or bring your cars. For those of you back on the west side or who can’t make it to the event, enjoy some more WFSJ 2014 coverage below. Thanks for looking and enjoy the shots…

If you missed the previous two parts, click the links below to catch up…

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Now let’s keep the good times rolling with more Wekfest San Jose ’14 coverage….


Finally, Finally!!! I’ve long been saying that this Civic coupe needed some sort of aero package to make it more appealing and Erik Mercado finally came through and installed a J’s Racing front lip, front fenders, and rear GT wing. It practically changes the look of the entire car and I think it looks way better than its previous versions….


Not much has changed with the engine bay and there really doesn’t need to be. It looks good just the way it is….


ASM-equipped Honda S2000 from Limitless Society….


Full Voltex armored Mitsubishi Evolution on Volk Racing CE28RT wheels….


Bagged Subaru WRX with Ganador Super Mirrors and Work Meister S1Rs….


Good to see steady improvements on Leon Casino’s Acura NSX build. He recently had his WED’s TC105 wheels redone in a matte bronze and I think it looks much better compared to its original silver finish….


Keith “K3ychain” Cheng’s Lexus IS300 on aggressive 5Zigen FN01R wheels….


Full Fabulous package on this LS430 including full aero kit and wheels….



Pretty wild to see a 2JZ-GTE swapped Lexus 2GS here in the states. This one looks like it is possibly set-up for drifitng and what not with its sportier appearance compared to other, more traditionally VIP-styled, 2GS….


SW20 MR-2 Turbo on step-lipped Work VS-XX…


Flared Subaru WRX on black MTechnica mesh wheels….


Nicely done Subaru WRX wagon on Desmond Marquis Promada….


Acura Integra Type R with JDM front end swap, Mugen front bumper, and Mugen Gen. II rear wing. Wheels are Mirror Face Mugen MF10….



Seeing a custom Toyota pick-up is pretty unlikely but as mentioned, Wekfest really delivers on the variety. What I like most about this build are the white Advan Racing RCII wheels….


Nothing better than seeing a fresh set of authentic old school Advan wheels on a mini-truck of all things…



Highly-customized H22A-swapped Honda Accord Wagon on RH EVO C5 wheels. Kinda hard to see here but this Wagon also has a full sliding rag-top. The build isn’t exactly everyone’s style but there is always mutual appreciation for all hard work…


Wallechan’s EF sedan on Work Meister CR-01…


Mike from Prestige Marketing’s Camaro looks like a massive life-sized Hot Wheels…


Pristine Chevy Camaro build blending into the Wekfest San Jose event…


Encore Collective’s Lotus Exige….


Porsche 996 on 3-piece Work Meister S1 wheels….


Orange first generation Toyota Celica coupe on SSR Dori Dori….


Job Design Lexus LS460 from Platinum VIP….


Platinum VIP’s Job Design Lexus GS…


Orange Datsun S30Z with an orange front air dam and black-faced SSR Professor SP1….



Mallen Fajardo’s bad-ass Camaro Z28 build made its official debut at Wekfest San Jose. Pretty crazy to think that his previous car was a Datsun 510. Not sure if you guys remember it or not but I actually shot the car for Super Street magazine a couple years ago. CLICK HERE to jog your memory…


Black on black Chevy Nova SS rocking a full roll cage and Kirkey racing seats…


Anthony Herrera’s Chevy Malibu on CCW Classics….


His older brother Eddie’s Camaro RS build…..


Slammed custom Buick Riviera coupe…


WFSJ featured a pretty nice fleet of lowriders, including this Impala….


…this Impala convertible on wire wheels….


…and another hammered Impala build…


This one actually belongs to Junior of Wekfest….


Paul Garcia’s Liberty Walk R35 GTR on concave SSR Executor CV03 wheels representing R-Rydes….


Lexus IS-F from R-Rydes on Hyper Blue Volk TE37….


ASM-themed S2000 with Voltex front bumper and Volk Racing TE37RT….


Do-Luck widebody Mitsubishi EVO on TE37SL….


This red/grey colorway seems to be really popular among enthusiasts this year. Above is JDM Drew’s LSx-swapped Mazda FD3S RX-7….



I thoroughly enjoyed this Zenki S14 build when I first saw it at the BLOX Evolution meet. Love the custom engine bay and the overall exterior. Everything just flows very well together, even though his bay is a different color….


Nice and simple RX-7 just lowered on polished Work VS-KF…


Bagged Subaru WRX Wagon on deep dish BBS mesh redone with a copper faces….


I gotta get outta here so I’m gonna close it out for the day with this shot of Kelvin Bulda’s EK9 CTR-inspired Honda Civic build. He’s had his car for well over a decade now and surprisingly, it is still very relevant with the right usage of parts. He is also currently in the latest issue of Super Street magazine where you can read all about his story…

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend folks!…


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