The Chronicles Tokyo 2015 Coverage…Part 5: The End of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015…

Photos & Words by Joey Lee

Hopefully you guys have been keeping up with all the vlogs that I have been posting from my recent trip to Japan. There is still a ton more to come with some great, highly-interesting, content so please take some time to get caught up with that. If you watched the latest one, you’ll note that we finished off the second day of Tokyo Auto Salon before skipping day 3 of the show. Instead of going to the show another day, we head to Yokohama to check out ASM and took a tour of their facility. I’ll have those photos for you next time but today, we’re going to close out TAS 2015 with the last batch of photos that I collected. There is a shit ton of photos to go through with some really good builds, some new, some classics, so let’s dive right into that stuff. I’ve been back for almost two weeks now and I still haven’t even finished going through half of the photos. The video stuff has been taking up much of my time but you guys should still continue to see daily updates without any interruptions. I head to Hawaii this weekend for the first Wekfest event of the year but I think the content should be ready to go up even while I’m gone. Please take the time to watch the videos and view the photo coverage. It is a lot to take in but honestly, you won’t see stuff like this anywhere else presented in this fashion. There’s a reason why you stick around to view content here because well, it’s just better. Haha, alright, enjoy guys. Thanks for the support….

We start things off today with a look inside the special “Option Legends of Tuning” Hall where Option magazine brought out some great classic builds of all for the world to see. It was not only a blast from the past but also a good reminder of how far things have come along in the last couple of years…




I don’t know how many of you current generation of tuners remembers this Supra but this is the Top Secret “TS8012V” which was a JZA80 chassis outfitted with Top Secret’s own custom aero and a twin-turbocharged Toyota 1GZ V12 engine from an old Century. This was beyond any stretch of imagination for tuners back then and really shocked the world when it debuted…. You can actually still find videos of this car running on YouTube. Great to see that it is still together and in the same condition as when it came out years ago…



This Mercury Z-Project was pretty awesome to see. It too had custom aero and widebody modifications but under the hood was what everyone was talking about. Instead of a traditional Z33 motor, Mercury went a totally different route and swapped in a Toyota 2JZ-GTE….



The Legends of Tuning hall was the perfect place for Star Road to debut its newest Z masterpiece. Love the color and the sleek lines of the kit which flow well with the body…


Toyota 86 with molded front and rear flares with Brembo big brakes and Aimgain wheels…



I finally got to see the M&M Honda widebody S2000. There has been a lot of talk about this kit and discussion of whether or not it looks good but honestly, it doesn’t look bad in person. I just think it needs a rear wing to match the big body. This is actually a customer’s car and M&M is currently building their own demo S2000 race car with this kit in black so it should be interesting to see what it looks like in race form….


Famed old school tuning shop Rocky Auto brought out this aggressively-styled Hakosuka…


RESTORED displayed this clean stock-body Skyline sedan on Work Equip 01….


Back in the main area of the show, I stopped by to check out some of the more luxurious builds of the show along with the exotics. WALD debuted their new Black Bison Edition aero kit for the Maserati Ghibli…


Nice set-up on this Toyota Crown Athlete Hybrid at the MDR wheels booth…


Roberuta air suspension brought out their Ferrari F40 LM once again along with its own personal security as usual…


Instead of bringing out two F40 LMs, they opted to switch things up with this Ferrari Enzo on air cups along with an F50….


Artisan Sports Lexus LF-A….


Artisan Lexus NX F Sport….


Artisan LS600h with their kit and wheels….



TAS ’15 served as a platform for Liberty Walk to debut its new Dodge Challenger aero kit. It was a little peculiar to see them make a kit for this particular chassis but these are actually pretty popular in Japan so it makes sense….


Liberty Walk R35 GTR in matte orange…



It wouldn’t be a Liberty Walk display without a couple of Lamborghini Murcielagos equipped with their aero….



Zero Fighter brought out this very Pro-Japan styled Scion FR-S with modified Rocket Bunny Ver. II aero kit…Note the rear bumper and the center-exit exhaust…


Forzato’s widebody Lexus IS complete with their brakes and gold Work wheels…


Speaking of Work Wheels, their booth featured this R35 GTR from KUHL Racing….


This R35 was refinished in a brushed metallic material and was firmly planted on Bold World air suspension…


Club Linea wheels featured this Toyota Crown Athlete with Aimgain aero also on Bold World air suspension…




Aimgain Lexus IS F with their VIP GT Grand Tourer widebody kit and wheels. I really liked the orange and black motif on this build. It really brought attention to their massive booth area and contrasted the other cars perfectly….



Aimgain VIP Sport Lexus RC F….



Aimgain Lexus RC300h F Sport with their VIP Sport aero kit and GVS wheels in two different finishes….


Aimgain Lexus NX200t with their VIP EXE aero…



Right across from the Aimgain booth, as usual, was the WED’s booth which featured this Aimgain Toyota 86 widebody on WED’s Maverick wheels…


…the other side featured a different set of WED’s wheels from their Maverick line….


Goodyear/Up Garage Toyota Mark X drift car from the D1GP series….


Aimgain Lexus LS600h widebody parked at the other end of the WED’s booth featuring their Kranze line of wheels…



One of the more talked about builds this year was the 326Power Lexus RC F… 326/Mitsuru Power always has a very distinct look for all of their builds and this Lexus RC was yet another colorful creation of their’s….


Not sure how many people noticed this car but this is actually a Toyota JZX110 Mark II Wagon with a retrofitted Lexus IS front end….


326Power Toyota Celsior from Club Liberty VIP on Work Meister M1 3-piece wheels…


Soiked lug nuts and valve caps from 326 were all the rage this year….


Nice display at the Honda booth that was perfectly understated….



Keihin Honda NSX concept under the bright lights at the Honda booth…


Team Mugen SF14 Super Formula race car in traditional Mugen colors…


My favorite display at this year’s TAS ’15 event was this Repsol #93 bike complete with MotoGP champion Marc Marquez and all….


URAS always has a pretty small booth at TAS along with one nice build. This year, they decided to bring out this Toyota Chaser flared with their aero on Enkei RS05RR wheels…


Toyota Crown looking real sleek with aggressively radiused body on Work M1 wheels….



Another look at Kei Miura’s TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny NSX….


Bridgestone Potenza’s display area was highlight with this Varis Arising II Toyota 86 on Prodrive wheels….


Once the crowd cleared-out, I was finally able to get a shot of the Rowen Lamborghini Aventador complete with their new aero and prototype Prodrive wheels….



HKS R35 GTR time attack car wearing Ben Sopra aero at the Yokohama Advan wheels booth….


1048Style’s Army Girl display area featured this RWB 993 on custom Rotiform wheels….



Voing S15 Silvia with Moze widebody kit…



Fastes’ has one of the best-looking aero kits available for the Porsche 997. Love this kit and how sleek it is…



If you take a closer look at the 326 RC F, you’ll notice that it has a front brake kit with dual calipers. The popular trend in the last couple of years has been to do the rotor top hats and calipers in different colors. 326 took it a step farther and shoved another caliper in there with yet another different color. Add to that some spiked lugs, also in a different color, and you got yourself a rainbow eye orgasm…


One more shot of the 326 RC F to wrap things up…

Next up, I’ll take you on a tour of the ASM Autobacs Yokohama facility. That and much, much more. Stay tuned!!!

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