Wekfest San Jose 2014 Coverage…Part 4…

Sorry for the huge gap in content the last few days. I’ve been on the East Coast covering the Wekfest East event in New Jersey and just got back yesterday afternoon. The moment I walked into my office I already began working on this post. It took a couple hours but I’m finally done with the entire photo set from Wekfest SJ. Now I just need to post it up. I would have liked to have gotten this up on Monday but there just wasn’t enough time last week to get all the posts ready until now. Wekfest in Jersey was a blast and I can’t wait to start going through those photos. The last two weekends have been amazing but I have to admit that I’m a bit worn-out from doing shows back-to-back on both coasts. Now that I’m back, I have about a day to go through as much of the Wekfest East photos as I can before I gotta head to Hawaii to be a guest judge for Spocom. I haven’t even unpacked yet but there probably isn’t any reason to other than to do laundry. These next couple weeks will be filled with event photos so I hope you guys are ready for it. It is a lot to take in but I don’t think any one would complain about seeing some really great cars from all over….

I’d love to stick around and chat but seriously, my sleep schedule is as fucked up as ever so I guess I should try to take a nap or something before I get back to work. I don’t even know how I’m functioning right now with a sleep schedule that ended up being three hours earlier than usual and in about a day or so, I’ll have to move that same schedule six hours later than the new schedule that I just barely got used to. If you’re confused, you’re not the only one. My brain is fried. Hawaii sounds awesome right about now. I hope I’m awake for it, haha. Enjoy the photos and come back for more, A LOT more….

Dilemma now is whether to eat lunch, nap, or unpack and repack.

No complaints here, I’m loving life. Hard work pays off my friends. If you’re in Hawaii, see you soon. For those of you who I just left on the East Coast, thanks for the support….

Hopefully you guys have been caught up with all the prior parts of this mini-series of coverage. If not, feel free to click any of the links below to catch-up….

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Here is Part 4…



Rywire Ryan’s B-series E-AT Civic hatchback made an appearance at Wekfest San Jose with a set of freshly-refinished Mugen MR5 wheels….



Darryl from DPK has been working quietly on this supercharger install for a while now and got it together just in time for Wekfest. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out but after a good tune, the car should be ready to cruise the streets again…



DPK Chuy’s legit Japanese RHD Honda Integra Type R running a catalog of Spoon Sports products and TWM individual throttle bodies….


Phaze2 Salem’s TSX showed-up to WFSJ just hours after his Spoon Sports front bumper was repaired by Premier Autobody. He broke off a huge chunk of it on the track but it looks as good as new now….



Chris Ortez showed up to the “Super Bowl of car shows” to compete in the Infiniti Class with his thoroughly well-built Infiniti G35 sedan. Not much has changed since the last time you saw it but he’s literally done everything to it already….



Fab Vilches’ G35 coupe looking great as usual….


This bright green Mustang RTR on Rotiform wheels stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd of Hondas that gathered on this end of the San Jose Convention Center…



Chivas brought his EM1 up to Norcal to get a re-tune from RedZone Performance. Jeremy was able to squeeze about 300hp out of the GReddy turbo kit which isn’t too shabby at all….



Ray Deleon’s Integra looking great with the neatly tucked engine bay and white Enkei RPF1 wheels….



Jeremy from RedZone’s turbo Integra Type R sedan on WED’S Sport TC105 wheels…


Kyle’s TSX from Las Vegas running a Spoon Sports/Phase front bumper and white Work Emotion CR wheels….


Incredibly clean, well-done, engine bay on this S2000….



Brandon Huntington’s Mugen-themed Integra from Team Tronics…


Civic coupe from Tronics also wearing a similar Mugen-theme on SSR Type-C….


CL9 TSX with Mugen front lip, grille, and CCW LM20s….


TSX with JDM Accord Euro-R bits on CCW Classics….



Brent Townsend’s Civic drag car from QSD (Quarter Sports Drag)….




The QSD drag car features a H22-swap with custom center-fed intake manifold….


Love how they laid-out the one-piece front end and fiberglass doors. From afar it looked like a toy with all its pieces on display….


R35 GTR with Zele front bumper and bronze Volk TE37s. Not sure what front lip that is. Looks similar to an Auto Select without the vents. I don’t know too much about R35 stuff so if you know, feel free to chime in….


Rocket Bunny Ver. I Scion FR-S from FAST Autoworks….


DC5 RSX slammed on BBS mesh….


Bagged FA5 Civic with late-model FD2 CTR front and rear end conversion….


RHD EF9 Civic on SSR EX-C Mesh….



Hanzel Tango’s Mugen SS S2000 was one of the best Hondas in the building that day at Wekfest San Jose. Love how the engine bay came out along with the custom re-barreled Mugen MF10 Mirror Face wheels from MemoryFab…


A closer look at the custom step-lipped Mugen Mirror Face wheels….


Mugen TSX with Wilwood front brakes and 19-inch polished Volk TE37….


Phoenix Yellow Acura Integra on original Advan Racing RG….



This Integra had a F20B swap and silver SSR Type-F….



Linh Nguyen aka Locc’s Acura Integra Type R with JDM ITR front end, Spoon Sports front lip, and custom refinished Dunlop Formula Hart CP-R wheels…


Locc’s K-swapped engine bay….



Dustin Mcqueary’s Integra has been everywhere this year so it is only fitting that the Honda Tuning-featured DA make an appearance at Wekfest San Jose….


Chris Gonzalez’s H2B EF Civic….



Socheat Ngoun’s turbocharged Honda F20C-swapped RX-7 on Mugen M7 wheels….



plusONE Randy’s K-swapped DB8 Integra….


Custom Mugen MF10 wheels bearing the “plusONE” logo on the lips. You can also spot the plusONE logo on the front brakes….


Integra with JDM ITR front end and BackYard Special front bumper….


I really dig the new Lexus IS’ and how sleek the front ends are. This bagged IS looks great on bronze TEs….


Luxury-themed Acura TSX on Junction Produce Scaras. The front grille and bumper are rarely seen Kenstyle components….


Cutting off Part 4 here with a shot of this FD2-converted Civic SI featuring a J’s Racing front bumper and gold-faced Algernon Intelesse wheels…

Just one more part to wrap things up before we move onto the Wekfest East coverage. Thanks for looking and stay tuned!….

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  1. So many awesome Hondas on display! Salem’s TSX looks incredible.

  2. The Rywire E-AT engine bay is like a piece of art. Too clean.


    What do you think of Ngoun’s Honda/RX-7 with the mismatching manufacturers?

  3. Just FYI, that black GTR has yet to prove to anyone that he has an AMS motor.

  4. Thanks fоr sharing youг thоughts оn custom black ford mustang emblems badges.

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