Exclusive Content: Spoon Sports USA Debuts Their Honda Fit Build for SEMA 2014…

What’s up guys. As many of you should know by now. I’m deep in the middle of the annual SEMA Show week in Las Vegas, NV. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit down and put anything together but I figured this post was perfect to get out this week for you guys to view. Every year, I always think that for whatever reason, I’m going to be able to sit back and relax and watch the SEMA Show unfold before me without being involved in any major projects. Somehow I end up finding myself covering some really cool stuff and I’m honored that there are people and companies out there who want me to document their builds…

For this year, the Honda booth was doing a full display of customized 2015 Honda Fits and one of the companies who were commissioned to create something was Spoon Sports USA. This for me was worth covering alone because in the year’s past, Honda of America has never really “embraced” the Japanese aftermarket tuners that made the Honda brand name so strong so I was quite surprised to hear that there would be an authentic Spoon Sports build not only on the SEMA Show floors, but also representing Honda in their booth. The marketing team over at Honda of America seems to be looking in a new direction and really want to be more involved in the tuner community. The guys from Spoon Sports USA gave me an exclusive look into their build so whenever I found the time, I headed over there to see how the car was coming together. The car came together quite quickly, quicker than I imagined, and as such, there wasn’t a whole lot of build photos to capture. What you see below is what I captured…

Before you begin, I’ll unload some details for you here since I do not have much time left to go through every photo with you guys as I usually do;

-This is Spoon Sports USA’s first complete build
-The car was built completely here in Orange County, CA
-The traditional Spoon livery is painted on the car. The transition from blue to yellow is not vinyl
-The roll cage that you see inside is an actual cage that was CAD designed and created in Japan. The cage was then sent in pieces where it was reassembled and welded into the Fit
-There are no upgrades motor-wise other than some dress-up accessories. This was created as a demo vehicle.
-The hood is the only part of the car that is vinyl-wrapped. It is done in blue chrome to match the current Spoon liveries in Japan on the Super Taikyu vehicles.

That should be it. Enjoy the photos everyone and if you are at SEMA 2014, stop by the Honda booth to check it out!!!
























Thanks for looking!!

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  1. Any info on the front wheel specs..heard they were 15×8? Also will they be released to the public?

  2. Spoon is my favorite after market company! I hope this Fit won best honda at sema!!!!

  3. Sooooo…. are Spoon parts – anything of their current/future Japanese catalog – going to become officially available through dealerships? Things like this car, and Honda’s re-introduction into Formula 1 next year (their teaming with McLaren is just too cool, btw – Ayrton Senna, and all), give me hope that we will see a serious effort from Honda to once again make performance-oriented street cars and otherwise more competent engineering in their baser models.

    Thanks for sharing this one!

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