Wekfest East 2014 Coverage…Part 3…

Feeling a big under the weather today and busy working on a ton of other stuff so here are some more photos from Wekfest East. Like the other two parts so far, this photos cover mostly the roll-in portion of the show where I walked in and out of the building to catch the cars as they set-up for the show. A bulk of the photos will cover the many great builds from Team EMOTION, which has long been one of the top car clubs out on the right coast. Anyways, thanks for looking and enjoy….

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Here’s more coverage inside and out from Wekfest East….



I was really impressed with the recent updates to Sammy’s CR-X. I remember seeing it last year at Wekfest and the engine bay looked completely different. I overheard him talking to another enthusiast about how he tore the whole car down and redid most of it himself. Now he has individual throttle bodies and a coil-over-plug set-up. Love how the bay has been cleaned up and smoothed out….



This Fairlady roadster is always impressive with its SR20DET set-up. Not much has changed since last year but it is a great build as it stands….


The Varis Arising widebody Subaru BRZ that you’ve seen quite a bit of by now….


Custom VIP-styled Lexus SC430 on WED’s Kranze Bazreia…



Adam Holt’s ITR all cleaned-up and with the hood popped….


An R30 Skyline on display at a Japanese importer’s booth….


This del Sol was pretty crazy. It had custom front fenders, a RHD motorized Transtop conversion, S2000 taillight conversion, and more importantly….


….this supercharged J32 V6 engine swap. I asked the owner if he ever gets hassled by the cops and he says that they pull him over sometimes just to check out the car and then send him on his way. With a huge blower sticking out, there’s no wonder why he attracts a lot of attention….


FD RX-7 that you saw outside in my earlier posts on gold VIP Modular wheels….


Loved the execution on this VW wagon. The cream white flows really well with the bright red SSR Professor MS3 wheels and I love how the interior and graphic on the side was done to match….


Rocket Bunny Version II Scion FR-S on concave Enkei RS05RR wheels….


Dodge Charger SRT with custom widebody and Work Gnosis wheels….



Some better shots of the Honda F20C-powered Hachi-Roku….


Starting to see more sets of Work Seeker FX wheels pop up everywhere….


Love the color shift on the purple paint on this widebody GC Subaru Impreza….


Bagged Subarus continue to be a popular choice of vehicle for many enthusiasts on the East….


Oh, here are some more detailed shots of the 2014 Accord. This thing was fucking crazy! The Mugen front bumper is the first I’ve seen here in the States, along with the jewel-eye headlights…


…and under the hood was a Precision turbocharged J35 engine!! What?! This thing was literally brand new and had everything you could ever do to an Accord already. I remember peeking inside to get a better look at the interior and the car smelled brand new still….


The custom trunk and air set-up on the ’14 Accord. This build was definitely one of, if not the biggest, surprise of the entire event and I couldn’t stop looking at it… Great job….


Bagged Acura TSX Sportwagon with JDM Accord Wagon front end and bronze Vossen wheels. This also had big brakes front and back. Crazy…


Gorgeous BMW E92 M3 coupe….


Spoon Sports-themed Honda S2000 on silver Advan Racing RGII wheels at the Canibeat booth….

Since the staging came in different groups at different times during the morning, I made sure to walk back outside to see what other cars were coming in….


Muller Porsche 997 GT3 on gold Work Meister S1 wheels….


The legendary Acura Integra owned by Chris Rios. This is a build that I have long looked up to over the years and I was stoked to finally see it in person for the first time. If you guys don’t know this history of this car, boy are you missing out. This Mugen-themed Integra has stood in this condition probably for over a decade now. If you remember, Chris brought out his Mugen SS S2000 last year but decided to pull this car out of hibernation for the 2014 Wekfest event. If you want to read more about it, CLICK HERE to read it’s Import Tuner feature back in 2008. You can see in that feature how much it hasn’t changed over time….



The only thing that has changed over the last few years has been under the hood. He’s made some minor changes to it including the install of this individual coil packs which he said was quite the task. The car still runs great and is probably one of the quietest turbo B-series motors you’ll ever find. I absolutely love this car. Chris mentioned that he even thought about parting it out and building another Integra because he’s already had this car so long and wants to start with a fresh chassis. I asked him why he would want to since this car is such an important part of the U.S. Honda community and he told me that he could build a better one. He even has two authentic complete Mugen aero kits if he were to build another…..



Kiet Hong’s Libery Walk widebody E92 M3. This is one of the first LB-kitted cars that I’ve seen out East and it is a good one. Sometimes I think we take Liberty Walk stuff for granted out here since we see so much of it but going to the East Coast is a reminder that this is a pretty rare sight for most….


Kiet, of course, is more recognized for his turbocharged Mugen RSX build. This is the same car that was once a candy magenta color but other than the color change, not much has changed on it either. Great to see that he still has it and can bring it out alongside his BMW project….


Marc Ducrow’s Mugen-EVERYTHING ZF1 CR-Z. I had a chance to speak with Marc briefly and he mentioned that he even tracks this car occasionally. The lack of power has been making him itch to install a supercharger on it but he doesn’t have any definitive plans yet since the HPD kit isn’t a reality…


This S2000 from Team EMOTION featured Spoon Sports rear over fenders, front fenders, and a Mugen front add-on lip….


Alex Witkin’s multiple “Best of Show” winning Subaru WRX STI…. this thing is a fucking monster that you really have to see in person to really appreciate its intricacies….


RHD Jon’s Voltex Evolution on bronze Volk Racing SE37K….


Absolutely loved this DC5 RSX build with super rare Max Racing front bumper….


Lester Bracero’s CL9 TSX with J’s aero rolling into the venue….


Full J’s Racing DC5 build with custom turbocharged K-series set-up from EMOTION….


The owner of this DC5 actually has the last two remaining Max Racing front bumpers left in the world and it all happened as a bit of a misunderstanding. He has ordered the front bumper and sides one day and when the shipment arrived, two front bumpers came in. Instead of opting to give up the other one, he decided to keep the other as a spare….


EMOTION brought out three of the best RSXs I had ever seen. All three of them with right hand-drive conversions and forced induction set-ups with some authentic aero on it….


S15 Silvia rocking rear blister fenders and Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels…


Classic white-on-white R33 Skyline GTR….


Phoenix Yellow JDM Integra Type R on Spoon SW388 wheels…


I liked the dark blue hue on this IS that was parked in the spectator area….


RE Amemiya FD from Team Regiment Zero….


S15 Silvia on aggressive Enkei RS05RR….


Neat touch with the “THNXMUM” vanity plate on this BMW M3….


Midnight Purple R34 Skyline GTR….


White R34 GTR V-Spec on Magnesium Blue TE37SL….


Subaru WRX STI hammered on Work wheels….



Beautifully executed VW Scirocco that you rarely ever get to see in Cali…..


Cool to see a “WEKFEST” New Jersey vanity plate….


R33 Skyline GTR on 19-inch Volk TE37….


R33 Skylines have to be one of my favorites of all-time. They seem impossible to find now out West so it is always a pleasure running into one at a show….



Another build that I was happy to finally see in person was Izzy Montanez’s H22-swapped Accord Wagon. I think he was supposed to make the show last year but didn’t get the car done in time. This is one of the better wagons in the country and I love how clean the engine bay is. You can tell he invested quite a bit of time into this Accord and I think it looks great….


JZA80 Supra rocking the ever-popular Ridox front bumper….


This A80 had gold Blitz Technospeed Z1 wheels and a Stillen front fascia which wasn’t always the most popular piece for Supra owners. Glad to see it has survived the times though….

Well that’s all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed Part 3…still much more to come!!….

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