Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos of The Jaimes Bros Civic/CR-X Feature from the 2014 SS Honda Issue….

Let’s take a break from the usual coverage for today and take a look at some photos that I’ve been sitting on from the 2014 Super Street Honda Issue. Periodically, I like to toss up some of these unpublished photos so that they don’t go to waste and also include the web versions of the shots that did ultimately go to print. I did a bulk of the work for the Honda Issue this year so I still have the other photos to come from this issue. I’ll throw those up in the future whenever I have the time to but today, we’re going to look at Luis and Jose Jaimes’ Honda builds from that issue. When I was first approached to find some feature vehicles for this issue, I wanted to make sure to include a variety of different types of builds whose owners have their own unique story to tell. The Jaimes brothers have been doing car shows now for the last couple years and they are probably two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. They’re always friendly, super helpful, and they really make an effort to make it out to practically every event. I liked their back story because these brothers do pretty much everything car-related together. Each live their own personal lives of course but when it comes to car stuff, they stick together. It’s almost weird to not see them together at a car function. They even work together and car pool together to work. You figure they’d get tired of one another being around each other so often but they genuinely seem to like each other, which is rare considering how close they are in age. More often than not, siblings just don’t get along or aren’t into the same hobbies. The Jaimes brothers are different. When I decided to do a feature on their Hondas, it only made sense for them to be together in one story. The Honda Issue was perfect because it helped bring some spotlight to these guys who are pretty quiet individuals. They don’t make a lot of noise or say a whole lot and they just let their cars do the talking for them. Both are great builds and unique in their own way, but you can obviously tell that they both spent time on each car. They also have a knack for seeking out really rare, old Honda parts so you’ll see some parts that you either recognize because you’re an older Honda head, or you’ve never seen before because these parts just aren’t that readily available anymore in 2014….

Shooting two cars is always tough for me. I think I find it difficult because I like to invest so much time into each car that I often run out of time while capturing them. I appreciate the find details and try to pull these details out so that you guys can see them. When you only have a couple of hours to spend shooting them in the appropriate time of day, you’re basically chasing the sunlight before night falls or you’re up early in the morning avoiding the sun as it rises. Consider the fact that you have to do twice as much work in the same amount of time and things get pretty stressful. With these two cars, I ended up having to shoot it two separate times because I just didn’t manage my time well enough. Thankfully, the Jaimes brothers were understanding and took the time to come out on separate occasions so that I could get everything I wanted. In the end I think I’m pretty happy with the photos but I’m my own worst critic so I always think I can do better. “Satisfied” I think is the appropriate word for how I feel about these shots. Anyways, it’s all done now so there’s no sense in dwelling on it. Thanks to the Jaimes brothers for helping to put this all together…

Here is the link to the digital version of this double feature on the new Super Street Network. Check it out if you didn’t get a chance to read the story and then peep the photos below. Thanks for looking….

1992 Honda Civic Si & 1991 CR-X – The Jaimes Boys

Below is a mix of both published photos as well as previously unseen shots that didn’t make it to print. Enjoy…


Above is the actual shot that I had captured for the opening spread of the article. I had two different options for them to use but I personally preferred this one. I even spaced it for a two pager so that the crease in between wouldn’t obstruct either of the cars…


They ultimately went with this shot, which was the alternate, and it worked out great. I liked how the two bays came together and how they contrasted….


Luis Jaimes’ Mugen-themed Civic build….


For full specs, make sure to check out the link above that redirects you to the original Super Street spread….














Jose Jaimes’ Spoon-themed CR-X….











Super rare Kakimoto Racing exhaust….





That’s a wrap for today, thanks for looking!!…

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