Wekfest East 2014 Coverage…Part 5 of 5…The Conclusion…

Well, this is it. The final conclusion to my 2014 Wekfest East coverage. I look forward to this trip every year because I love New York City and hanging out on the East Coast. Today, we’re going to look at the remaining cars from the Wekfest event before heading back to NYC for some more adventures. There isn’t that much content to go through so I think you guys will be able to read through it quickly. It was a pleasure seeing all these cars and meeting all the enthusiasts out there. One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting all the faces behind these cars that I’ve become familiar with online. I’m always thankful for all the support out there and its awesome to think that many of you actually look forward to seeing your own cars here in the coverage. Hopefully I’ve done your builds justice. If not, I guess there’s always next year, haha….

Anyways, lets get rolling with the rest of the photos….

This is the end so make sure to go back and look at all the previous posts to get caught up if you happened to have missed any of it….

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…Here’s Part 5 of 5….


Nice set-up on this blue Civic with carbon First Molding front lip and BYS rear duckbill….


One more photo of Sebastian Rodriguez’s Civic with color-matched Fist Molding Flugel Plate….


This AP2 S2000 on D2 air suspension featured Spoon Sports front fenders, rear over fenders, and a Voltex front bumper…


The custom orange finish on these Work S1 wheels are a nice touch….


One thing I noticed a lot about the East is the popularity of mixing air bags and other styling elements you see more on luxury cars on S2000s and STI/Evos. I don’t know how I feel about the mixture of the styles….


Mc Slick from Honda Day’s Civic coupe on Luxury Abstract wheels. Slick is the artsy-type and you can really see it expressed on the different areas of his build….



The engine bay is executed quite well with the coil-over-plug ignition set-up and the individual throttle bodies….


Stan from Xclusiv Alliance’s Subaru BRZ on brand new Rays 57Motorsport G07FXX wheels….


Subtle WRX STI on Avant Garde forged 3-piece wheels….


Archie’s Subaru from Xclusiv Alliance with Varis lip kit and custom JSUTAI Volk Racing Super Fine Mesh wheels….


A mix-and-match of aero on this Evo X. Front bumper looks to be an M Sport front, front and rear fenders from Chargespeed and the rest I’m not too sure of because I am not all that familiar with Evo parts…haha….



A rare glimpse under the hood of Big Ty’s Mode Parfume 2GS build from Liberty VIP….


Max’s VIP KA9 3.5RL on Luxury Abstract wheels….


Nice custom fender work on Vlad’s 2GS build on Kartier forged wheels….


Rare to see a modded BMW 318ti hatchback these days. This one had the full M-package with swap and all on custom OZ wheels….


Rotrex supercharged FA5 Civic Si on blue CCW Classic….


Love Joe Cheung’s LS430. This is the type of VIP style that I’m into and it doesn’t have all kinds of crazy vents and stuff that seems to be super popular these days….


Ferdman’s Integra Type R with carbon Spoon Sports front lip and Sprint Hart CP-R wheels….


Interesting airbrush work on this Scion FR-S….


Custom black chrome Work Equip wheels on this BMW 3-series coupe….


There wasn’t a “Best JDM” award at Wekfest East but if there was one, it probably would have gone to this authentic Japanese Ferio. The owner had every possible rare OEM JDM Honda accessory you can think of on his Civic and it was really cool to see just how much stuff he had collected over time. Just needs the Mugen EK4 front lip and he’s set….


After consulting with all the other judges at the WFNJ event, it was time to get the awards ceremony under way….


It was good to see others clapping and cheering for others as they came to get their deserved awards. In the years prior, it was pretty evident how competitive the Wekfest East attendees were. We should all appreciate each other’s builds and respect the work that was invested into them. Give credit where it is due and it will be reciprocated when your time comes….

After the show ended, nothing really exciting happened. We did our customary staff dinner and then we just hung out at the hotel after the show. The Hilton we stayed at didn’t have the best bar but it was suitable enough for us to get a good party going. It was great to just be able to kick your feet up and enjoy some drinks after a long day at the show. The very next day we decided to spend our remaining time on the East exploring the streets of New York City…

We all split up into different groups since we all had different places to go on our agendas, but we gathered later in the evening to enjoy NYC at the top of Rockefeller Center….


Ken and I took the subway over to Noho to grab some Japanese Udon in a tiny little spot called “Udon West”…


Then we headed over to the 9/11 Memorial to see the finished Freedom Tower…There was still construction going on but for the most part, the memorial had been completed….


Ken and his g/f looking over the spot where one of the World Trade Center towers once stood….


A view from below of Freedom Tower…


The memorial itself was a beautiful sight to see in person but you can definitely still feel the heavy, somberness of the area and what once stood here….


After spending some time at the memorial, we walked over to Chinatown to grab a snack at one of the local eateries….


The snack spot ended up being Hong Kong Station where they serve milk tea and a variety of other Chinese fast foods….


Been a while since I enjoyed a nice, simple sandwich so I ordered a Spam and Egg. Nothing like paying for something that I once used to make all the time at home, haha. It’s a reminder that no matter how far away I am, home is always on my mind….


A regular sight in Chinatown; hanging roasted ducks and pig by the windows of Chinese restaurants. Seemed like there was one or two of these on every corner of Chinatown. Makes you wonder how they stay in business with so much competition….


Giant squid laying on a pan not too far from the duck…


Beef steamed over melon with a gravy sauce poured over it….


The narrow streets of NYC’s ever-popular Chinatown….

Before we hit the Top of the Rock, we ended up back in Noho at a tiny hole in the wall spot that served some of the finest Japanese Yakitori that you can get outside of Japan…


There was a big group of us so we made sure to get plenty of Yakitori skewers….


These skewers had almost every piece of meat you can think of, including chicken gizzards and even just skewers of chicken skin, which, as you would expect, was pretty amazing….


Aaron and Steph crammed into our tiny little table that was filled with food and beer….


Beef skewers were medium rare and just right….


Here’s a view of how small the place was. Mind you, we were seated and half our table was actually sticking outside of the restaurant itself….

Once dinner ended, we hopped on a cab back to Rockefeller Center so we could take the tour up to the top of the building where you can get a glorious view of New York City from every angle. We originally wanted to hit this spot during sunset, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t even secure tickets to get up there….


A view from 70 floors high of NYC at night…

We ended our night at a bar before heading back to Jersey at around 4 am. I decided not to sleep since I was going to sleep on the plane anyway but I’m not gonna lie, after a long day of walking around, it was a struggle staying up until I hopped on the plane home….


That’s a wrap on WFNJ ’14 coverage. It was a pleasure. Thanks for looking everyone and stay tuned because up next, we head straight to Hawaii for Spocom Hawaii 2014 photos!!!

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