The Chronicles Tokyo 2015 Coverage…Part 4: Even More From Tokyo Auto Salon ’15…

There is still so much content to go over that I might as well get you guys a Sunday update…The NFL Super Bowl isn’t until next week anyways and being that I’ll be in Hawaii for Wekfest HI towards the end of the week, I really need to start pumping out the new posts. Today, we’re going to continue with more photos from the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon event. I was running around back and forth from hall to hall so there really isn’t a specific order to any of the photos. I just shot whatever caught my eye at that particular moment. If I had an open shot, I basically took it because it is pretty difficult to shoot when the models show up. Old men and perverts who are just there for models literally swarm the girls, making the cars impossible to even see. There are some really great cars that I missed altogether because I just couldn’t get into the area because of how big the crowds were. I’m happy with what I got though and today you get to see some more of the high-caliber time attack builds that exist in Japan mixed with some cool luxury VIP stuff. Enjoy and please make sure to come back for more because there is content overflowing and a bulk of it will be coming in the next few days….


We kick things off with a shot of the legendary Top Secret booth featuring a host of their shop-built R35 GTRs…


The Top Secret Super GT-R II time attack build…


A GTR in Top Secret’s more traditional gold…



Top Secret also stepped outside their box by putting together this red, carbon widebody GTR sitting on 20-inch Work VS-XX wheels in gold…


I can’t help but miss the old JUN Auto yellow/green liveries but I’m happy to see that they are still doing very well. At TAS ’15, they had a couple of JUN builds in their booth including this GTR…



One of the builds that was the talk of TAS ’15 was JUN Auto’s Subaru BRZ which featured a custom-built Synergy engine set-up which utilizes a custom V8 engine block and crank mounted to twin Kawasaki ZX12R heads. The motorcycle heads allow the motor to rev to 12,000 RPM and this 2.4L version pumps out around 360+ horsepower. Synergy also offers an even bigger 3.0L version that makes around 520whp…




Top Fuel S2000-RR turbo looking as great as it ever has. Good to see the continued success of this car and its evolution as one of the fastest circuit Hondas in the world….


The first Tesla on air suspension made its debut at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015. I believe Shin from Airrunner was responsible for building this set-up and it took almost an entire year to get it all done and functional…


Tajima-built Monster Sports Super 86 featuring a twin-turbo V6 engine with 6-speed sequential transmission and a full custom carbon body. Love how the Volk CE28 wheels look on there with the meaty dirt tires….


Pit Road M, who is known for their Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT circuit monster, came out for TAS ’15 with an entirely different look showcasing their Toyota 86 build which features an FRP Varis Arising II kit and GReddy turbo kit…


Z34 Fairlady from Weber Sport running a full Zenith Line aero kit…


The Garage Itoh R34 Skyline was one of my favorites of this year. Loved the rawness of the gutted interior and the traditional styling of the exterior with the C-West front bumper and SSR Type-F wheels….


D2 Japan displayed this Toyota 86 running their suspension and big brake system. Take note of the swan neck rear wing too…


Aragosta’s booth featured this simple R35 GTR which sat perfectly on Volk TE37Ultras thanks to their coilover set-up…



Art Tech Hanatsuka’s twin-turbo R34 GTR….



…and their more race-ready GTR utilizing a single, larger HKS turbocharger….



Body Work’s Hyoukoya/158 Racing Rocket Bunny FD3S RX-7 sitting perfectly on aggressive Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels….



T-Demand Lexus RC300h on SSR Professor TF1….


T-Demand Lexus IS350…



T-Demand Lexus GS also on the same SSR wheels…


R31House had this beautifully restored R31 Skyline coupe on display wearing a traditional Motul graphical livery…. Nice touch with the modern SSR Executor wheels…



Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador had the center stage at one of the many halls of the Tokyo Auto Salon event….


Sunoco/Yokohama Tire/RE Amemiya FD3S build prepped for drifting duties in the Japanese D1GP series….


Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedan on matte blue Volk ZE40. I saw the Marche’ name pop up on a couple of cars at TAS. Not sure what it is as I always thought it was a clothing brand…



A couple more shots of the Varis/VRS BMW Z4 widebody, which officially debuted at TAS 2015….



Blitz Toyota 86 in reflective mirror chrome attire, running their own widebody aero kit and Enkei RS05RR wheels…



B-dash custom Nissan Gloria with a ton of custom body work and reshaped, radiused front/rear fenders…


Scorch Racing’s full carbon-bodied S15 Silvia which is piloted by Under Suzuki. This is currently the fastest vehicle at the famed Tsukuba circuit…




A rare glimpse under the hood of the Scorch Racing S15 which utilizes a Brian Crower-built SR20 motor, Garrett turbocharger, and Naprec SR20VE cylinder head….


The aero on the S15 was crazy. You really don’t understand just how wild it was until you see it in person. The car just looks massive because of how wide it is and all the aero involved….



Mad Mike’s latest soon-to-be-finished creation is this FD3S RX-7 that will eventually be powered by a twin Garrett-turbocharged 4-rotor 26B engine….



Still probably the best 86/FRS/BRZ build in the world is the WELD Technique Factory 86. The engine bay set-up is insane and the whole car overall is just very well-rounded…



Speaking of WELD, Tokyo Auto Salon ’15 marked the debut of their new collaborative effort with Fatlace. This Toyota Mark II will compete in the 2015 Formula Drift Asia series….



Kyushu-Danji’s R34 Skyline GTR parked in the Voltex booth displaying all of Voltex’s aggressive carbon aero…



A peek under the hood of the Kyushu-Danji Skyline and the HKS Spec 2 2.8L RB engine….


Wrapping it up for today with this OFCustoms widebody Toyota Vellfire is literally on fire with its airbrushed flame visuals. The flames are incredibly detailed and spread not only onto the lips of the wheels but even into the door jams. Check out the crazy gullwing door conversion too. Nuts….

Still more to come and make sure to keep up with the latest vlogs on The Chronicles Official YouTube Channel!…

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  1. I hate to correct people, but all Model S’ are equipped with air suspension as stock.

  2. Jun brz is brilliant

  3. I see Airrunner G-Drive stickers on the Tesla. If I remember correctly isn’t G-Drive a new coilover setup from Airrunner that just allows the user to adjust the ride height without taking the wheel off?

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