Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos of Matt Bouchard’s EF from 2015 SS Honda Issue…

Matt’s EF is just one of those builds that you KNOW belongs in a magazine. I knew it from the first moment I saw it pull up to my Year.SIX event last year. It is a great car. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that it is probably one of the best EF builds to ever come to fruition. The parts selection, overall execution, and the fact that he took the time to rotisserie the entire shell, essentially building from the ground-up, really makes this build special. When it came time to select cars for the annual Super Street Honda Issue, I knew I had to squeeze Matt’s EF in there. I contacted Matt with pretty short notice and he was more than willing to work with me to get the car shot. Sometimes, guys are hesitant to shoot because they are worried their cars aren’t ready yet or they’re adding new parts but Matt was ready to go. I think it helped that he had just completed the car months before and was just taking the time to enjoy the car by driving it everywhere.

Matt has a real quiet demeanor about him but he’s a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to Hondas and all the rare goods that come from all over the world. That’s why he’s a parts importer. He knows what to look for and has spent the last couple of years collecting parts for his own personal build. It was a huge surprise when he debuted the car because few knew it was even completed and most didn’t even know that a build like this existed. It has since become a pretty recognizable Honda in the Socal Honda community and it deserves every bit of the spotlight that it is getting in 2015. It was a pleasure shooting the car for Super Street and today, we get to look at many of the photos that didn’t make it into the print feature. There are so many details about this car that I found myself shooting the mostly stuff in the engine bay because there is so much to study in there. You can tell that he’s spent a good chunk of time putting this car together and it is obvious that there were no shortcuts taken. He really took his time with his car and the quality shows. Mixed in the set below are the unpublished photos along with the digital versions of the photos that did make it into the magazine. Take a look and enjoy Matt’s EF from every angle. I’ve included the modification list with the photos as well so you guys have a better idea of what you’re looking at. Thanks for visiting…






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1988 Honda Civic DX
Matthew Bouchard
Los Angeles, CA
Japanese Parts and Engine Importer (M’s JDM Motors)

Exterior: Custom Blue Metallic Glasurit paint; OEM JDM Honda EF9 SiR front bumper, sideskirts, rear bumper, rear spoiler, rear roof spoiler, front fenders, thin side moldings, trunk hatch, hood, headlights, taillights, bronze windshield, door glass, ¼ glass, rear hatch glass, door decals; Chargespeed EF9 front lip; Vision Technica bumper lights; Top Fuel Japan Aero Power Mirrors

Brakes: Wilwood 4-piston front brake calipers, front rotors, front brake pads, brake proportioning valve, brake master cylinder, brake booster; Hawk rear brake pads; Custom front/rear brake lines; Motul brake fluid; Custom-mounted Wilwood reverse-mount drop-down pedals

Wheels & Tires: 15×7 +35 DAMD Lover Soul; 225/45-15 Toyo Proxes (Front), 205/50-15 Toyo Proxes (Rear); Project KICS lug nuts








Interior: Cusco roll cage; Bride ZETA III seats; PCI seat rails; CROW Enterprises Black Edition safety harnesses; Mugen SW3 steering wheel; ASR EF/DA steering hub; Works Bell Rapfix GTC tilt hub; MXP titanium shift knob; EDM OEM EE9 SiR console, door panels w/power switches; Pioneer DEH-X6700BT head unit; Carrozzeria front speakers; Gathers Honda Access optional speaker pods

Footwork & Chassis: Meister R Zeta R coilover suspension w/Swift 10K/8K springs; OEM EF8/9 front sway bar, front lower control arms; OEM CR-X Si steering rack; ASR rear sway bar, endlinks; Cusco ST front strut bar, rear strut bar; Function7 rear lower control arms; Skunk2 rear camber arms; ASC Speed Metal front toe control arms, custom 2-inch drop forks, custom Chromoly front traction bar; SPC rear tow control arms; Energy Suspension bushing kit








Power: 220HP/147TQ

Engine: 1999 1.8L Honda B18C (Type R); Portflow cylinder head; Skunk2 Tuner 2 camshafts; T1 Race Development cam gears, cam trigger; Supertech dual valve springs, titanium retainers; ARP head studs; Hasport engine mounts; Jenvey 48mm tapered individual throttle bodies, fuel rail; Aeromotive 340 in-tank fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator; Bosch 440 fuel injectors; Custom bent stainless steel fuel lines and fittings; Earl’s fuel filters; Maxim Works Japan 4-2-1 exhaust manifold; Mugen EF9-spec Teardrop exhaust; OEM catalytic converter-delete; NGK Iridium IX spark plugs; K-series coil-on-plug conversion; Odyssey PC680 battery; Tabata Japan EF9-spec radiator; HPS silicone hoses; Hayden radiator fans w/custom aluminum shroud; J’s Racing fan switch; Richewerks custom engine harness; Custom shaved/wrinkle black valve cover; Mugen bolts; Downstar Inc. engine bolt kit

Drivetrain: 1999 S80 transmission w/4.7 final drive and helical LSD; Exedy/RPS 6-puck sprung clutch; TODA Racing flywheel; K-tuned shift lever; Motul 300 gear oil

Engine Management: MOTEC M4 standalone engine management; AIM MXL Strada digital display


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  1. Unbelievable Build! Very detailed and clean. Beautiful Car, one day I would love to see it in person.

  2. Ah, I was hoping you’d do one of your ‘extended features’ for this car. Love it! This gen hatch is one of my dream builds. Beautifully done.

  3. Those kicks, the rear end, that body, this is car porn.

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    Textbook Definition of #OldSkool!!!

  5. wow looks like a million dollars build! the details and parts are amazing!

  6. i will be very happy if you can share us a link for wallpaper sizes pleaseeee!! thanks!

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