Offset Kings Showcase Chicago 2015 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

They say that variety is the spice of life and that also holds true for our ever-growing import automotive tuner community. I love seeing different builds of all makes and models so heading out to Illinois for the Offset Kings Showcase was a real eye-opener for me. I had no idea what to expect when I made the trip but I was overjoyed to see so many different types of cars at the Autobahn Country Club. Of course there were cars that I knew about that I had intentions of checking out in person but other than those, I really had no expectations for the day. I wish I was able to capture more but it is just a little overwhelming doing both video and photos while trying to socialize with the local enthusiasts out there. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say what’s up or pick my brain about stuff. I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing all these cars in person. If you haven’t seen the first portion of this coverage, make sure to scroll down on the main page to check it out. It has been a couple days in-between updates but I’m busy trying to get stuff together for Wekfest San Jose this weekend. There is so much to do still and my buddy Yasu is also in town from Japan so I gotta take him around and make sure he’s having a good time. With that said, here are the rest of the photos from that set. Enjoy!!….


Christine Siepka’s S30Z was by far one of the best at the Offset Kings Showcase event in Illinois…


I was happy to see and meet many supporters of The Chronicles out there that day. Always nice to see the decal represented well on many of the cars present…


This del Sol with an EM1 front end conversion was a bit of a mindfuck but I gotta say, it doesn’t look all that bad. I’ve seen this conversion done before but this one actually flows pretty well…



This K-swapped Civic coupe with EK4 SiR bumpers and Mugen front lip looked great on all white GAB Sport wheels. Good to see people still appreciating GAB wheels since they are so few and far between now…



A couple of Hondas made the trek from Milwaukee and they were all pretty exceptional. This K-swapped Integra on white Advan Racing RG was very well put together…



Another was this turbocharged B-series Civic hatchback wearing a First Molding carbon front lip…


Evolution X with Varis aero kit and Victory Function front fenders….



Thoroughly enjoyed the simple engine bay set-up in this Integra. Sometimes it is just nice to see a bay that isn’t fully-shaved down and smooth. You can still make a bay look really great simply by using the right parts and executing them in a way where it isn’t overly “showy”….



R32-swapped Volkswagen Corrado on copper-plated BBS wheels…


This Datsun 510 wagon on Work Equip 01 wheels served as the flyer car for the Offset Kings Showcase Chicago event…


Rocket Bunny Version II Subaru BRZ on RS Watanabe-inspired Rotiform wheels…


FD3S RX-7 on white Advan RGII with a Mazdaspeed R-Spec Touring front bumper….



Some more photos of the AP2 S2000 that I posted in Part 1 with the Sorcery front bumper and Circuit Garage fender flares….


Civic track car running a B-series LS motor, Special Projects front lip and splitter, PCI aluminum sideskirts, and PCI rear wing….



Couldn’t get enough of the Touge Factory GT-1 S13 so I constantly found myself going back for more looks. Eventually the hood was propped up as well so I could get a better look at the SR20DET swap…



Also had to check out the S14 grip car from Touge Factory, also with a SR20DET swap…



One of, if not, the most unique vehicles present that day was this MX83 Toyota Cressida. It doesn’t really look like a Cressida anymore because the owner seamlessly grafted in a C33 Nissan Laurel front end. The reasoning behind the Nissan face is because of what lies under the hood. You’d think it would have some sort of JZ-swap in it but seated inside the engine bay is a Nissan VG30 from a Z31 300ZX/Fairlady. The whole car is a bit bizarre but in a really awesome way. Credit to the owner for really stepping out of the realms of what is consider normal to create a one-of-a-kind drift car…


Proceed 2JZ-GTE GS with all of its aero re-installed after it went off on the track earlier that afternoon…


Simba Nyemba’s S13 coupe from Proceed…


…and wrapping up this series with one more photo of Joshua Maghirang’s 1JZ-GTE S13 from Proceed…

That’s a wrap for now. I gotta get back to work on Wekfest Prep for this weekend so hope to see everyone there!!…

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