The Chronicles Vlog #3 (Part 2/5): A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Year.SIX and more…

The Chronicles Vlog #3 is a 5-part mini-series documenting our two-week long adventure to and at the 2014 SEMA Show. This provides an in-depth look at everything that goes on leading to the show, the actual event, and everything that occurred outside of the show.

Part 2 of 5 documents all the happenings behind-the-scenes of my Year.SIX event. The Rocket Bunny NSX was nearing completion the night before so I dedicated the rest of my day to my own Year.SIX anniversary event. This is my annual event that I do every year around October/November and a ton of supporters from all over the world come out to be a part of it. My friends from Japan are the most prominent visitors from aboard so we try to spend as much time with them as possible while they are here. They had also planned to go to SEMA for the entire week after so it just always makes sense for my event to be the weekend before SEMA.

After Year.SIX, I also had a private BBQ at the Phaze2 Headquarters for friends and family. Since I’m so busy with the event every year, I wanted to have a celebration in a more private, intimate setting. BBQs and parties at the shop are always fun and since we had visitors, why not show them a good time, right? You’ll get a chance to see all that happened whenever I had time to document it. Enjoy and thanks for watching…

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see.

Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts:

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
David Andrade (@dpk_david)
Amy Fay (@theeamyfay)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@phaze2_yasu)
Dougie Salguero (@phaze2dougie_frezh)
Salem (@simplysalem)
Mikey Cristi (@phaze2heymikeyyyy)
Hiro Ueda (@kctrading_hiro)
Sara Choi (@sara.choi)
Shuichi Nakagawa (@180nakkan)
Ryan Basseri (@ryan_rywire)
RC Chacon (@rcsgarage)
Black Pie (@datpielife)

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