The Chronicles Tokyo 2015 Coverage…Part 2: Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage Continues…

Photos & Words by Joey Lee

What’s up all, hope everyone enjoyed the first part of my Japan trip coverage. By now, maybe you have had the opportunity to view Part 1 of the new Vlog episode too, posted simultaneously with the photos. If not, please take the time to check it out as more are coming and I want you guys to be all caught-up before we move forward. I have a meeting to go to so I can’t stick around for long, so today, we’re going to jump right into the photos. The next episode of the Vlog will be a very special one documenting our adventures into the famed “Robot Restaurant” in Tokyo, Japan. You guys may have seen it covered on an episode of “Vice” or on one of Anthony Bourdain’s shows but wait until you guys see it through our eyes. It is something so bizarre and unique that you do not want to miss it. For now, check out the photos below of the last bit of cars I captured in the parking lot and then the actual featured vehicles inside the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 event. Thanks for looking. I know it is a lot of content to go through but I wouldn’t show you guys if I feel that it wasn’t important. I appreciate your time and support, enjoy….


Garage Mak widebody S15 Silvia in yellow….


Another FD3S RX-7 wearing RE Amemiya aero. This was the same one we encountered a year before in the parking lot of the show….


UCF30 Celsior with a Wald lip kit and BBS LM…


Eunos Cosmo coupe looking as odd and rare as ever in the parking lot of TAS ’15…


Always been a huge fan of the Toyota Mark II/Chaser platform. They are just so easy to make look good and have the power from the factory to back it up…


Rare to see a BMW M3 coupe on Enkei RS05RR wheels….


R34 Skyline on big, concave, Advan Racing wheels…


Classic look for this R32 Skyline with the Panasport G7 wheels…


This Fairlady Z was a perfect visual representation of a Tokyo Wangan racer that you would see cruising the night on Rainbow Bridge…


Simple R34 GTR V-Spec II on BBS LM….


Hard to find really clean Soarer/SC builds these days over here in the States but the parking lot at TAS ’15 offered up some good examples….


Another Toyota Soarer, this one a Kouki model on Gram Lights 57Extreme wheels…



NA1 NSX widebody from Wayward Factory looking a little rough around the edges but still pretty awesome. I don’t know how long this car has been around but it definitely gets used. The white Volk TE37 wheels were actually turning yellow and the kit looked like it had seen much better days…


One more since it was yet another parking lot gem that morning…



On the way out of the parking lot of the Makuhari Messe, I spotted this immaculate Ford Mustang Cobra on Panasport C8 wheels….

Eventually we did make it inside the building. Those of you who saw Part 1 of the new Vlog episode got to witness our locker fiasco and not a whole lot of video coverage of the show, but I actually did shoot quite a bit that day…


Varis Kamikaze R Time Attack build looking like it never touched the track…


Varis WRX STI sedan…


Varis Subaru Impreza STI…


RE Amemiya’s signature “Hurricane7” time attack vehicle…


RE Amemiya debuted this Rotary-powered 3rd gen. Mazda MX-5 complete with their new widebody aero and signature oddball headlight conversion…


Up Garage S15 Silvia drift car running Work wheels and full BN Sports aero…



Loved this display set-up at the Fujitsubo booth for Keiichi Tsuchiya’s AE86 Corolla. The car has a Tec-Arts built 7AG motor under his signature green hood….


Blitz Nissan Skyline 350GT…


One of the more highly-anticipated debuts was the Varis/VRS BMW Z4 Roadster….




Newly-debuted Varis Lexus RC F dubbed the “Varis Magnum Opus”….


Varis/VRS BMW M4 on Advan Racing wheels running their new line of Euro-specific aero….


KUHL Racing Factory “Mustard Run” Toyota 86 widebody….



One of the most talked-about builds of this year’s TAS event was this widebody R35 GTR from KUHL Racing Japan. The car featured this wild textured paint job by Artis that almost didn’t even seem real. And to make the car that much more epic, their booth was pumping out some crazy dramatic music throughout the day. Car seems like it was on display in the middle of the movie “300” or something…



Custom tuning shop B-dash brought out this Toyota Crown Majesta bagged on BBS LM…


J-Unit Toyota Crown Athlete running Rays Wheels’ new Black Fleet V625C wheel…


Tracy Sports S2000 race car….


Rowen/Tommy Kaira Ferrari 458 Italia Spider “Tsurugi” featuring their World Platinum Edition aero kit and prototype Prodrive GC-05X wheels…



Widebody R35 GTR on Advan Racing GT wheels displayed by Kansai Service…


Kansai Service Toyota 86 on new Advan Racing RZII wheels…


The Enkei booth was highlight with the second-ever, complete, Rocket Bunny NSX on polished 6666 wheels. I believe this is Miura’s personal NSX and was assembled just days before TAS ’15….


Mac-Complete Honda Odyssey Absolute looking incredibly aggressive….



One of my favorite VIP builds of this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon event was this Toyota Crown built by Chic Inc…. I just love the custom body work mixed in with the deep purple tone. The Work wheels just sat perfectly on it too… All-around this car was just proper…



T&E Vertex showcased this widebody S15 Silvia with their aero kit and a bright green on grey livery….


PREMIUM Japan’s display area featured this Toyota Verossa build utilizing T&E Vertex aero and 19-inch Work Emotion CR wheels….


Under the hood of the rarely seen Verossa is a 2.5L 1JZ-GTE motor featuring PREMIUM Japan’s turbo kit….


D-Max S15 drift car that participates in the D1GP series in Japan….


Original TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny Version II Toyota 86 on their 6666 wheels….


S Road R35 Super GT race vehicle displayed at the BBS wheels booth…

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