The Chronicles Tokyo 2015 Coverage…Part 3: ROBOT RESTAURANT!!!!…

Okay, so this requires some back story…What you’re going to see below is everything that is incredibly bizarre and amazing about Japan. Robot Restaurant is extremely over the top and that is why it is so good. Japan has always fascinated me and I’ve always wanted to see the more “obscure” side of it. You see it on television a lot when different television programs document all the quirks of that country but we really wanted to experience some of this on our own. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel so why not take full advantage of it, right? So we had known about the famed “Robot Restaurant” for about a year or so now. Some of our friends had gone and told us a little about it but we got most of our exposure about this particular place from one of Anthony Bourdain’s many television shows. On this episode, he visited Tokyo, Japan and one of the places that he visited was Robot Restaurant. Bourdain has seen pretty much everything being that he has been all over the world but to see his reaction to this place was quite priceless. When we were in Tokyo last year, we had wanted to go but by the time we realized where it was, we were already in the Osaka area and our itinerary was pretty loaded. We had told some of our Japanese friends over there about the place and they hadn’t heard about it before but were also interested, so we promised each other that we would definitely go the next time we were in Japan….

In the days leading up to the trip, we had reserved our tickets and had made Robot Restaurant an essential part of our trip. Our boy Yasu from Osaka was in town for Tokyo Auto Salon as always with some other friends of ours and it was the perfect time to go. That Friday, after day one of TAS ’15 (Locker and key debacle behind us) we made our way to Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. On paper, this place sounded fucking awesome. I love food and who doesn’t love robots? It has the ingredients for everything that we would want in a night out on the town in Japan. Let me tell you this, the food fucking sucks there, haha. I mean, they are not known for the food and we didn’t plan to eat there anyways but our Japanese friends had already reserved our tickets with food included so it just worked out that way. Even if you look at the reviews online, they tell you not to eat there. It is a restaurant, but not a place you want to eat at if you want a solid meal. It is in the red light district of that area anyway so you can go to a fucking blowjob restaurant down the street if you really want an interesting eating experience. I’ve never been blown while eating before but I don’t imagine it would be easy. Depending on what I eat, I might get the food in the girl’s hair or something and it would be incredibly embarrassing. Who knows what else I would get in her hair but that’s besides the point, haha. That and holding a boner while eating sounds difficult. I have never been but our friends in Japan pointed it out to us as we were walking to Robot Restaurant. How they know is beyond me but anyways, here is the Robot Restaurant coverage…

I captured some photos below that I think came out pretty decent but the key to this post is watching Part 2 of my vlog documenting our experience there. Keep an open mind of course and understand that it is completely unlike anything you have seen before. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Seeing a robot doing the robot is kind of ironic but it is Japan and boy oh boy, will I remember this experience as a whole for the rest of my days. Thanks for looking!…

If you would like more information on Robot Restaurant Shinjuku or want to reserve tickets for your next visit to Japan, check out their official website HERE….

Photos below…



Ryan Der was incredibly excited to be at Robot Restaurant after waiting a year to go…




Taku Kusugami and Atsuki Tsuboichi from Tactical Art….


Yasu Shimomukai from Tactical Art, who helped set up our visit to Robot Restaurant…




Robert was brimming with excitement before the start of the show…




Yuri was captivated…





















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  1. Future Mrs. Stickydiljoe’s scream will forever be on loop in my head.

  2. That robot bike has AO48’s on it, haha! Beast.

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