United Royals Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…


Happy Monday all. Hope you guys had a chance to check out Part 1 of this coverage, which was posted on Friday of last week. Just scroll below and you should be able to catch it. Today covers the second half of the photos by my boy Yasutaka Shimomukai. A great deal of thanks to him for taking the time to cover the event. I know how it is when you have to prep a car for a show and how tiring it can be in the days leading up to a show/meet. For him to go out of his way to do coverage is a great thing for all of us. We all get to see photos from the other side of the world and draw a little bit of inspiration or knowledge from everything we see. Thanks to him and thanks to you guys for viewing. Enjoy!….

PHOTOS: Yasutaka Shimomukai

WORDS: StickyDilJoe


Kobayashi Yugi’s freshly built, circuit-prepped EK Civic…


Very cool to see the reflective vinyl livery and vibrant colors. Definitely a eye-catching build….


Custom airbrushed “Car Craft Boon” helmet….


Custom widebody turbocharged S2000 from RED POINT JDM….


Always see this E46 coupe on gold Work Meister M1 wheels at events all over Japan….


Ultimate Garage Luvs JZS161 Aristo. Another build that you’ve seen a couple times this year here on The Chronicles….


I’m sure you all know by now but for those that do not, the 2JZ-GTE engine comes factory in the Japanese Aristo….


A look at the rear and the wide custom rear flare. Also make note of the carbon exhaust tips with gold ends….


Slammed BMW Z4 on concave Volk TE37SL….


Mazda RX-8 running custom-fit T.R.A. Kyoto/Rocket Bunny fender flares. The rear piece doesn’t look too bad but the front bumper area just looks way too linear and just doesn’t conform to the shape of the body…



CD Accord coupe with a nicely done engine bay that has been shaved clean. Custom shock towers have been grafted in for added clearance and you can see how they boxed the area around the motor mount brackets for a more steamlined look….


Work Wheels Japan has a huge influence and following in Japan because they do booths at what seems like every event in Japan…


Rocket Bunny S13 Silvia on Work Meister S1R…


Rocket Bunny RPS13 180SX also on Work wheels….


This 180SX wears the same aero but minus the canards and front splitter/rear diffuser comob….


Shuichi Nakagawa’s 180SX with modified Rocket Bunny aero from Team BAD QUALITY. This is the same build that was on the cover of Super Street magazine earlier this year….


6666 Customs S13 Silvia coupe that was seen in the Super Street “Japan Issue” with the two other Rocket Bunny S-chassis builds above….


The owner even had the issue on display on his windshield…


The rear end of the Silvia has the new rear bumper-less Rocket Bunny design but the rear wing was detached and not mounted to the chassis….



Rocket Bunny Version II Toyota 86 with HKS GT Supercharger and gold Enkei RS05RR wheels….


Rocket Bunny everywhere apparently as yet another RB 86 popped up in the parking lot….


Nice to see a clean 1st gen. Toyota Soarer buried in the sea of brightly-colored Rocket Bunny builds….


A glimpse at the awards specially tailored for the United Royals Japan event….


Rudegirrl aka Alice and Sara Choi worked the United Royals event and presented awards to guys like Kobayashi Yugi….


Kazuhiro and friends getting a shot of Yugi and Aki Shizuka with their respective awards….


Shuichi Nakagawa and Team BAD QUALITY won an award for his popular S13 build….


This custom Zoomer won an award….


The owner of the H22-swapped Accord coupe also received accolades…


Sometimes when you see the owner of a car, you have a better understanding of why a car was built the way it was. This is a perfect example. He even had pink accessories on him to match his custom pink interior, haha…. awesome…


Yugi, his EK, and his award…


Aki Shizuka’s EF from TRY BOX with new Osaka JDM widened front fenders…


Nakagawa poses with his award next to his RPS13….


The owner of the Aristo from Ultimate Garage Luvs chose to remain faceless….



A couple snaps of the Soarer as it was leaving the venue….


Mao Nakai took the opportunity to get a photo with Sara Choi next to his 370GT Skyline….


Meaty wheel set-up on this flared Silvia Zenki….


Shu Hasegawa and his INGS Evo leaving the show….


Phaze2 Eishi and his AP2 cruising alongside Yasu and Keisuke….


Phaze2 Yasu didn’t participate at United Royals, but he did get a photo of his S2000 during a stop on the drive home….


…and we close things out with a photo of the two S2000s from Phaze2 Japan…

That’s a wrap on United Royals Japan. Thanks for looking!!…

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