RWB X LTMW Meet 2015 Coverage Ft. The Project Sealing Wax Unveil…

Being in this industry has allotted us many great opportunities to see things that most would not get to see… I’m sure you guys know that. One of the main reasons why you visit this site is because you get unprecedented access to things you’d never be able to see elsewhere. I love that about what I do. I’ve worked hard for it and I’m happy that people understand that and provide me with these opportunities. This month and the next is looking to be an incredibly busy one but before all the major events here in Southern California kick-off, I and a group of friends were recently invited to oversee the final assembly of the latest Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche build. This Porsche, owned by Darren Yoo aka “Creaminz” is one of the newest of a host of RWB builds that you will be seeing this calendar year. Akira Nakai of RWB has been everywhere lately building Porsches all over the world. I forget the exact number but this year alone, he is set to build one almost every month, it seems. On this trip alone, in the span of the last two weeks, he has already been busy working on Darren’s, another 993 for RWB LA (RWB Medusa), and finishing-up a 930 RWB owned by Rob from Crooks and Castles…

Phaze2 Mikey is good friends with James from FLOSS Design and James has been a key factor in this build. He is responsible for building the wheels for the 993 as well as coating many of the accessory pieces for it. Mikey also linked up Darren with Jorgie from “Jorgie Built” who was hired to shave the entire inside of the car, including the engine compartment. I don’t know of any other RWB Porsche build that will have this much custom body work inside the car but it will definitely be a bit different from the others. The entire build took place at LTMW where they painted the entire vehicle inside and out before Nakai assembled the kit and flares. Throughout the week, various people stopped by to check out the build, as it was advertised to be open for the public to view. The final unveil was to take place over the weekend where LTMW would also host a meet at their facility to debut the final product…

We wanted to head to LTMW to watch this entire process go down because it just isn’t every day when you get to see a car like this come together. Everyone knows about the unique, almost peculiar, style and methodology that Nakai encompasses but you just have to be a witness to it to truly appreciate it. It is truly like watching an artist at work on a new masterpiece. The style rarely changes but every piece (or Porsche, in this instance) is different. Each car has with it its own unique personality and everyone involved put their best efforts forward to help accentuate that idea…

If you’ve been following the build on Instagram, then you already know the explanation for this build’s unique name; “Project Sealing Wax”. For those of you who are new or were unaware of this build’s origin, allow the owner to explain in his own words why he chose to call it “Sealing Wax”…

As quoted by Darren/Creaminz:

“Some people asked me ‘Why do you call it Project Sealing Wax?.’  Sealing Wax: forming a bond that is difficult to separate without noticeable tampering. I thought it had similar meaning to Rauh Welt Porsches, Nakai-San goes around the world to install the RWB kit himself then he seals it at the end…sort of like silent agreement between him & people that the RWB kit shouldn’t be tampered by other people besides Nakai-san himself or without his permission. Again I am grateful that this is happening and what happened in the past…myself & @ltmw taking this project seriously, again this is not a competition, this is what I or we love to do and we want to prove that I am not just building hacked up car with zipties. I am building my dream project, RWB, I am putting 110% into this build”


In the days leading up to the big meet, we were over at LTMW late at night watching them finish up the new RWB 993. If they needed we would lend a helping hand but for the most part, the guys had it covered. Nakai was there but only for a few minutes every time we were there. Because it was so late in the evening already and he had worked through the day, Nakai usually left by the time we got to LTMW. We documented most of what we saw for the latest Vlog that I plan to release after Formula D Long Beach, which will also be a part of that episode….


There was a flurry of cars outside, with a combination of LTMW customer vehicles and others owned by friends who were there to spectate. Above is Karl’s Porsche 997 with GT3 front bumper and custom Work Meister S1 wheels…

The night before the unveiling, we stayed at LTMW until around 3 am watching them wrap up the car. It wasn’t 100% and still needed a ton of work, but the exterior and aesthetic pieces were all ready for display. The meet would not only be the official debut of the Project Sealing Wax build aka “RWB Creaminz”, but would also host a variety of other cars from the Southern California area as well as Toyo Tires…



Victor Wu’s 2015 BMW F80 which, if I remember correctly, makes an upwards of about 500+ hp and sounds absolutely insane…


James aka FLOSS’ Porsche 997.2 GT3…


It was interesting to see how the new RWB 993 would look out in the sun since we had only seen it inside of LTMW and in the late evenings. For those who have not seen the car in person, the color is actually red, but a very faint red-orange. I liken it to when you were a kid and were digging around for the red crayon but always ended up finding the red-orange one. That is kinda what it looks like. In the hot, bright sun, it almost looks like a salmon-tone, but again, it is red…


I know that the official name for it is “RWB Creaminz” but I always thought it was more appropriate to deem it the “RWB Sriracha”, as in Sriracha the asian hot sauce. Oh another interesting note to add if you have never seen one of these in person is how the car is sealed. The edges of the fender flares are not lined with a rubber liner like you would see on say, a Rocket Bunny kit or most add-on body flares. The pieces are actually mounted and held in place before they are sealed by Nakai himself with this black caulking material. It is all done by hand. The crazy part of it is that he seals EVERYTHING. Even the windshield banner is sealed to the glass with the edges where the windshield molding is bonded with the same material. I think even the headlights are sealed for some reason, making it a little difficult to ever change the headlight bulbs…


FLOSS Edition custom “NeoFloss” BBS E88 wheels featuring an aggressive step-lip set-up and Neochrome faces and hardware. This Neochrome coating is also used on many other accessories on the build. The rear wheel is a staggering (no pun intended) 18×14 mounted to a stretched 335 Toyo R888 tire. Crazy!…


The dash features a set of custom gauge faces featuring the RWB logo and the gauge bezels are also recoated in Neochrome. The card under the gauges has been re-wrapped in camouflage fabric to match the seats and door panels…


Here you can get a better look at the custom Recaro seats, door panels, and other assorted interior trim pieces. Also make note of the shifter and E-brake handle, both of which are redone in matching Neochrome….


A similar theme lies under the rear hatch of the 993 RWB. It is far from running at this point since it is still lacking an engine harness and other engine pieces but you can get a good idea of what it will look like. JorgieBuilt stepped up to the plate and shaved the entire engine compartment along with the gutted interior for a much more streamlined look. I’m sure you guys will be seeing much more of this build this year so make sure to get a really close look at it to catch all the little details…


Liberty Walk BMW M4 that will soon be made-over once again with a newer LB Performance aero kit that is actually suited fro the M4 body. The kit that currently sits on this BMW is the 435i/4-series kit…


Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger…love the color choice for this build. It really stands out and the kit really adds to the aggressiveness of the big Challenger body…



Killagram’s Rocket Bunny Version 2 Scion FR-S and the wild custom rear wing set-up…


BMW F80 M3 sedan on forged HRE wheels….


Sarto Racing/Rocket Bunny BMW E36 M3 coupe….


Rocket Bunny GTR from Boden Autohaus on Advan GT wheels…



Hypnotic Teal Mica Liberty Walk R35 GTR that you’ve undoubtedly seen every where in the last year or so…


Liberty Walk E92 BMW M3….


Phaze2 Yogi’s Lexus GS430 that is currently featured in Super Street magazine…


It was rare to see a car without bolt-on fender flares or extreme body work. This VW looked really good on gold BBS RS wheels….


The best part of the day, other than the RWB unveil of course, was that Constance Nunes was around hosting the Toyo Tires booth at the meet. Nunes is one of those hidden gems that my friend Tony from It’s JDM Yo! introduced into our community a year or so back and she’s since signed on to become an official Toyo spokesmodel. She looks pretty amazing so I made sure to capture some photos of her while she shot with the RWB Creaminz build. I didn’t really plan to get very many shots but it is just very easy to get good photos because well, it’s Constance Nunes. She has a way of really working the camera and since it wasn’t too busy that day at the meet, she had a lot of time to hang out and shoot. Below is a batch of photos that I captured of her and the Porsche…














FLOSS wanted to get a photo with Constance and she looks so good that she made James’ ugly ass look like a model, haha….


Of course, I had to get a shot of Constance with Darren, the owner of the RWB Creaminz build…

The other featured model that day was Janey B. Janey is a personal favorite of Darren’s so it was perfect that she was there to be one of the hosts of the event. After we got some shots of Constance Nunes, Janey walked over to also shoot with the RWB 993. She worked her magic and it was just way too easy to get good photos of the duo…









Darren is a shy little schoolgirl when he is around Janey but we were able to convince him to get a photo with her. I think he was more excited to have Janey there than the actual unveiling of his new build, haha…

Well, that’s a wrap on this one. Congrats to Darren aka Creaminz on the new RWB build and thanks to the guys from LTMW for hosting the event. Also shout-out to Constance Nunes and Janey B for being amazing and modeling for us in the hot sun that day. Thanks for looking everyone!!..

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