First Look At The NEW JDMYard WTAC Civic Race Car…

Many of you guys will have seen this spread all over Facebook by the time you wake up but for those less inclined to use Facebook or don’t have an active account, here are some photos that were just unveiled of the brand new Civic race car from Australian tuner JDMYard. They’ve built some pretty incredibly, and very competitive, race cars in the past but this latest project is probably their best work yet. Originally it was kept under wraps and was set to be a surprise entry into the 2014 World Time Attack Challenge but Yonas from JDMYard decided to let the world know early of their new build days prior to the event…

This was the first preliminary photo that was sent to me by Yonas when he first introduced me to the project. It was a big secret so I wasn’t really allowed to mention it until this week….


Make note of the front fenders and custom fabrication. The fenders and rear quarters have been reshaped to house 18×11 +18 front wheels with a 295/30/18 tire and 17×9 +22 rear, with a 255/40/17 tire…

15305398397_3cfa14d84c_h (1)

Front end shot showing off the massive intercooler and oil coolers. Here you can also get a glimpse of the cage and custom vented hood…

15468836046_d708dd90eb_h (1)

Lots of custom fab work for the body including the massive rear wing and chassis-mounted wing stands….


The rear before the modified bumper and custom rear diffuser go on….

Here is an official statement from JDMYard in regards to the project vehicle:

“Introducing our brand new World Time Attack Honda Civic EG Race Car. Dont be fooled by the color, this is not EGK24A, BUT a Second EG to join the JDMyard racecar family.

For 2014, we have gone back to our EG roots. Our colour choice is a modern take of JDMyard’s classic battle ship grey. A little darker and a lot more horsepower. Aero and body work is all custom, made in house.

For its inaugural flight at this years 2014 WTAC, we are hoping to fly the HONDA & FWD flag higher than before amongst all the other entrants ..

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. ( You know who you are )”

And below are the finished photos of the car. I’ll try to get you guys specs after the WTAC event this weekend in Australia….


Excellent work with all the custom aero on this car….


You can see just how wide the front end is with this shot….


Quick look at the rear diffuser and half cut rear bumper…

Again, this car is still relatively a secret so there isn’t much info available yet. Yonas from JDMYard is busy prepping for the event now and he hopes they get this thing some seat time before the World Time Attack Challenge begins this weekend. Practice runs begin this Thursday and then the official event takes place on Friday and Saturday. Good luck to JDMYard and the rest of the competitors at WTAC. I look forward to seeing photos and hearing more about it!…

Thanks for looking!…

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  1. So very awesome! Thanks for the photos and I’m excited to see how she races and learn more after.

  2. That is the engine?!?!

  3. what hood vent did you guys use on the eg hatch? i cant seem to find anything that looks like the one you guys are using. any help jdmyard ?

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