Wekfest Texas 2014 Coverage…Part 4 of 4…

Buried deep in the thousands of photos I’ve taken over the past month is an almost forgotten set that remained from my 2014 Wekfest Texas coverage. It’s been busy. I’m sure you guys know that. I am out and about covering everything I can and just recently returned from a week long trip to Vegas to cover the annual SEMA event. I had a laptop with me and was fully prepared to finish this update but there just wasn’t enough time in the day to sit down and knock it out. I could have easily just posted the photos and not wrote anything but that just isn’t my style. The photos can probably tell their own story but I always feel more comfortable knowing that I can describe to you all what you’re seeing instead of letting you stare and assume….

As mentioned early on, Texas is always one of my favorite stops on the Wekfest tour and I’m happy that Wekfest allows me the opportunity to participate in their festivities. The quality of cars are terrific down there and I’m excited to see what they have to offer in the future. It seems that this region has grown the most in the last couple of years and the cars just keep getting better and better. The current crop of enthusiasts will then inspire the future enthusiasts to come and things will hopefully continue to grow exponentially for them. Today we will close out the WFTX coverage with some more photos of some of the best cars present, as well as some cars that I hadn’t had the opportunity to capture in the previous three parts. Again, sorry for the delay but I think you guys will understand why the updates have been few and far between in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be blasting through photos from other events that I had the pleasure of being a part of and I’ll even have the second-ever Stickydiljoe.com Video Blog for you guys to check-out….

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Below are the final photos from the Texas show. I look forward to seeing everyone from Texas and the surrounding areas again in 2015. Enjoy!…


NA1 NSX from Team 16Niss with a rare Do-Luck front bumper and wheel/brake combo consisting of Spoon Sports Monoblock brakes and Advan Racing RS-D….



Twin-turbo Nissan VQ-swapped S30Z….


Flared two-door Subaru Impreza 2.5RS with an apparent 2.7L stroker motor…I wouldn’t know because the hood wasn’t open and I didn’t want to kick over all of his fine Meguiar’s products (No shameless plug here)…..


I have not been too familiar with the Texas car scene for very long but I was told my a Texas native that this 350Z has been around for quite some time and re-emerged at WFTX ’14 virtually unchanged. If so, it’s a testament to the owner’s ability to put a car together because it still looks very relevant heading into 2015. The only difference is that his fenders aren’t fucked-up and his tires aren’t worn out, haha….


Nicely executed bagged Infiniti M from Team 16Niss….



Some more shots of Dante’s Top Secret turbocharged ZF1 CR-Z with full C-West aero and custom Mugen MF10 wheels….



Every time I’m in Texas, I gotta get a few good photos of Fernando Huerta’s K-swapped del Sol engine bay. He came by and started chatting with me and then I completely forgot to get a shot of the outside of his car, haha….


Mike’s Mugen EK4 SiR-themed Civic build was certainly the biggest surprise of WFTX ’14. It ended the day taking two separate awards and judging by the crowd response, it was totally justified….


The K-swapped and right-hand drive converted engine bay of the Mugen Civic….


Shaved smooth with everything tucked away. In this photo you can see where the Rywire Mil-spec harness runs to into the cabin….


Rare optional Honda headlight covers are just one of many accessories included in this highly-detailed build…



Another of Team 5Star’s many well-executed Honda builds was this K-swapped EK on silver Volk TE37….



Turbocharged B-series Civic coupe from 5Star….



PY ITR looking good with the Special Projects P1 lip/splitter and bronze Volk SE37K….


Mugen-themed CL9 TSX on Advan RZ wheels….


AP2 S2000 with OEM CR front lip, rear flares, and 17×9.5 GTR-face Advan Racing RG….


Acura TL dumped on polished Work VS-XX….


Christian Santiago’s NA1 NSX from 5Star with full Advance aero and NSX-spec Regamaster EVO….



Tomsiik’s turbocharged S2000 with ASM front bumper and assorted Spoon Sports aero….


Square 1 brought out this wild turbocharged and bagged Acura TL build on VIP Modular wheels…



Awesome to see a detailed BB6 Prelude build. This one featured a really clean engine bay and a well thought-out red/black theme….


Acura Integra Type R on staggered, polished CCW Classic….


The newer Accord coupes seem to be pretty popular in Texas, with many of them done in a similar fashion bagged on big 3-piece forged wheels….


Custom widebody IS from Team Apokalypse with Aimgain aero that has been modded to flow with the lines of the custom rear wheel arches and front fenders….




This was one of the first Liberty Walk kits to make it into Texas and I gotta say, this is one of the nicest I’ve had the chance to see in person. Here in Cali we are exposed to Liberty Walk stuff on a daily basis so it is almost a little strange to see only one LB build at a car show. I love the color of this one and I also enjoyed how they switched things up by making their own custom wing stands ….



One of the best from Texas that weekend was this Ridox-themed Supra on ADV.1 wheels. All it was missing was some significant engine upgrades but hell, it’s a JZA80, the owner has nothing but time and options….


The 2013 Wekfest “King of the South”, Thomas Pinai, re-emerged in ’14 with some new upgrades to his 2GS including custom hood vents, carbon front lip add-on, and re-barreled step-lip SSR GT3 wheels…



Giovanni’s Super Futura LS430 build looked spectacular at WFTX. Love the sparkling “starry” engine bay and the myriad of details he’s done to this GReddy supercharged Lexus…..



K-swapped, turbocharged Civic coupe that seemingly came out of nowhere. I love seeing builds that people rarely know about and this one was on-point. I also am a big fan of Advan RCII wheels too so this car is just right up my alley….



Making the trek all the way from Norcal was this K-swapped Integra with JDM ITR front end conversion. This build from Downshift Klick ended the day with an award in the highly-competitive Integra Class….


Really aggressive wheel sizing on this 2nd gen. Acura TSX….



Jud Lagunas’ EF Civic continues to improve every year. He’s taken a more personal styling approach to his car than the more conventional J-style look and I applaud him for being different. His car actually caught fire right after Wekfest Texas last year and he took the time to redo the entire engine bay. Nice work….



I don’t know if you guys remember my older WFTX coverage, but this Kraftwerks supercharged FG2 Civic is actually the same custom widebody coupe that was green a couple years ago. He redid the entire engine bay and the entire car was resprayed. There is a ton of custom modifications to this Civic and was certainly one of the more well thought-out builds of the ’14 event….


Bagged black Z on Avant Garde wheels that you’ve seen a couple times in the previous posts…



Rami Qasem’s turbocharged ASM-themed AP2 S2000 build on black SSR Professor SP3 wheels….


Towards the end of the day, the crowd gathered by the Wekfest booth to prepare for the awards announcements….


There were plenty of awards to go around to many of the great builds present at WFTX….


Justin from IMPRM looked like he had a great time…..


Vossen model Jenn Q and Phaze2 Dougie…..


I didn’t get any photos from the awards ceremony but I did capture some more cars afterwards. The crowd soon dispersed which opened up the show floor for many uninterrupted shots….


Thomas Pinai’s multiple award-winning GS400 build. Safe to say that this car has made its mark in the Texas car community as well as the import community throughout the nation. Other than the RCG Integra, this is the first build to win multiple “Best of Show” awards at Wekfest in multiple cities….


Aimgain Euro Y33 Q45 on SSR Professor MS3 wheels. Virtually identical to my own Q other than the colorway and certain accessories….


One more of the bagged Z. Such a cool build that I had to get more photos of it….


Square1’s custom widebody Aimgain Lexus IS on custom black Work Emitz wheels….


And it is only appropriate to finally close out the Wekfest Texas 2014 coverage with coolest duo of the show, the twin NSXs on Mugen wheels owned by Akachan Chea….

Well, that’s a wrap. Now, onto more and more photos coming throughout the week! Be prepared!!….

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