Wekfest East 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

You’ll notice in this particular post that there are multiple photos of the same cars that were at Wekfest East. During the early morning hours of roll-in, I had a lot of time to explore so I often found myself walking back to the same cars to get a better look at them. The ones that really caught my eye I made a conscious effort to get multiple photos of because I’m only out on the right coast once a year. If I don’t get to see enough of these cars as is, why not grab as many photos of them as I can, right? I’d rather provide multiple angles of these cars instead of just shooting one single photo and leaving you wondering what the car really looks like. I just hate when I’m looking through a photo set and I see a car in the background that peaked my interest but was ultimately not photographed. The thinking is that its better to have too much of what you don’t need than to have too little of what you do want, haha. I don’t know if that makes sense but shit, just enjoy the photos. There is a mixture of a lot of different types of builds in this set but the focus towards the end is mainly on the Hondas that were in the show. I noticed last year that some of the more notable Hondas at the show were already inside the venue by the time I got to see them so I didn’t really get to photograph them outside. With the rain and everything that was going on, along with the sun that peaked through the clouds soon after, it really made for some dynamic photos. I’m really happy with how these shots came out and I think you’ll enjoy them. I did a lot of walking back and forth from the inside of the venue to the roll-in area but I’ve organized them in a way to make it flow better. Otherwise the shots would be scattered in the order in which I shot them….

If you missed Part 1, please click the link below to view it, as it features some of my favorite photos from my entire trip to the East….

Wekfest East 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Now we got some more shots of the cars from both inside the venue as well as outside where cars were getting prepped to go in….



As you can tell, the rain had come down pretty hard at one point and the cars were drenched by the time they entered the venue. Above is Bradly Lafayette’s J’s carbon S2000 VGS that you also saw in Part 1….


A duo of Hondas getting set to park in the J’s Racing booth….


Always a huge fan of this E30 M3 from JSUTAI. These guys do some of the most interesting things with wheel refinishing that really makes these cars stand-out….


Love the pink/tan accents on this black BMW 1-series….


Really interesting touch with this teal pinstriping on these Enkei NT03 wheels. All the way down to the center hub area. Nice contrast with the red tire lettering too….



RB-swapped Zenki S14 drift car reppin’ SNTRL…..



Mike Yushinsky showed up to Wekfest East last year with a really well-done J’s Racing-themed CR-Z build but I guess he got bored of it pretty quickly. For 2014, he came out with this turbocharged K-swapped Civic build, eliminating all hope that hybrids are way more fun than 90s Hondas….


Adam Holt was busy drying his Integra Type R after he got drenched with rain outside….


Dave Tormey’s S2000 from Canibeat always looking classy with the Amuse front and Advan Racing wheels….


One build that I really wanted to check out in person was Cory Shifflett’s Civic build. I spotted it in some photos at another event and this car was also featured in Honda Tuning magazine not too long ago….



What makes it incredibly unique is the S2000 F20C swap under the hood. The motor is now mounted in a front-wheel drive layout and at a glance, you’d almost think that it was a K-series motor. Cory’s build was really well-done and what made it even cooler was that he pulled up to Wekfest in a full-sized motorhome. Talk about traveling in style….


BMW M3 Cabriolet on gold-faced VIP Modular wheels….


One more of Bradley’s J’s carbon widebody S2K….


…and the other J’s S2000 parked next to him….



Leon Hardiritt Waffes are one of my favorite 3-piece luxury wheels and I really like how they look on this UCF30 from Liberty VIP….


Sebastian Rodriguez’s Imola Yellow Civic once again. Here you can get a better look at the angled OsakaJDM rear spoiler….


Turbocharged Civic with BYS front bumper and custom BBS RS….


Nice color combo on this flat drab S2000 on custom Work Meister S1….


Joe Cheung’s LS430. I don’t know if you guys remember, but Joe used to be the owner of a silver Subaru WRX STI on red Volk TE37SL. I captured a photo of it last year with the silver Evo that you see parked next to it. Actually, click here for the photo….


One more of this yellow Civic hatch on Kosei K1….


I’ve always been a fan of Japanese wheels on Euro builds. This VW looked great on Work wheels…


If any of you ever wondered what ever happened to ATS Mike Jones’ EF, it is now on the East Coast and very well taken care of by its new owner. Not much has changed since it was sold other than the addition of Advan RGII wheels….


Nawshin Basher’s Voltex Evolution on concave white Volk TEs….


Big Ty’s award-winning Mode Parfume Phantom Gamu-Regalia 2GS from Liberty VIP….


VIP-styled KA9 RL from Liberty VIP…



Max’s 3.5 RL features a Mode Parfume aero kit and custom exhaust from a Porsche 997….


Big Ty flyin’ the flag of Liberty VIP….


Accord Crosstour slammed on Avant Garde AG Function wheels….


One of the more unexpected builds from Wekfest East was this 2014 Accord with Mugen front bumper and full VIP treatment. I got more of this later in the coverage. Wait until you see what’s under the hood…


Really liked how this VW GTI sat on its red VIP Modular VXS210 wheels….


Sammy’s yellow CR-X re-emerged this year at Wekfest East fully redone on Volk CE28 wheels…..


Will Wang’s incredibly immaculate Mugen del Sol….


Raza’s coupe and Will’s EG2….


Kyle Crawford’s EF Civic build always looking great….


Raza’s Civic coupe features a very rare FEEL’S Honda Twin Cam front lip, Mugen M7 wheels, and First Molding side mirrors….


Not sure if this was intentional or not but it was cool to see this line-up of Civics parked in their generational order….


Custom Spoon Sports-themed Honda Ruckus….


Bagged TLs were everywhere at Wekfest East. Crazy to see how popular these cars are on that side of the country because people rarely mod them here on the West….


Since the sun was coming out again and the rain had officially stopped, I decided to get some more shots of the Hondas outside as they were getting dried off by their owners….


David Marino’s Civic hatchback with Mugen SS front lip and rare 16×8 Mugen MF10…


Never get tired of seeing white EG Civics on black Spoon SW388 wheels….


Better look at the rear Mugen sideskirts on this coupe. He also has the Mugen rear spats/valences which are also quite uncommon…


One more of Raza’s coupe. Note the Alcon brakes peaking through the 16×8 Mugen M7 wheels….


Will had a set of bronze Mugen MF10s on one side and MF10Ls on the other….


A pair of Integra Type R’s getting cleaned-up…..



Faiz Rahman’s 2JZ-GTE swapped IS300 rolling into the venue….


Shyam’s Spoon/Type One themed Integra Type R….


This 98-up spec Integra also carried a full Spoon Sports theme, down to the SW388 wheels which have all been individually signed by Tatsuru Ichishima…


JDM Integra Type R with Mugen front bumper and custom black Mugen MF10. Also has a Mugen Gen. 1 spoiler…


This AP2 S2000 featured a BackYard Special front lip and Volk CEs. The name of the hood eludes me right now, I believe it is an ASM piece….



It was a pleasure to finally meet Carlos Resto and see his Civic build in person. He’s been putting this car together for quite some time now and the final result is pretty impressive. I know of Carlos because he is one of the few guys in the country running Barramundi Design Eleven wheels. His build is pretty extensive, with a turbocharged B-series motor, tucked engine bay, Spoon front lip, and it even has custom interior to match the blue Status Racing seats up front. Great car….


Well, that’s all for today. That was quite a bit to go through so hopefully you guys got a chance to read through it. Much more to come tomorrow, thanks for looking!!!

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  1. dammit, was waiting on what’s under the hood for the 14′ Accord. cliffhanger. great photos though, keep them coming!

  2. Raza’s coupe does not have first moulding mirrors, those are vision tc’s.

  3. Ricky Boostelos car has changed, I don’t think he had the vsxx in black last year. Also custom rear sti sedan on to a hatch bumper and front gills deleted. =P just pointing it out.

    The m5 wheels are also fcv04 forged gnosis

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