Wekfest East 2014 Coverage…Part 4…

Happy Labor Day all!! Just because you guys get the day off doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop the content-flow here on the site. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some more great builds from the Wekfest East 2014 event. By this time, the show was almost under way and I only had a little bit of time left to do coverage before I had to start walking around to do the judging of both the Honda and Acura competition classes at Wekfest. All the cars were parked inside by this time so I just ran through it real quick to get what I could. I didn’t do much shooting at all during the show because foot traffic was just way too heavy and people were everywhere. Judging usually takes a lot of time at Wekfest NJ since it seems like everyone wants to tell you about their builds in detail so I wanted to make sure I dedicated my time to hearing what they had to say…

The next section that follows this one will be the final, epic, conclusion to this great event. It’ll document the end of the show as well as our adventures in NYC the day after. Make sure to check out all the older posts too if you haven’t already, otherwise you’ll have missed-out on some really, really, good cars….

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…and here’s Part 4 of 5….



Full Voltex-equipped Mitsu Evo from Team EMOTION with one of the nicer Evo engine bays I’ve seen….


I wish I had found the time to take more photos of this J’s-themed DC5 RSX. This was the build that ended up winning the overall Acura class at Wekfest NJ. It’s not difficult to build a full catalog car but its the work that was done in the engine bay and all the little details that made it great. The craziest thing I noticed about the East Coast is how much they care about this chassis. You see a lot of them modded and many of them even have RHD conversions like the one you see above. it’s pretty wild since out here in the West, the DC5 is still very much an after thought when it comes to building Hondas….



Tae Min Chang’s Vortech supercharged AP2 S2000 from EMOTION…


Lester Bracero’s J’s Racing-styled Acura TSX on Volk Racing TE37. You probably wouldn’t notice by looking at this build but his TSX is also on air suspension….


Alex Witkin’s multiple “Best of Show” winning Subaru WRX STI build. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more thoroughly-built Subaru in this country. Was hoping to possibly see some changes for this year but I mean, honestly, you can’t really do much else to this car….



His custom shaved and tubbed engine bay is possibly the cleanest Subaru bay that I can recall ever seeing in person. Incredible work overall….


Chris Rios’ RHD Mugen Integra build that you saw plenty of in the previous post. One of my favorite Integra builds of all-time and I was stoked to finally see it in person after all these years….


Kiet Hong’s turbocharged and Mugen-themed DC5 RSX. Loving the red Endless big brakes behind the bronze Mugen MF10 wheels….


Nice and simple Evo X from EMOTION on polished Work Meister S1R…


Coming in at a very, VERY, close 2nd place in the Acura Class was this supercharged DC5 RSX. It was so close that you could probably very easily have swapped the two spots any day of the week. I loved this build and really liked the fact that the owner was rocking an incredibly rare Max Racing front bumper. Everyone always runs the Mugen kit but there are just so many options out there if people would just take the time to look. Everything just flows really well on this car and the engine bay is very well done, along with the RHD conversion. Great build….


Widebody S15 Silvia also from EMOTION on Work S1. Nice touch keeping the widebody subtle by running OEM bumpers and skirts….


SSR Professor SP3 on this 2IS…..


I can honestly say that I never get tired of seeing R33 Skylines. One of my favorite cars of all-time and I’m glad someone gets to enjoy them out here in the U.S. because you so rarely see them here on the west coast….


AP2 S2000 looking good on CCW D11L wheels….



A look under the hood of Dave Marino’s K-swapped Mugen EK Civic….


The overall “Best of Show” winner at Wekfest New Jersey this year was Will Wang and his incredibly well thought-out Mugen del Sol build. In the end, it came down to his build or Alex Witkins and it was an incredibly tight competition. What set Wang’s build apart in the end was that he continued the changes on his build, making it better than the previous year, while Witkin’s Subaru remained basically unchanged. I think all the judges appreciated the fact that Will was still hungry to make his car better and he was rewarded for it….



Excellent execution of a Honda engine bay, perhaps one of the best in the country at the moment….


Nice addition with the color-matched roll bar and Mugen S1 seats. Some of the best things about this build are the pieces that are unseen and unnoticed like the brand new Honda OEM door panels…



Better look at what is going on under the hood of Raza’s Civic coupe….


Kyle Crawford’s EF hatchback on Almight Grey Regas….


Subtle and well-kept Civic hatchback on Spoon SW388….



2JZ-GTE powered Lexus IS300 Global Time Attack competitor from Zen Motors….


BMW E30 M3 coupe on HRE wheels….


Infiniti G sedan dumped on gold-faced custom 3-piece MAE Crown Jewel wheels….


Turbocharged Civic coupe with GReddy front lip and bronze Volk TEs….


Z33 with a Nismo front bumper and 3-piece Rotiform TMB wheels….



Faiz Rahman’s IS after it was finally all set-up at Wekfest NJ with a light touch of vinyl. Here you can see the 2JZ-GTE swap under the hood….



One of the great things about going to the East is the solid number of Euro builds out there with really well-done engine bays. This GTI being one of them. You see a couple here and there out here but they rarely have anything done to the engine bay which is kind of a shame considering how good they look once you put some time into them….


MK4 GTI on some custom JSUTAI created BBS RS wheels. Nice detail touches with the blue/gold cap and the pinstriping on the inner lip….


Bagged Subaru STI track car?….hmmm….


Leo Garcia’s Accord sedan on red VIP Modular wheels. This build also features a full custom red interior as well….


Rob from Vracework’s turbocharged Civic coupe on JSUTAI-created gold step-lipped Mugen M7 wheels….


NA1 NSX tucked away in the corner looking really good on gunmetal Work Meister wheels….


Bagged 2nd gen TSX with a JDP front lip and copper AG wheels….



Closing out this section with a couple of photos of the EF that we all once knew as “ATS*Rusty”. The car is now in good hands on the other side of the country and it is awesome to see that it still remains intact with the rare EC Works mirrors and all. Just a couple things have changed aesthetically since it changed ownership but for the most part, it is still very much the car that Mike and the guys from ATS Garage put together….

That’s a wrap for today. Have a great day and make sure to come back to see the final concluding portion of the Wekfest East coverage. Thanks for looking….

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